Nevs strengthens the board with Finn Johnsson

Finn JohnssonNevs strengthens the Board with Mr. Finn Johnsson and representatives of its Chinese part owners. National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (Nevs) has expanded the board with Mr. Finn Johnsson, among other former chairman of AB Volvo. Nevs' part owners, the Tianjin demonstration zone, THT, and the State Research Information Technology, SRIT are also new board members.

Finn Johnsson has many years of leading positions in international and Swedish business. Including as Chairman of the Board of AB Volvo and member of the board of industrial nations, Skanska and other companies, as well as the CEO of Euroc, Mölnlycke Health Care and United Distillers. Currently Finn Johnsson holds the positions as Chairman of The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce, Ovako, Thomas Concrete Group and several small businesses.

"I am pleased to welcome our Chinese Part Owners to the Board. It is important for Nevs to have active owners with close support and transparency. Finn Johnsson's broad experience in board work and management strategically strengthens the Nevs in the development of the company, "said Kai Johan Jiang, chairman of Nevs.

Nevs' Board Members:

Kai Johan Jiang, Chairman

Stefan Tilk, Vice Chairman

Mattias Bergman, President

Ronnie Hermansson, laboratory representative, Unionen

Finn Johnsson

Ming Li, SRIT

Limin Sun, THT

Deputy Board Members:

Mikael Kubu

Stefan Larsson, laboratory representative, IF Metall

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  • Do we really need new board members instead of new - SAAB badge and developed cars which can touch, feel, drive and buy ???

    • Maybe this the first step, many more to come ...? Keep patient still!

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