Saab Inside magazine - number 4

The new Saab Inside magazine arrived at the blog by post today. Edition 4 of the Saab Service Club is the most beautiful edition so far, in my opinion. The printed edition is not for sale - it is a small thank you from Orio Deutschland GmbH for the cooperation and goes to co-authors, blog and friends of the house.

Saab Inside number 4
Saab Inside number 4

It is a good tradition that the print editions are distributed among the blogger team and people who support us in the background. As before, we currently have a few issues that are freely available. We would like to pass this on to our readers.

The booklets are already collector's items due to the limited edition and because they cannot be purchased. Of course, there is a small, fine hurdle to get into possession of the number 4 of the Saab Inside. In the current case, creativity and Saab Spirit will be required. The readers can prove it tomorrow ...

Saab Inside magazine number 4 will be followed by the number 5. If the current season offers will be history, if it will be spring 2016. Then Orio Germany starts again a new Saab action; in the same period there will be a follow-up book. The online version is free of charge for all members of the Saab Service Club. Saab riders who are not yet a member can register here.

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  • Assuming that the force at 4600 5% is below that at 4400, I come to a cw of 0.28 for the station wagon, compared to 0.32 in the series. Phew, is that achievable? That's better than the sedan's (0.29). I hope I have miscalculated.

  • And, iirc, the drag coefficient could be lowered by 0.34 when zooming to 0.3, which is quite remarkable. Such a kit I would also like for my TiD. The barely reaches the maximum speed, because he runs out of power. More than 4400 upm hardly ever go. If you were to improve the aerodynamics, for example, he could come to 4600, which would certainly not be critical, and then would correspond to approximately 215 km / h, instead of 205. Still a product idea for Orio

  • It would be nice if Orio would turn to the vehicles from before 2003 ... They don't necessarily have to reissue all parts for Saabs from the 60s, but 901s and 9000s are still on the way. Unfortunately nothing comes of it.

  • You can not do anything wrong. Is available as a PDF for download, fourth icon from the right of the control bar below, or can be browsed online. If the problems persist, please mail.

  • Viggen or Aero Coupe with Viggenbody is also the ultimate Saab for me!

    Unfortunately I cannot open the electronic form of the magazine! I can't get past the front page ... what am I doing wrong? Greetings from the CH, Hans

  • The question is whether the idea of ​​upgrades at Orio is even present? I currently do not see anything there. It goes beyond the shop where Orio feels at home. A suggestion from you, directly to Eschborn or Nyköping, can not be wrong.

  • Of course, she is just a customer magazine, and not a contact person. But if there is information about upgrades. That would be pleasing because it would show that Orio just wanted to be active beyond the pure spare parts business.

  • Great idea. I'm just worried that this will not come from Orio.

  • I have to say it. The 9-3 (Viggen) on the cover picture - what was and is that for a nice car.

  • The booklet is well done, without question, and increases from issue to issue. It would be perfect if you could get it at the friendly. That would be a good reason to visit 2x at Saab every year. The customer loyalty would be useful, but sales in the workshop would also be possible. There is always something to do

  • You expect too much. Maybe you should send the ideas directly to those responsible at Orio, the Saab Inside is a customer magazine. Not more, not less.

  • Is that still only spare parts and Annekdoten? I still hope that Orio is sometimes concerned with the upgrading and modernization of the fleet, which should also bring additional business. My latest idea is, for example, a type approval for retrofitting the high beam part of the headlights (in which models, one would have to concretely consider) on LED with integrated daytime running light function. LED inserts in the form of H7 already exist, but they have no type approval. They usually consist of an arrangement of individual LEDs, which are to emulate the light behavior of H7 lamps, which is more or less successful.

    However, one of these LEDs could be wired so that they can also serve as daytime running lights (lower brightness necessary etc). The whole could then sell as a retrofit kit of daytime running light electronics, LED lamps, possibly modified rubber covers and type approval. That would look cool. And would solve the problem of missing daytime running lights.

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