Season finale 2015

Time is racing at turbo speed. The 9-3 Aero was barely allowed to hit the streets in spring, or on the highways in midsummer - it's autumn and hibernation is on the agenda. The 9-3 Aero was hardly present on the blog, which is not because our Saab youngtimers moved from their own blog back to the project.

Saab 9-3 Aero with Viggen Body Kit. Season finale 2015.
Saab 9-3 Aero with Viggen Body Kit. Season finale 2015.

It was more about the Anna project that made 2015 the Saab 9000 year. The Aero had to stand back. Strictly speaking, he is not a youngtimer, the 9-3 with Viggen Body Kit. With 15 years too young, but an extremely endangered species. It was built only two years in this form. Apart from the convertibles, with the body kits designed by Ian Callum, the market is extremely narrow.

Every now and then one finds a few coupes; 5 Doors pretty much not at all. Almost unnoticed, prices have decoupled from the development of the 9-3 I. Good copies are traded 5-digits. In the summer Saab Centers offered and sold technically overhauled vehicles for € 12.000,00 €. Readers, the 2013 my Council followed and secured a hatchback aero of the last years of construction, drove the loss of value.

It is foreseeable that prices will continue to climb. Few survivors with low mileage in good condition, a thinned out offer, meet people who would like to own a hatchback from Trollhättan. It's actually a shame, because there would be a lot of space in the youngtimer world for more Saabs. Next to all the Porsches, BMWs and fast Italians.

In the spring, the 9-3 changed the wheels. From the Alu 88 in turbine design back to Alu 36, in the design of a running aircraft propeller. Original are the 36, the 88 come from the 9-3 Griffin. What is better for him? Hard to say, both are very Saab specific, both nice.

The 2015-9 Aero handled the 3 season with routine. With charm that you learn to appreciate more and more the older the Saab gets. Always a little uncultivated and rough, far from perfection, but so that you just have to like it. Extremely fast and powerful on motorways and country roads, he composes a soundscape to fall in love with from the deer system and the whistle of the loader. Saab for the heart, of course.

The hot summer left the Saab untouched. Where other turbos were sweating, temperatures of well over 30 degrees caused a loss of performance, the Aero gave the cool Swedes. No heat problem, and everything else was fine. The due TÜV, without defects, predicate "new car condition". Only the alarm system installed ex works did not like the heat. In the hottest summer, she activated herself several times to accompany every attempt to start with wild horn concerts. Embarrassing! When the temperatures dropped, she ended her musical life of her own.

Like every year, 2015 comes too fast at the end of the season. The 9-3 Aero is cleaned, refueled, increased the air pressure in the tires. The leather gets a final care, inside a bowl of salt provides for dry air. The battery is connected to the charger, maintenance mode is set, the Saab is covered. He is dry and protected.

Every now and then, every few weeks, I will look after him. Put me on the driver's seat, touch the steering wheel, enjoy the Saab specific scent. After leather, wood and Sweden. Dream of the next spring, that will come for sure. Anticipation on upcoming tours, on the turbo, the rough charm. Saab drive.

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  • I feel the same way. Saab 9-3 I is more hearty than Saab 9-3 II.

  • Nice pic! Yesterday I was on the road again with my 93er Aero Coupe. The start from the low revs is simply always inspiring.
    Is it just my feeling or is the Aero really better than my (new) 93er XWD with 240 Hart PS ??

  • Absolutely ... Unfortunately, they rust where you don't suspect it at first glance. The motors are sensitive, that's true, but they are robust when properly cared for.

  • But it is also due to the unfortunately sensitive engines.
    That's when the 900 got better.
    How many 9.3 are slaughtered?
    And they also do more rusting.

  • Very nice vehicle and a great autumn picture.
    Also I have made such pictures with my yellow 9.3 convertible year 2000 before I with a heavy heart on 31.10. hibernated.
    I followed all of your advice on “winterizing” from last year, including the salt.
    Let's get through, next spring is sure to come.

  • In Switzerland, a potential Youngtimer is for sale:

    For business reasons, I need a new vehicle on January 2016 and will definitely exchange the SAAB for a new vehicle after the auction ends.

    If anyone from the community is interested, please report. An immediate purchase at the starting price and a delivery within Switzerland or to Germany at cost price is possible.

  • Yeah, that's just me.
    But with my mileage I would have reached a good 350.000 km ...

  • I had one of those times. I should never have sold! Afterwards one is always wiser.

  • Beautiful autumn impression of the SAAB 9-3er!
    Still makes a super good appearance !!!

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