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Saab drivers in Switzerland have received special mail in the past few days. Saabian in every detail ... a new generation of Saab is announced. What is behind it ... or better asked who? The answer can be found on the last page of the prospectus.

The next generation Saab?
The next generation Saab?

Mercedes Benz plays the Saab card. Would you have expected that? The colors of the brochure can be assigned to Saab. The choice of words - boarding, fast seat belts, take off ... also! Everything stays the same. Only the brand changes. Made intelligently! Mercedes wants Saab drivers. The offer includes 5 days of driving a Mercedes, because that simplifies the uncomplicated getting to know each other.

Direct actions courting Saab drivers are not new. Opel wanted to impress 9-5 customers for the Insignia, BMW was 2012 behind Saab drivers ago. The car market is highly competitive, every target group, no matter how small, is advertised.

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The automakers currently steer in rougher sea. Europe's largest manufacturer is in a situation whose outcome is difficult to predict. To keep the steamer on course, the price screw is turned. The leasing rate for conquest purchases is calculated mercilessly small.

An Audi convertible, an SUV, a new VW, there is the monthly lease price of a good lunch in the fine dining. What has happened to me in the last few weeks in the mailbox, has the smell of sell-off prices. The car will be canceled, lands on the garbage table, if prices apply only today, only this week, only this month.

The perception problems of the manufacturers.

The times are good for buyers! Especially when it comes to a conquest purchase. Third-party brand is delivered, but the manufacturer takes deep into the pocket with subsidized leasing rates. Which should not obscure the fact that the car companies suffer from perception problems. No sooner is the customer with his own make on the way, all the pretty promises and nice kindness are collected. An existing customer is less than the possible conquest. Brand loyalty is a generic term for company blind people who can not lease or buy their vehicle at the great prices of the first customers.

It gets bitter when you return your leased vehicle after it has expired and not take another vehicle on the terms of an existing customer. There are a few brands where inspectors sneak around the used sheet metal with a magnifying glass, note every deviation from the new car condition, and send a hefty farewell invoice. It doesn't matter that the customer is lost forever at this moment. Only conquest purchases count.

Brand loyalty - the Saab situation.

Saab no longer has any new cars. Conquest purchases - does not appear in vocabulary (anymore). The situation is much, much more difficult. How does Saab keep customers with the aging car brand? Maybe we should first define who Saab is. It's certainly not the blog, it's a private matter. It is not NEVS, and if it does, then you hide it terribly. If Orio stays, the Saab dealers fight upright.

With regard to the brutally cheap lure offers - how do you want to counter this? Are everyone involved pulling together? Do we find ourselves in good hands, rewarded for brand loyalty? Do we feel that enough is being done? I'm not talking about two mailings a year now. It's about soft factors, the fun of the brand, the special feeling of owning a Saab. The special philosophy, the bond between the Saab drivers. Do we trust that everything possible will be done so that we can drive and live Saab for the next 5 to 10 years, or as long as we like?

I am unsure of the answers. There are Saab partners who live the brand. It's fun to drive into the yard there; and if the bill is a little higher, you can forgive it. Because they are Saab with body and soul. That's the positive side. Unfortunately, there are also workshops with Saab signs, so customers can expect the opposite.

What do we expect for the next years? What could further immunize us against being wooed by other brands? There were already some suggestions on the blog. Orio and Saab partners read with. Ideas are welcome, our readers have the word.

Back to Mercedes and the advertising idea. I find it successful, courageous, with a wink. "So everything stays different ...”Shows that you have understood. Nevertheless, dear Mercedes people, your cars are respectable. But I'll stay with Saab. To put it in the Mercedes language: the original, or nothing!

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  • I noticed here in Bamberg that there are still people (including me) who call a Saab 900 I their own. I once asked, where are they all then. The answer came from the fact that most of them are in the garages and are cared for more than they drive.

    That is too bad. Well, I only drive the Audi 100 (1980) or the Benz (1981) in summer, the 2 Series Volvo (1988) in summer and into late autumn. Now that he's got the seal on Mike Sanders, he's getting a taste of snow. The Saab (1984) has all-weather tires, but it will probably get into its hibernation bed in winter too. Only the 9 Series Volvo (1990 - is the youngest) is driven in summer and winter. And the way it stands, it will still be 30 years old.

    But overall, I want to stick to my 1: 1. Models enjoy. Okay, yes, but please drive too!

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    In fact, a SAAB in a carefully maintained condition and with a clear history can be sold easily and at a fair price in this country, even with a mileage of around 300 km. I've just done this with my 000-9 Aero SC OG and looked at different brands (including those with the star) because I want a new car for business reasons.

    Nowhere were there negative or disparaging comments about SAAB - rather recognition of the exceptionally good condition in relation to the mileage and for the fact that there was nothing to complain about on my vehicle, even after a professional / critical examination.

