Saab "Prize Winner 2015" bronze in the Germany test

There are some things, not many - that amaze me. And although I have been writing Saab blog for almost 5 years, it is the Saab brand that always amazes me. There has been no vehicle production for years, we refrain from a small intermediate high in spring 2014. In addition, Saab has always been an insider tip as a mass product, even at the most successful times.

Saab - winner at the Germany test
Saab - winner of the Germany test

Not the ideal basis for a long survival in the media. But Saab is just Saab. Now the brand announces itself as one of the price-performance winners in the big Germany test. Focus Money rates more than 600.000 social media posts to 500 brands over a period of one year. It captures online news and comments from more than a million social media sources. Particularly prized brands receive the title in gold, silver or bronze.

The starting position for Saab is of course suboptimal in this environment. Already the flood of press releases that manufacturers are putting into the world puts us in the backlog. There are also paid blogs, manufacturer-controlled Facebook groups. The hint of a chance in this environment? Not in principle. The more surprising the result. Saab gets a good ranking of 17,6 and is awarded a bronze title.

Germany test. Price-performance winner at Focus Money
Germany test. Price-performance winner at Focus Money

The most important role is played by the good price / performance ratio when it comes to properly maintaining the vehicles. The fair work in Eschborn pays off. Orio, our supplier of original Saab spare parts, continuously adjusts prices to reflect market developments. The repair of an aging vehicle stock that has proven itself in daily use in line with current market value is important beyond the classic and classic scene. At Orio Germany, the news from Focus Money will have popped the champagne corks.

Rightly so! Because Saab, the brand without new cars, has left behind producing products. Skoda, Seat, Renault, Peugeot and many other providers do not even appear in the ranking of gold, silver and bronze.

Saab's traditionally strong involvement in social media and blogs should be the second reason for the good performance. Saab has a strong, independent blog culture. Saab drivers are well connected with each other. The social media visibility is still great.

That Saab is named in the ranking, performs better than a manufacturer with production, is a not so small sensation. In principle, an award in gold, not in bronze. Congratulations Saab, congratulations Orio Germany with the complete team, congratulations Saab driver. It is your price!

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    That is certainly also a merit of this blogging. As individual as the SAAB and its drivers are, they hold together so closely. You can see that here and in the forums.

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    Absolutely fantastic! Otherwise only companies with new vehicles are on the list. Since the bubbly can already flow…. 😉 Keep it up, SAAB is alive!

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    I can only associate myself with! Congratulations to all involved, an enormous achievement. From Orio and especially from the bloggers. They are the ones that keep people happy, thank you! Sure the cars too!

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    Once again the proof of how extraordinary the brand is! Thank the bloggers and Eschbornern for their excellent work!

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    Phenomenal! This is only available at SAAB!

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    Congratulations to the blog makers! 🙂
    ONLY because of this we are attached to the drug ... You keep the SAAB world running! And of course the spare parts too ... 😉

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