Sweden tour with Saab 9-5: spontaneous, excessive - enjoyable relaxation pure Part 1/3

It was one of those days again: you're hanging out a bit because the job has taken a lot on you in the past few months. Much of what one would have liked to do privately has failed or has come too short. Time to find a valve and just break out spontaneously. Let's get out of everyday life and do only what you feel like ...

Swedish tour with the Saab 9-5.
Swedish tour with the Saab 9-5.

I had planned to do a multi-day "pleasure trip" in my 9-5. Alone, only me and the Saab. Just drive into the day, go your own pace - or drive better - and make the way to the destination.

My first thought (arose from the geographically favorable residential area of ​​northern Germany):
One time around Denmark. Always take the road that leads you the closest to the coast. Comfortable, without stress. Only then, when you are tired, look for a small place to stay and the next day.

The route planning was already completed when a truly unethical offer in the form of an e-mail newsletter of the Stena Line fluttered in the mailbox: 50% on all trips by Christmas.

Not surprisingly, even fractions of a second after reading the first lines, the subconscious immediately forges an alternative plan to the original Denmark tour: Sweden!

Off to the Internet, to the website of the ferry company. A quick price check for a long weekend in Sweden made the decision easy: A pair of accumulated "EXTRA" points (the shipping company's Miles & More program) made everything even sweeter. In the end it was booked and the credit card (ferry passage for 1 person with car and outside cabin - there and back, mind you) was charged with a ridiculous 71 euros.

Since the journey from Hamburg to the Danish border would have become almost more expensive.

A new route through southern Sweden was quickly planned. Motto: The way is the goal. No visits to friends. Do not stop in Trollhättan this time either. Just criss-cross the most beautiful side roads north of the Vänern, as far as you can do it on one day.

As for overnight accommodation, I did not want to take any chances - despite all the spontaneity. Because it was already late in the year and the season long over. Therefore booked a couple of nice hotels in advance. However, this was solved in a very pragmatic way: aiming for an approximate point on the map until where it could possibly be achieved within a day's stage. There choose a "larger" place and search for a particularly nice hotel via a hotel book portal in its surroundings. Where exactly you end up after, it does not matter. But the hotel must be really nice.

The self-imposed rehabilitation short break in the land of the Sääbe and moose begins on a Thursday. The 9-5 freshly washed and fully fueled, it goes to Kiel. The highway is fortunately still empty - and despite the mega construction site no stress comes on. Finally, I am early, and in a Saab on the way. In Kiel is a short stop in the Saab Center planned. To the friends at Lafrentz Hello! Say. In addition, quickly correct the middle position of the steering .. Who wants to tour with skewed steering wheel through Sweden ...

Unfortunately there is a Job message right here. The front outer axle cuff has a crack and the grease is distributed throughout the wheel arch.

Should that be the end of my tour of Sweden before it even started. The Lafrentz team starts spinning right away. Feverishly trying to organize a spare part. Here even the friendly Opel dealer would help - if he had had the part then ....

Unfortunately, nothing is to be done.

Fortunately, the damage is in a "cheap" spot. With a high-performance adhesive, the crack is closed. Of course at your own risk. After all, I do not want to be stopped by it. A special thank you to the Lafrentz team for taking the time to do the emergency repair - which, incidentally, has lasted the whole journey!

For me, a holiday in Sweden always begins the moment I roll on the ferry with my Saab. Quickly get into the cabin and then enjoy a leisurely cruise on deck with a chilled "Nolands Guld". Gorgeous!

The next morning Gothenburg awaits me with dry weather. After all, we have in early November and there would have been no rain.

My route leads me on a piece of motorway, west of Gothenburg out towards the coast.
Since I had only a rough route planning and was always room for spontaneous changes, I decided ado the coast but only later to drive and turned off to the north.
With this spontaneous change of track I threw one of my intentions over the pile. Because the bug of my 9-5 shows now in the only true direction: To Trollhättan! Was also a stupid idea to omit this intermediate goal. So much time just has to be in it.

West of the Göta Älvs on beautifully curved side roads in the direction of Lilla Edet. Past autumnal gold-colored deciduous trees and green conifers. I conquer the city from the west, over the bridge of the Trollhättan Falls.

Trollhättan's city center is eagerly built. But it is nevertheless depressingly lonely in November. We already know that from our spontaneous tour of 2013 in December, when we were able to witness the roll-out of the first NEVS-9-3 in the Saab factory. It's been a long time since then, and much has changed since then, when we thought it was full of euphoria. But such dark thoughts should not spoil my mood on this day.

Trollhättan in quick transit:

After driving through the center, you go to the stablebacka. Of course, the 9-5 will be photographed once more here in his birthplace in front of the huge Saab lettering. The only difference to earlier pictures: flags are blowing at the three flagpoles again. This supposed triviality, the throes of the NEVS flags above the SAAB letters, gives the stallbacka a tender sign of life ...

