Sweden tour with Saab 9-5: spontaneous, excessive - enjoyable relaxation pure Part 2/3

The next day of the Sweden tour. The morning reveals the true splendor of the small industrial monument: beautiful buildings and remains of the old ironworks, charmingly embedded in a landscape of small hills, waterways and bridges. Information panels reveal that Borgvik is said to be the source of iron for the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Probably at least part of it.

Saab 9-5 in Borgvik
Saab 9-5 in Borgvik

In the main building I expect a sumptuous breakfast buffet. It had been built especially for me. Because I'm actually the only guest. Slightly embarrassed by the effort that had been made on my account, I check out, get into the 9-5 and start the day.

My next goal is Falun in Dalarna. Again a traditional mining town. Which had nothing to do with the target selection. In Falun, copper has been mined for centuries. The old mines with the industrial landscape are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Incidentally, this is where the famous Falun Red comes from. The typical for Sweden ox-red painting of the houses was formerly a status symbol. Today more fashion - and he just belongs to Sweden as the turbocharger in a Saab.

As on the day before, the journey is the goal: not to drive directly there, but again criss-cross the landscape. Over hills, through forests and past innumerable mirror-smooth lakes, which already seem to prepare calmly and peacefully for the approaching winter. My 9-5 literally glides over the curved asphalt bands with the Comfort setting of the DriveSense suspension. The speedometer rarely shows more than 80 Km / h. A pleasure is also the consumption of the Turbo6, which has settled around the 8 liter.

Time passes literally in flight. It is already dawn again. On the last 50 kilometers to Falun, the bright light from the xenon headlights cuts through the darkness. With the winding and dark roads you can appreciate the curve light even more than at home. The Fenrnlich Assistant, on the other hand, has little to do here. I never use it at home. The automatic system fades too slowly when a vehicle approaches. Here in Sweden, it seems to work better and I do not want to miss this comfort gimmick suddenly. Probably it is also due to the total darkness in the Scandinavian forests ...

In Falun, the same thing awaits me as it did the night before. My hotel - a small and dreamy house - located on the southern outskirts. It is located at the very end of a small road, right on the golf course.

After all, here too light is burning inside. But I seem to be the only guest again, because no other car is parked outside the door. Luckily it's not locked. After pressing the bell at the empty front desk, the boss comes and greets me friendly. She hands me the keys to my room and I am happy to go back to sleep early after all the impressions of the day.

The next destination: Stockholm.

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

To be continued, the capital of Sweden is on the agenda. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab is part of the automotive life. Whatever it is, write us. We reward every publication on the blog with an exclusive one Saab reader cup!


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    I can only thank you for the words of praise! I am very happy that you like my travel report. And hope that the third and last part can continue here seamlessly ...

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    Good evening,
    I had already read and praised the first part of the holiday report. This impression continues now. A truly inspiring way of writing, enriched with personal testimonials, automotive Saab passion and interesting information about local conditions.
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    Wonderful! There comes a holiday feeling!
    Thanks for the report from the land of trolls ...

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    Thanks for the nice travel description ... I would like to saddle up the GS (motorcycle) and go on a big tour ... or with the Aero, or the convertible ... whatever, just go! 🙂

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