    There is nothing about exporting to the east or shedding on the parts market. The SAAB stays here and continues to drive. That made my decision much easier. Otherwise, I would not have given away the SAAB and not sold below value.

    There are obviously plenty of fans who like to make the transition to a youngtimer brand and appreciate the long-term qualities of a good SAAB.

    In Germany it looks different - I myself drove my SAABs to many German automotive suppliers for years. The comments, especially in the last few years, were no longer all positive - which I can understand.

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    Moin from the far north!

    So I think that what Mercedes made there legally very questionable (albeit orginal) especially since the original Saab font or font was chosen with the corresponding color (that would have the Saab AB-so the arms company-agree or have agreed to what I imagine difficult can)

    Also, one could speak in the sense of deception, especially since the Sindelfingen emblems have been removed, which could be considered as an attempt to deceive.

    Nevertheless, I would never come up with the idea of ​​wanting to exchange a Saab for a Sindelfinger product even halfway, especially since the price structure for vehicles clearly show the China Spirit and not that of the Swedes.

    However, and this is now the positive, you see what a status Saab owner in Switzerland has in contrast to Germany.

    Go to a star dealer and put it in the prospect to buy a product from this and let the conversation on your 900, 9-3, 9-5, etc. come.

    Since you will certainly not hear what a great car that is or pity that there are no longer, but much more that the cart only for Eastern Europe etc is good.

    In this sense, pleasant Tuesday you

  • I mentioned that a few days ago. I think it would be good if Orio would continue to develop the existing stock instead of simply selling spare parts.

    And seriously. What other brands has Orio brought out big now that they are no longer called Saab Parts? Would a renaming be worth considering?

    The idea of ​​repurchase and renovation is charming. But what does such a car cost in the end? Completely rusted, new parts en mass, and possibly even a new engine? 30000 €?

  • I've had a lot to do professionally with the star brand for a few months now and sometimes I sneak through the showroom several times a week: I like the current models, really chic!
    But I can not really make friends with the models anyway.
    I currently consider the models from VOLVO to be better alternatives and at the top of my personal list is the SUBARU Levorg - which is unfortunately not available as a diesel.
    Well ... even if I find it somehow difficult to admit it, there will be alternatives in the next few years.
    And the longer there will be no new SAABs, the sooner more and more SAAB fans will make friends with other brands.

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    I have to say that the wrangling of the last few years has disillusioned me, if not to say frustrated. You can take part in this theater if it becomes apparent that a new SAAB will be in a showroom in the medium term - even if that shouldn't be an original SAAB showroom, but a department of another brand.

    Unfortunately, not every SAAB is suitable as a collector's item. Sure, the old 900s and 9000s (and even older ...), probably also the last new SAAB, the 9-5 (II) and 9-4. Possibly also the rare NEVS 9-3. Just what was produced between, roughly speaking, 2000 and 2008, was then produced in too large a volume to achieve a price increase. You then consider every investment - even before the point that the spare parts supply sometimes gets stuck. It's good, but some important parts are surprisingly few and far between. 3 years ago I was lucky to have the penultimate (!!) available pipe set for the power steering.

    And even if I think the Mercedes campaign is ... hmm ... absurd (well, staged with great attention to detail, you have to give them that), the latest model generation looks like a sucked-off candy compared to the previous generation. In short: not interesting for me. But there are definitely other brands that can be attractive. By the way, some of the SAAB lighthouses are slipped under other brands.

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    I have also been advertised with the Mercedes brochure! At first I looked in disbelief, later I had to say clever! Did you see, even the wheel hubs carry the Saab Griffin!

    I got my 4 a week ago. Saab put in the garage, a 93er SC XWD. It is now mainly used in winter. My other 3 Saab are allowed to spend the winter in the garage. I know, it may be overbearing, not everyone can / want to afford 4 Saab, but I think I'll be able to drive Saab for a very long time!

    On the Mercedes offer, one MB for 5 days to drive for free, I like to do without. I just do not like the brand!

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    Says a connection between these Mercedes flyers and the planned NEVS contract manufacturing is probably a bit far-fetched right?

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      Too far, yes.

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    Daimler - they do not believe in all seriousness that a Saab customer can be lured with such a stupid advertising slogan. As unimaginative as “The best or nothing”. There are enough people who fall for such platitudes - let them keep buying Mercedes. A look at the driver's seat of passing Daimler products sometimes says it all ... Some clientele has to drive these cars. 😉

    • What's wrong with “the best or nothing” for us Saab drivers? 😉

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    I looked at a Benz E as an alternative to the SAAB - would barely pass on the outside, technically ok, but terribly conservative and outdated on the inside. My bottom had 5cm of free space on both sides on the seat. All that's missing is the wobbly dachshund on the hat shelf. Conclusion: missed target group.