The view of the filled company parking lots also reveals that a lot must be going on here. Many buildings are illuminated from the inside. It is therefore working in some form. The factory grounds, on the other hand, are still deserted. No trucks, no vehicles - and certainly not new cars.

Next destination: Grafittvägen. At that time, ANA had the branch office for vehicle recycling and partial sales. Meanwhile, the company is under new management. In the yard are sad looking-looking wrecks of various manufacturers. Of course my attention belongs to the models of our brand. At the edge of the place I can see some rawhides that have been killed.

There is only half of a white 9-5 NG left. He was once cut lengthwise. In addition, a 9-3 Cabriolet in red. And a black 9-5 with cutout for the panoramic roof. One wonders what the apparently formerly intact vehicles have done to make such a miserable ending here ...

On the opposite side, I discover between two other grubby foreign vehicles that you hardly weep a tear, two more Saab 9-5 NG. A greenish white and a miserably battered green. I had a brief feeling that my black 9-5, with whom I was standing right next to his dying brothers, looks sadly over them through the fence ...

Go on quick! After all, I am just passing through and want to enjoy Sweden!

After I have passed Uddevalla, I finally come to the coast. The sea is calm in front of me. Everything seems so peaceful.

The journey continues north, then north-east. The still wider country roads change to narrow overland roads. I snake past countless small and larger lakes, through forests and meadows. The traffic around me is getting less and less. The places give way to individual houses. It is getting lonely.

During the breaks in between you are overwhelmed by the silence. There is no breeze. The sky is slightly covered. No bird is twittering, no rushing of leaves - nothing ...

Almost a bit scary. As a "city kid" you do not know this kind of silence. At home in Hamburg you can always hear something. The container port, the ships on the Elbe, the traffic, the neighbors ... Here? Nothing! Simply wonderful and pure relaxation. You look into the distance and literally stop thinking.

A few hundred kilometers later, it begins to dawn and the day gives way to the night. Now it's time to head for the first hotel.

I opted for the little "place" Borgvik - or better for the hotel that happened to be there.

However, there is no place on the map. The hotel seems to be pretty much in the middle of nowhere. A few streets, a few houses. That's it. So you can be curious.

I follow the instructions of the navigation system through the darkness. Reliable it steers me before the hotel. A rustic stone building from the turn of the century. It belongs to an ensemble of historic buildings and remains of one former ironworks.


The main building is atmospherically lit. Next door splash small waterfalls. Unfortunately, the door is closed. Hmm. It is also suspiciously dark inside. Should they have forgotten me?
Fortunately, I find a telephone number on my booking confirmation. At the other end of the line, a friendly Swede answers. She says that they have closed the front desk at noon because no one else is there. But the key would be stuck on the outside of the house (that would probably be unthinkable elsewhere). She describes the way to the outbuilding, where my room is located.

After some wandering around with flashlight finally finds my quarters. A very nice and comfortably furnished room. I'm glad I do not have to sleep in the car and lie down. The thoughts of the eventful day in Sweden let me fall asleep quickly. The next day we continue north. The goal: Falun.

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

Oli is staying overnight in Borgvik, tomorrow he will start his Saab 9-5 in the direction of Falun. Sequel follows. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab is part of the automotive life. Whatever it is, write us. We reward every publication on the blog with an exclusive one Saab reader cup!

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  • I have that! I probably went through the rag. We will probably drive over Rødby for time reasons!

  • Oh how nice, I envy you! Unfortunately, I already have 1000km access road until I'm already with you in the north of D! I would spend a lot more time in Sweden and Norway, if only it would not be that far! (was in June 2014 with my 95 NG in Trollhätten and I really liked it!) Greetings from Switzerland, Hans

  • ... a really nice report. Thank you!

  • Thank you
    It was a ticket sale by Stena. For a week you could book ferry tickets for a limited period with a 50% discount. The trip would have cost 170 euros. Then redeem a pair of “extra points” (miles) worth 99 euros - and whoosh, the fun costs only 71 euros.
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  • Great idea and nice report Oli.
    I've been doing the same thing for years with sailing, not a goal, but “let it drift with the wind” and when you get tired you lie somewhere (you have your hotel room with you).
    I'll try that with the SAAB.

    More relaxation is hardly possible.

  • What a nice report - I could use just such a tour right now. Dear Oli, have fun in Sweden 🙂

    Greetings from the south.

  • Hi all,
    I can only agree; really a nice report with impressive pictures.
    I mean to have felt the reading that has really used your recovery at the start of the journey. Not self-evident, if the profession has claimed many victims of one.
    What this Saab spirit can do in all of us, once you've let it get close to you - it's great.
    I'm looking forward to continuing the story.
    Thank you for this entertaining and thoughtful Tuesday morning.
    Good luck for!

  • Nice report!
    Where do you get the crossing for 71 €?

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