Saab 900R at the ADAC Rally Cologne-Ahrweiler

There are news from the Saab 900R. We remember: the forgotten Rally Saab, which we in the February 2013 tracked in Upper Franconia. His condition was sad, designer Uli Weimann was looking for a new home for the Group A race car.

Saab R900 in action
Saab R900 in action

Past! Through the blog, the Saab 900R came to its owner, who rebuilt it and brought it back into motorsport. A new life for the 900R, from which only 3 copies were built. In the ADAC Rally Cologne Ahrweiler the 900R goes to the start. It takes place from the 13. to 15. November.

Saab 900R driver and owner Jürgen Grobusch has won a very experienced co-driver with Uwe Materlik. Materlik can look back on 30 years of rally experience, is internationally active in the Slowly Sidways, and drives the Cologne Ahrweiler already to the 13. Times. Experience is an invaluable advantage, because the rally has it all. On the first day 10.6 kilometers and two special stages are to be completed; they are driven in the dark. The Saab 900R was retrofitted with a headlight battery, typical Swedish car.

Saab R900 - ready for the Koeln-Ahrweiler
Saab R900 - ready for the Koeln-Ahrweiler

Day 2 brings 135,8 kilometers for the Saab Rallye Team, 5 of which are driven on gravel. The conditions in the Eifel are changeable, the weather moody. The Grobusch / Materlik team has made provisions and sees itself well positioned in the tire selection. The Nürburgring is calling, the 900R already knows it. With a small, subtle difference. The route is driven “backwards”, against the direction of travel in normal operation. Practice or previous driving is not possible, only the experience of the passenger counts.

The Saab 900R starts in the class CTC 27, the Classic Touring Cars, which were built according to Group A regulations to 1996. Due to its turbocharger, the 900R is ranked in the next higher class, it meets vehicles with 2.5 to 3 liter displacement.

The team from the blog wishes a lot of racing luck, always sufficient boost pressure, and the necessary amount of grip! Fans of the brand with the griffin, the team Grobusch / Materlik during the Cologne Ahrweiler experience next weekend.

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  • Class car of the 900R and good luck

  • ABSOLUTY GEIL !!!! I wish the 900R team all the best! Would buy the car at any time (in addition to the current 4 Saabs) .wh-s @

  • The rally team a strong performance and good luck!

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