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      Mercedes “relies” on the European reality: overweight demands its PLACE! 😉

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    So, dear Orio-Parts team: get yourself a 9000CC 2,0 16V-turbo in one of the colors used in the “Talladega-Race” 1986 (silver metallic, odoardogrey, rose quartz, -which actually?) Label it like back then and equips it like a 100% replica. Provides this with a "profile" that communicates the Talladega story in an exciting way and sends him to the old / youngtimer rallies in Germany. There are quite a few to choose from. Multi-day events preferred. Dedicated prominent drivers: Urban Priol must also get a Saab feeling, how about Alf Cremers? Use the car and the story as a PR vehicle. Distributes advertising material and give-aways, the usual. Raffles “Talladega-Shirts” etc. etc. Highlights the special features, eg that the cars were absolutely standard, without larger tanks, for example, without which Mercedes would never have been able to achieve the records at the time ...

  • Little creative by Mercedes, rather tasteless. I would not be convinced with something like that.

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    My analysis is quite sober. Orio has deficits in public relations. Blog, meetings, get-togethers, fairs, everything is done privately or by clubs. Orio benefits from this, but does not invest. That won't go well in the long run, what if the blog disappeared as a platform because Tom & Mark & ​​Michel don't feel like it anymore? The party would be over, Orio would feel it in the sales.
    Orio should present himself in the public as SAAB. One or two high-carats every year, such as the Oldtimer Grand Prix, the Techno Classica or a Saab Festival in Germany.

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      It's not that easy. Orio joins the circle of blog supporters, and Orio sponsors private fan projects. As in the last customer magazine to read.
      However, Orio could profile himself in the public more than Saab, I agree. The relationship between private Saab commitment and Orio PR is in need of improvement.

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    Hi all!
    Saab (at least some dealers) had also done that with customer lending. Also the search of the needle in a haystack to get horrendous back payments from lessees.
    Actually there are only 2 categories of Saab drivers. Some who still use a young Saab every day, or those who only drive Saab on weekends or to meetings. At some point, unfortunately, the point comes where it is no longer economical to use the Saab as a daily car. Especially for company cars. The time when you have to look elsewhere inevitably comes. But that doesn't mean that Saab isn't somehow still loyal to it. I will always have a Saab as long as there are still usable Saabs. But for the daily "wear and tear" I will soon drive another car.

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    Vlt. could you change the Re-Björn offer a bit btw. expand:

    Vehicles are rebuilt with the support of ORIO, possibly customized according to customer requirements and then as in the NL. offered for sale or lease.
    Thus one could drive new cars even without current production and would get honest character cars and no moving computers.
    This offer could be extended to Young and Oldtimer. Again, vehicles could be offered for leasing or even leasing, with selected SAAB partners serving as leasing stations.
    By the Young- Oldtimervermietung (eg a 901 convertible) could vlt. even new customers are won.

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      That would be a dream. I would lease an outdated 9-5 SC immediately. With warranty and so on and with desired equipment. Orio, please deliver!

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    The Mercedes offer is flat ...
    If the brand with the star had come into question for me, I would have gained a DB years ago. I've bought a SAAB!
    If some BMW drivers were not as sustainable (!) As sloppy and aggressive on the road, perhaps a BMW in the carport would have found a new home. But the image is on the ground.
    Therefore, the decision deliberately fell to SAAB.
    Yes, we SAABians have a problem in the near future:
    Where do reliable vehicles come from for service ??? When it's time for me, I'll deal with the topic. NOW, I enjoy my SAAB on!

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      I fully agree !, that with the image is a problem there is nothing that fits most likely then Volvo but the design is not that great. I always have a Jaguar as a workshop replacement car, at least technically ok, optically halfway, image a bit better than Benz and BMW, ... but, ... just not a SAAB.

      I think for the newer Saabe technically stay on the ball (the matter with the replacement parts was ever the right way), Navi-update, possibly offer technical innovations (fitting devices newer generation (Telefonspieglung) and reserve all spare parts.

      For the older Saabe just wear and spare parts.

      With my aero9k 10Jahre I have been traveling on business and then 2Years my wife, now he is waiting for pats, convertible, 9-7x and 9-5NG are 5 or 10Years old but still techn. fit. think 5years, I still have time! before we really need or want something new.

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      Unfortunately, the image of SAAB is not what it used to be.

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        certainly but still better than that of all other brands and above all completely free from aggression

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    But I think it's kind of sympathetic and brave of Mercedes. Although the target group could not be more different.

