Nevs interim report January - August 2015

  • Nevs left reorganization after the creditors accepted the composition proposal at Vanersborg district court on 23 March.
  • The city of Tianjin and the IT company SRIT new partners in Nevs.
  • IT company Teamsun partner in Nevs JV company in Tianjin.
  • Cooperation agreement with Dongfeng Motors on the development of the Turkish national car.
  • The Board extended with a new vice-chairman and union representative
NEVS - National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB
NEVS - National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB

Financial comments:

  • Good cash position of the Group, 1 282 MSEK.
  • Net sales of SEK 50 MSEK, which is on par with the previous year, and consist mainly of sales of services. In addition to this other income from the sale of 370 MSEK licenses.
  • Net income was minus 86.6 MSEK, which is significantly better than last year and the management is working hard to achieve sustainable profitability.

After the reporting period:

  • Nevs became debt free after the second and final chords payment of 231 MSEK was carried out in September, after the reporting period, and are "going concern".
  • The Group's equity ratio is very strong, 99% via 2015-09-15.

Download: Nevs interim report.

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  • How are things with cars Saab? What wants to happen? What are the plans for the release? There is some information?

  • The report is written on Saab paper. So I guess there is still some hope ... ..

  • God news
    So it can not be long now for us to get Evs!

  • Typical NEVS not really outlooks or plan for the next years.
    Mr. Bergman, for a few months you told NEVS would produce about 60,000 vehicles in the coming years ... and ....?

      • ... waiting ...: D
        I can wait a lot. But in a couple of years I would like to make my daily driver into a "winter driver" (need long range so during winter and EV might not have got that yet).

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