Sweden tour with Saab 9-5: spontaneous, excessive - enjoyable relaxation pure Part 3/3

Today will be a rather quick stage. Because my destination today is Stockholm. Capital and royal seat. Here I plan a long stroll through "Gamla Stan", the historic old town of Stockholm.

Stockholm at night
Stockholm at night

Nevertheless, I decide on the way for the time being for pleasure trips on side roads. The landscape changes from kilometer to kilometer. The closer you get to Stockholm, the bigger the villages become and eventually they move into suburbs. Civilization has got me back. It's almost frightening how many cars are suddenly on the streets. So much traffic you are no longer used to the hours and lonely overland trips.

The advance choice of the district in Stockholm seems to have been perfect. A converted to the hotel old freighter, called "Kronprinsessan Martha". He is moored directly opposite the old town island. The cabins tiny but cozy maritime. Through the porthole, the view over the water in the direction of Gamla Stan.

Since even a Saab in Stockholm's city center does not seem like a well-chosen means of transport, I decide against something to move - and walk. After crossing the southern bridge, I dive into the ancient streets of Old Town Island. The sun is shining, the sky is deep blue. There are actually still a few - if few - tourists on the way. You hear the most different languages. I stroll for hours between the old buildings. Past the royal palace, where I witness the spectacle of the change of guard. Continue through the park in front of the state parliament and down to the pier. Stockholm is surrounded by water. Everywhere bridges, canals and ships. I decide to have a snack and my feet are happy about the break.

When I step on the street again, it is already dawning and Stockholm is transformed into a sea of ​​lights. In the narrow streets are everywhere oil lamps and candlelight atmospherically lit lanterns. The old town becomes lonelier. Every now and then, scary figures come to meet me. White faces with bloodshot eyes, the clothes in shreds first only a couple, then it will be more and more ... It's Halloween - and seems to have something to do today.

From afar there is a roar. The hordes of zombies, witches and ghosts have formed and are moving in the form of a Halloween procession by Gamla Stan. Fire artists conjure up figures in the night sky with their torches. The Swedes can not only party to the Midsommar - but also when the temperatures drop slowly.

The evening ends for me on the upper deck of my hotel ship. Mumbled into laying patch cushions, I enjoy the view of Stockholm's impressively illuminated skyline for a while before finally getting into the bunk.

The next day starts a bit wistful. Because today is return day. The journey across Sweden from the east to the west coast to Gothenburg is imminent. The ferry to Kiel leaves only in the evening. So I actually have enough time. Nevertheless, I decide as a precaution without detour to go west. If there is time, I prefer to use them in Gothenburg, as well as possibly to miss the ship.

Thus, nothing from the originally planned visit of the Air Force Museum in Linköping. Actually a compulsory program - not only for Saab drivers. But it is said that you should plan for several hours. Therefore, I postpone this high-light on my next "normal" visit to Sweden next summer. In Linköping the "IntSaab 2016" will take place - and then it will go to the museum anyway.

Farewell to Sweden ...
Farewell to Sweden ...

Unfortunately, the weather has changed and it starts to drizzle. Once in Gothenburg it goes directly to the ferry terminal. After checking in, I am standing on the deck of the Stena Germanica, wearing a thick jacket, scarf and hat, looking over the lights of Gothenburg. In front of me lies the Hafencity with the gigantic Eriksberg crane, which is lit up in an atmospheric way. Too bad that my trip to Sweden ends today. But it was great. I drove just under 2000 kilometers through southern Sweden. The 9-5 has accompanied me problem-free and comfortable. So many beautiful and unforgettable impressions in such a short time. It was exactly as I imagined.

And I decide at that moment: as soon as I can, I will repeat exactly the same trip. At least once a year.

Sweden, I'll be back soon. Hey there ...

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

That was the Sweden tour with the Saab 9-5. The right reading in the dark season, maybe a suggestion to visit Sweden in 2016 ... Thank you Oli! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab is part of the automotive life. Whatever it is, write us. We reward every publication on the blog with an exclusive one Saab reader cup!

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  • Another great compliment from my side. Part -III- is the two previous texts in no way. The impressive pictures underline this great journey even for outsiders. I am a little jealous of your design spirit on this tour.
    All the best and gladly more of these great written reports.

  • Schööööön! Thank you for the gripping report, as a reader you could ride properly.

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