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The troll was to blame. A 50 year old original was handed over to me during the Saab dealer tour 2011 in the Saab Center Mainz - the initial spark for Saab license plate holders and digitization of the Saab troll. It was never as matt and pale in the original as it can be seen in more or less well-made reprints, but bright and colorful.

Everything troll or what? Saab license plate holder.
Everything troll or what? Saab license plate holder.

Our Saab license plate holders have been reproduced several times since then. You are a perennial favorite, on the road on many Saabs, and again the inventory in the warehouse is close to zero. Of course, we will also order a new edition this time, both from the Saab license plate holders with the "Made in Trollhättan by Trolls" lettering, as well as from the "" imprints.

Mark and I would like to bring a third variant to the Saab infected population. Starting with “At home over long distances” to “Born from Jets” to “turbocharged thinking”, we have lots of ideas. But we also want to hear our readers' opinions and creative suggestions.

Saab license plate holder "!
Saab license plate holder “!

What labels, icons or Saab copywriting do Saab drivers want to see on their vehicles? We ask for saabig motivated suggestions, by mail or comment on the blog. We put the best ideas for the Saab license plate holder to the vote.

The readers decide what goes into production, and the best ideas receive a small, saaby thank you! The new Saab Inside magazine from Orio Deutschland GmbH, not available as a printed version, is available from us. The blog team is looking forward to many suggestions with Saab Spirit!

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  • Thanks for the many suggestions! Mark and I make the preselection ... Difficult! Sequel follows!

  • At the time when I found the brand, it was advertised with a very fitting slogan: “SAAB - at home on long journeys”. There is no better way to describe the long-distance suitability of the vehicles, especially the formidable seats.

  • I think the proposal with aircraft signs on one license plate and Trollhättan by Trolls on the other license plate is great. In my opinion that is the best message.

  • I had the idea too, I like it very much!

  • Basically, I first have to say that my current license plate brackets “Made in Trollhaettan….” liked it very much.
    Anyone who reads it can do something with it and that with the trolls always makes readers smile.
    Everything is transient.
    What do you think about "Saab- every moment a pleasure"
    Have a nice weekend

  • I think # - "SAAB - Everything extraordinary": Campaign for the presentation of the 9-5 II fits best because it fits all Saab's from SAAB 92 to Sonett, 900 to the 9-5 II.

  • I like that. The text must be as short as possible and the plane is included.

  • Fast, but not least. I also find very fitting and original.

  • What do you think of; SAAB, then the airplane sign and lock with; For live.

  • Which I like a lot:

    "Power when you need it."

  • We have a plan. Until Sunday we collect suggestions by mail or comment. Mark and I will be taking out the 4 or 5 best ideas and approving them for voting. The 4 or 5 idea creators each receive an exclusive copy of the new Saab Inside, creativity is worthwhile

  • Absolutely . How are the new sayings for the license plate holder selected? If there is a survey on the blog, "Why drive a car when you can pilot a saab" is my absolute favorite and is hereby bindingly pre-ordered when this license plate holder is produced.

  • Born from Jets I personally found a great statement. And I would also be interested in license plate holders for the CH

  • I think the saying “from Sweden with love” is very beautiful. Or “Better safe than sorry!”.

  • "Saab for sure"

    Also a famous slogan. The slogan for the enthusiastic Saab driver. Also for the future!


  • Here are three suggestions that were created by Saab himself during the last 35 years:

    - “SAAB - Go your own way”: approx. 1998 to 2000 in the USA

    - “SAAB - Everything extraordinary”: Campaign to introduce the 9-5 II

    - “SAAB - it couldn't be safer”: from around 1975


  • Why drive a car, when you can pilot a saab - my absolute favorite <3

  • I would like the “SAAB MOVE YOUR MIND” and the griffin to the left and right of it

  • Hello!
    I think the saying “don't tangle with a trollhättan turbo” is good. I've seen it in the UK.

  • The Swiss mounts seem to be a small problem. We already had the topic on the screen last year, unfortunately our supplier does not produce anything for non-EU countries. But we ask again.

  • I already had the idea of ​​“SAAB - flying on the road” and actually still think it's nice.

  • “What once made in THT by Trolls” would do it too, right?

  • I still like the old advertising slogans, like the one quoted above, "Long journeys at home". And always one of my favorites from the USA: “We don't make compromises. We make Saabs. " Or “Why drive a car when you can pilot a Saab?”.

  • Good morning.

    I found the old earlier "Troll license plates" very good (see demo picture here: )! I had two pairs myself.
    I found the saying very sympathetic! 🙂

    Although I also like the aircraft symbol very much and I also find it extremely successful.

    In a car, however, I think that most (at least all non-Saabers) do not have the relationship between “airplane” and “car”.
    Therefore, I personally find the variant without a plane somehow more appropriate.

    I would probably even order one or two reserve pairs. 😉

  • The idea is good. We do that, you can exchange the labeled strips with each other, are compatible. Let's see, we get this in the shop.

  • How about “nothing on earth comes close” 😉
    or “beyond tue conventional”

  • “Born from Jets” - great idea! The other texts are also good. Mmmm, difficult. Would probably buy two different ones for my two Saab's.
    Unfortunately, the Swiss number plates fall out of your brackets right back out.
    Maybe you could develop a small series for the Swiss fans or at least produce a kind of aperture for clipping or gluing.

    Matthias from CH

  • Hello,
    your ideas are good. have a suggestion I would also sell the license plate holder for the rear with and front with trollhättan by trolls or just turned around every saabfahrer would see that you are in the blog way and his brand is synonymous

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