Saab press review

In every family there are black sheep ... who are little loved. Sometimes with good reason or as a prejudice. An unloved car in the Saab scene is the 900 II, which suffers from the GM and Opel stigma. This is unfair, because the 900 II is actually a very passable car. I think - also means the classic car practice in the 11/2015 edition.

Saab press review
Saab press review

The Swede from GM…

The article is well written, the author F. Schobelt Saab and Sweden do not seem unfamiliar. Odin should turn a blind eye, I like that. The Classic car practice The theme works with love for the brand, and yes, the 900 II as an underdog has finally earned his chance before it is finally too late.

Because the Saab inventory is shrinking, the brand is becoming increasingly rare. Particularly rare are the two Saabs, which are the topic at Auto Bild Motorhome. A magazine whose existence as a non-RV driver hardly has on the radar.

Saab Wohmobile. Saab Festival 2013.
Saab Wohmobile. Saab Festival 2013.

Two great boxes ...

The issue 4 / 2015 reports about the Saab motorhomes from Ramsele. Only two copies were built, author Richard Holz has researched their exciting story. He is a Swedish insider, studied there, speaks the local language, has a weakness for cars from the north.

The story is exciting! If only because we can discover unknown Saab history. The booklet is a buying and collecting tip. The little-known and hardly documented history of Saab motorhomes, you can read it here.

While the story of RVs is a clear blog buy recommendation, the current issue of Autobild Classic does not fare well.

More cars ...

It's about cheap young timers in the 200 hp league. You already guessed it, a Saab 9000 is playing. In the short text, garnished with press photos of the Anniversary plus interior of an earlier model year, author Martin Puthz writes about alleged Saab 9000 bargains. It's not easy to find a good 9000. High mileage, maintenance backlog. And the big Saab is worth more than its ridiculous price suggests. So far right. Except for the thing with the price tag.

The price for a good 3 condition: 2.200 € ... Yes mei, where can you buy it? Let's go for it…

This is how it happens when you are not really familiar with the subject. The price idea for a good 9000 in the 200 hp class is simply wrong. Because honest vehicles for that money haven't been around for years, and if they did, each of us would have put half a dozen away. The prices are provided by Classic Data, not by the author himself. This is a salvation of honor for Mr. Puthz. Judgment from Saab's point of view of the booklet: Leave it. On the shelf !

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  • I see a completely different problem. If the intervals of 10.000 kilometers are met, the 902 will be easy. If you do not do that, you have the problem described. That's the point, and has been on the blog several times, and repeatedly described. Anyone who is informed about the 902 can read it, that's good.
    Unfortunately, we Saab fans tend to really write our products in the ground, for other brands with far greater weaknesses, this happens much less often. Why? Are these fans less critical, more loyal to the brand, less eager to celebrate their own demise? My thoughts, a small hint how to deal with problems.

  • Tom, you have to bring the subject of faulty design (s) to 902 and 9-3 I. Also and certainly then, if as here, almost everything is presented positively by the 902. This creates the impression for prospective buyers that this model like any other Saab model is unproblematic and quote from you on 18. November 2015 at 2: 14 PM

    “The bad reputation comes from negative press (partly justified), a first crash test that ended badly. Then the vicious circle: Cheap used cars with a practical hatchback, no money is invested in maintenance, no fans who like the car. There are bad ADAC statistics etc ... "

    The fact that prospective buyers are now jumping off for a 902 or a 9-3 I is not only due to people like me who are only interested in pre-GM Saabs. Likewise, the general decline of Saab in the classic and youngtimers area, simply because many no longer buy these models. There it is also because (and I have already posted this here several times) that Saab failed decades ago to build up a classic car division like Mercedes and Porsche and to ensure the supply of spare parts for older models (also and especially after they were fully sold to GM). So there is a lack of important spare parts, most of which are vital for the vehicle's survival, and of workshops such as Lorenz in Kiel, etc., which (from my point of view also split into pre-GM and GM time) could ensure repairs. Not every owner of a Saab (and I also include the 9-3, 9-5, 9-4X etc.) can be a screwdriver in front of the gentleman, let alone have a lift and tools….
    This is my last comment on this topic.

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