My first SAAB 2015

How can you be so crazy and buy your first SAAB in year 2015? Also a SAAB of 15 years old. Actually, my wife and I have been happy to drive big Frenchmen. With a lot of comfort and with a penchant for extravagant.

2015. The first Saab of Olaf.
2015. The first Saab of Olaf.

The whole thing started when my grandfather was allowed to buy a Citroen GSA Pallas in the year 1981. Actually pure coincidence, since he had a registration on a LADA run. 12-15 was ordered years in advance in the GDR!

This car was like another star. Lupentacho, Einspeichenlenkrad with operating satellites, twin carburettors with four-cylinder boxer engine were extremely exotic - especially in the GDR. And it was fun when I was allowed to drive this car ten years later. This was followed by CX, XM, Xantia V6 (very rare) and a Renault VelSatis. Actually, the C6 from Citroen was the next car on my plan because our beloved VelSatis had a major engine failure and was in the workshop.
On that 2015 spring day, my wife and I went to my company car in the parking garage. Next to our car was a convertible. My wife pointed to the convertible and said, "Oh, but it's beautiful." And I said "This is a SAAB 900 Turbo"!

In the mid-eighties I had my first encounter with SAAB. I was back on a photo safari with my folding bike and photographed cars to complete my photo collection. A car caused me a headache. I discovered a vehicle standing on the SAAB. I did not know SAAB. The shape was different than other cars - quirky but also fascinating. The square headlights did not fit in my opinion the sleek shape of the body. It was a SAAB 96. At first I could not figure it out until a few months later I saw commercials of the new SAAB 9000 on TV. "At home on long journeys" was the name of the game - and what a great car this was over an eternally long bridge. Wow! So that was the puzzle solution!

After that I discovered more SAABs. I can not say I really liked the 99 or 900er at the time. SAABs are cars that do not want to be dropped right away. Something has to mature. Over the years, my admiration for the cars of this brand increased, precisely because it came so unadapted and own therefore. But I drove on big Citroen and was very satisfied with it.

After the said day in the underground car park, we considered whether we should make the VelSatis fit again or not try it with a convertible. The transport problem for child and cone was solved by my company car. A four-seater convertible would have a not to be underestimated fun factor in the summer and 4 people and stroller can also be transported in a SAAB convertible.

I researched on the internet and on after experiences with the SAAB 900 convertible! I had followed the SAAB decline years ago with great regret. Nevertheless, I still admired the shape and style, the extravagance, safety, longevity and brand image. It was important that our local SAAB dealer in Halle (Saale) keeps the loyalty of the brand and the supply of spare parts by ORIO seems to be ensured.

In short, 900er came into question. We made a few test drives with potential candidates in and around Berlin. Unfortunately, nobody really convinced us. All were pretty crumpled boxes.
It became clear to us - in order to find a really good 900 convertible, you already have to pay a five-digit amount. That was about the budget we were willing to spend. After all, our VelSatis was still under discussion. Then I looked around in younger model years.

By chance, almost around the corner I found a beautiful SAAB 9-3 I Limited Edition black with light leather, great SAAB original special wheels, a perfect traceable history and just 100.000 km on the clock. It had to be a dream! So bought quickly and almost gave away the VelSatis ....

Over the summer we drove with the SAAB around the 10.000km. It's so much fun to be on the move. We are both entranced by this great car. It does not look as if it's already 15 years old. He is timeless. Sometimes I go to the garage just to look and enjoy the balanced shape. Now and then is the great 900er convertible next to the blame for the whole thing.

Then my heart leaps.

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

Thanks to Olaf for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

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    Nice to know another Saab on the road in Halle ..

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    Many thanks to all Saabonauten and good luck on all sides.

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    Nice story, thank you too! VelSatis, also a very great car, is only topped by the Avantime!

    You did that right with the Saab! My two 93ers are 1998 and 2000, both still in very good condition and no one needs that bells and whistles! Pay attention to the articulation of the spring legs (spring dome), where they start to rust!
    Always good drive and greetings from the CH

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    2 beautiful SAAB convertibles in the underground car park… 🙂
    Congratulations on your decision! Good time and fun with the troll!

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    This year, although I already own two SAABs, I bought a third, an 9,3 I, built in 2002 with 223.500 km. Did not regret it, he still drives great. it is my eleventh SAAB !!!

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    Beautiful and for me at any time traceable development. I often sneak into the garage and am happy to watch my 9-I convertible. Only Saabians feel that way !!!!

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    Well written, that's just SAAB! Always good drive!

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    Nice story.
    Hopefully, if the necessary change is present, I can tell such a bal of me.
    VG from Leipzig

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