    And the subject of Saab and the future, well, much has been written about it. Tomorrow I take my gryphon to Saab Service Partner, former Saab Center Osnabrück, for a big and small inspection. The former center for Saab has slipped under the cover of a multi-brand workshop, which I can understand quite economically, but as Saab fan is not pretty. Although I have my trusted contact person, (Mr. Amthor), an absolute Saab professional, very knowledgeable and very friendly, but the workshop does not have any charm at all. Not to mention that something would point to Saab. I liked the Saab car dealerships from their (interior) style, but there's nothing left of them. A pity! But that's exactly where the rabbit is in the pepper for me. I want to see a dealership, but Orio can not guarantee that and you do not need to talk about NEVS. The individual partners who hold a dealership or workshop under Saab flags, I admire and I pay tribute, Unfortunately, there are too few to have a nationwide network. My current Saab I will drive a bit, but then it is over with the everyday car Saab. If the supply of spare parts continues, it remains as a hobby and maybe a convertible will join, but for the family and my profession it will most likely become a Volvo. At least they have within reach what Saab (unfortunately, unfortunately) does not have anymore. Innovative new products set the mark (partly with Saab genes)! And Volvo drivers seem to be very satisfied.

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    If Mercedes now joins as a major shareholder and leaves the trolls in terms of technology + design the direction of future models, you would be on the right track.

    Unfortunately, Mercedes would like to bring the self-made and, in my eyes, unfortunately quite ugly vehicles to SAAB drivers - there are probably only a few exceptions.

    NEVS, when will the original made by Trolls finally come?

    • This article is about brand loyalty. If there is someone in Germany who should be awarded a medal for loyalty to the Saab brand, then this is Detlef Rudolf. Every single one of his comments has that unwavering profound belief that no matter what happened, no matter which dreamer, dreamer, or financial gamer made his mark on the Saab brand, and put their chance in the dust, it still has to go on. I would like that belief too. Unfortunately, even if I had this belief, I still would not have a new Saab. This attitude is pretty much Ove like. In the future, I propose to award the Ove Order for Brand Loyalty on an annual basis and I propose Detlef Rudolf as the first prize winner.

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        100%! I do not have to say that anymore.

      • I looked around the net. Accordingly, the film “A man named Ove” should come to us in the cinemas on April 08.04.2016th, XNUMX. That would be a great opportunity for Orio to place an advertisement there before each film showing. My text suggestion for the Stuttgart area:
        Ove says: what else can you drive except a Saab. He is right . And it is still possible. Orio - Saab Parts at your Roth car dealership in Leinfelden - Echterdingen

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          By the way, Ove was partly shot in Trollhättan and in the movie i Väst Studios

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    I agree with that absolutely. In my opinion, the passion for the trolls goes hand in hand with the quality of the Saab partners. As long as one feels warmly welcomed as a Saab customer and they are above all concerned, a long bond is assured. I see this as the biggest challenge in the future. There is no fun if you approach the workshop with problems and you do not really want to accept them there. That's exactly what happened to me unfortunately, but my passion has done so far no demolition.

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      Unfortunately, that happened to me already. The SAAB competence in the workshops, which have a different focus, is decreasing rapidly. The quality and functionality of the parts of Orio fluctuates in my experience strong and does not come close to the Erst equipment.

      In case of a problem, the one pushes the black Peter to the other and no one takes responsibility and wants / can take care of it. This can permanently tarnish the passion.

      Loyalty? With whom and for what? There is still potential. That can not be just one-sided.

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    Well done article - describes exactly the situation for SAAB drivers who would have had enough of would at some point and have a Swedish theater and are simply looking for a good quality vehicle for everyday life.

    I am still too young to indulge in ancient times.

  • Re-Björn also for Germany and Switzerland and Austria ... that would be pretty interesting.

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    How can the advertising strategists from Mercedes even remotely believe that their baroque 'tin villas' with their peculiar and unmotivated rounded creases on the flanks with ruffles and swollen lower lip on the front spoiler could be a next-generation Saab? It turns my stomach!

    Saab's design motto 'Reduce to the max' has probably not understood until today!
    This is the only way our 'evergreens' could survive for so long.

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    Orio could, similar to the “mobile tradition” of the white-blue brand, acquire, restore and present a significant number of historical Saab old- / youngtimers and present them at appropriate events. Or make them available to the relevant specialist journals for contemporary comparative tests. That would help to keep the Saab spirit alive. In general, all measures that increase the presence of the vehicles in the general public serve to maintain the brand.

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      I like it, very good idea!

    • blank

      I would find a great thing!

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    We already had Mercedes - Staz with X. Unfortunately, I have to say: nothing moves you like a Cixxx .. no, a SAAB. Thank you my dear trolls for assembling this box for me! Let us let the nuts in the boardrooms ruin the automobile business with greed and ego trips and indulge in memories of the times when cars were still cars and not smartphones with chassis ... 😉

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