Saabig… 44/15 Saab 9000 Special

The 9000 was already present on the blog this week. For Friday some little stories about the Saab. Bad experiences with ebay, tail screens and gifts from Sweden, the repair of funnels and Saab 9000 parts.

Saab 9000 - Anna Project
Saab 9000 - Anna project

Saab 9000 Funke

A friend has problems with his ZV on the 98 Saab 9000. Not an isolated case; older electronics are sometimes weak. Saab Service Frankfurt replaces the central locking module. That brings improvement, but not perfection. The Funkei as a source of interference is likely, its interior shows soldering work of the previous owner.

The impression is adventurous, a professional should fix that. There are some providers on the net, and the choice falls on HED Radio. Replacing the probe with inspection and repair of the solder joints costs a fair 34,95 €, including a new battery. A new Funke enclosure is available on request with 11,90 €. The complete package is ordered, including shipping costs are around 50,00 € to pay.

The repair is fast, and within a few days the remote is back. The new Funkei is a replica, differs from the original by the lack of the two light signals green / red. Qualitatively there is no difference. The test: everything works, the 9000 closes and opens at a long distance. Predicate: highly recommended.

Saab 9000 parts.

The sun visors of the Saab 9000 have the peculiarity of losing their composure at some point and then hanging out unmotivated in the area. That is uncomfortable, it disturbs the field of vision of the pilot and co-pilot. Repair of the parts is discussed in forums, which is unnecessary. There are new products from Orio at Saab partners, and they are available at a fair price.

Till Drescher and Cardyourcar also have many small parts for the 9000 on offer; The sun visors cost around € 35,00 each in a special offer. An acceptable price; no more reason to be annoyed about old, worn, 20 year old sun visors.

Saab 9000 - trouble on ebay.

Unpleasant Saab stories are on ebay. A friend is looking for the rear of the 9000 without a crack; he will find it on ebay. The price is not too high with 60,00 €, the screens have become expensive since they are more available at Orio. After the pictures, she seems to be completely alright. I order for him. Unfortunately, the aperture arrives destroyed, right and left it is broken. Scrap metal !

What follows is a lesson on ebay and the criminal energy of sellers skeaterflo. The packaging was chosen so that there was no space for padding on either side for the panel. Damage was inevitable. A mistake by the sender who refuses to convert the goods or wants to be responsible in any other way. Since payment via PayPal was not possible, there is no buyer protection.

After a lot of communication with ebay, the reverse transaction is initiated. Ebay sends a shipping slip to order the goods skeaterflo to return. Unfavorable only that skeaterflo does not exist.

Not under the specified address and not otherwise. The track leads to Belgium, skeaterflo has violated with its German fake address and identity against ebay guidelines. The package will be returned as undeliverable. Ebay registers this, but does not react. The fake account of skeaterflo is still there, even months later. Criminal energy, a scandalously bad testimonial for ebay.

Saab 9000 - joy from Sweden.

Lost on ebay, won in Stockholm. Saab blogging can be nice sometimes. An unexpected package, what's in it? The Saab packaging is aged, the set of mats for our Saab 9000 CC project but as new. Saab Original, Bokhara Red. Beautiful! A good friend was traveling in Stockholm, spotted and secured the mats on a parts market. Package packed, just like that! I say a big thank you again!

Saab 9000 rear visor at Speedparts
Saab 9000 rear visor at Speedparts

Saab 9000 rear visor from Sweden.

As I write the article, I receive an email from Speedparts. The Saab 9000 rear visor, new and original packaging. The price: amazingly cheap. Replenishment is safe? Is not he !

The green stock bar drops at a turbo rate. Sold out after a short time ... again and a shame. The bezels are from Hella. At Hella there are Saab drivers who read the blog. Is post-production possible? The blogger is happy about answers.

5 thoughts on "Saabig… 44/15 Saab 9000 Special"

  • Finally …

    ... an article about the 9000, which does not immediately stimulate the flow of saliva and arouse the desire to buy. Thanks a lot for this.

    You have to be able and willing to afford it. Also and above all in terms of time. There are also reasons not to drive one. At least today. Twenty years ago I wouldn't have thought of a single one ...

  • No - as I said, I didn't get anything broken. And the supplier probably didn't want to, or didn't get the idea.

  • With us, there is more and more trouble with the parcel delivery service of GLS and DPD, which simply put the packages in front of the door and hope that nothing is stolen, instead of you with the pensioner neighbors to surrender. Would be a step more and takes longer. But something had not arrived and my wife had to make a sworn statement that nothing has arrived. Then the goods were resent. So pay attention to the transporters!

  • Packages are insured up to 500 €. Can you claim no transport damage !!?

  • I only had annoyance over the parts trade Daparto, which also bundles only the offers of various parts dealers. After my accident, I had ordered two new headlights (Valeo), one of which I sent back because only one had to be replaced.

    The headlights came to me in a poorly stapled, half-feathered box that was poorly stuffed with all sorts of Riffraff - luckily both of them were intact. But after I had returned the headlight that was not needed, I was not reimbursed for the costs - it was supposedly broken. Even an intensive correspondence lasting several weeks did not help. 120 euros tuition is expensive fun ...

    I was annoyed that I had taken quite a few photos of the parts and the repair work for the blog article - only always removed the feathered box from the picture.

    So caution remains - five-star ratings or not.

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