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Auto Roth in Leinfelden near Stuttgart is a Saab partner with tradition. Saab has been a passion for 40 years; the flag with the griffin is held in the wind in the southwest. Regardless of whether it's a Saab youngtimer, classic or one of the current vehicles.

Saab Roth Leinfelden
Saab Roth Leinfelden

For the day just before 4 years, the Saab dealer tour station in Leinfelden. The pictures are, as always, on ours Facebook group to discover. The Roth family is a permanent contact for Saab customers in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. The blog and the charity project have been supported for many years. The feedback from the community - it's always positive. Roth is a Saab heavyweight in the region.

As with any company, so in Leinfelden standstill is not an option. The Saab business has changed dramatically in recent years. It has become even more individual, sophisticated. In addition to the vehicles that are in daily use, the number of collector's items is increasing. For many Saab drivers, the brand is more than ever an automotive passion. For Saab workshops, classic cars, value preservation and restoration are becoming increasingly important.

As a supplement to the Saab brand, blog supporters Auto Roth GmbH offers vehicles from Mitsubishi and electric scooters. Electric is part of the future, several pillars are better than one. Several Saab partners have gone this way in recent years. A new image film of Auto Roth GmbH is now online. One senses one thing very strongly: the Saab brand is still very important in Leinfelden. The heart beats Saab, even in the southwest!

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  • Well, I'm glad that the Roth family is still there for us in the Stuttgart area. I'm just out and about in Bonn for a few days. It's a strange feeling to drive through Beul and Kunert is no longer there.

  • Remarkable how loyal some dealers are. Saab is alive, the bloggers have a big part in it. I keep my fingers crossed that dealers and blog still have a lot of staying power!

  • Indertat nice to see how car Roth Saab still maintains and has waited another brand in order to survive business too. My garage has ebeso made and you are very happy with this decision.

  • Very nice image video. Just great to see how SAAB is still filled with life.

    Greetings from the Erik

  • Here you immediately recognize the Saab spirit. A prerequisite for a long and reliable car life for our beloved vehicles. Such dedicated Saab workshops, we can certainly use even more. Anyway, I would be very happy about that!

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