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Our 2011er 9-3 requires an inspection! In the meantime he has 80.000 kilometers on the clock, and a few weeks ago there was an involuntary stopover in the workshop. Now it drives him back into the pits, but the service indicator is unmistakable. So it fits in well that a conspiratorial meeting of the Saab Blogger in Bamberg is in the organizer. On to Upper Franconia!

Saab 900 Turbo 1984
Saab 900 Turbo 1984

The Saab center Bamberg and Ralf Muckelbauer are among the German Saab veterans. Saab is already lived by the second generation, and rightly so. In the test lane is a beautiful 900 Cabriolet, yard and workshop are full of Saabs. Saab 9-5 are used as replacement cars for customers. It is not better.

Of course, a lot has changed at Muckelbauers over the years. The business with the new cars is now done by Subaru, the all-wheel drive Japanese with the boxer engines occupy the showroom. A brave Saab 96 defends the honor and demarcates Swedish terrain against the Nippon superiority. When it comes to service, Saab dominates. What was in the yard yesterday is pure Saab feeling and makes my heart beat faster.

Two Saab 900 Gradschnautzer, one of them an incredible Vollturbo from 84, stand in front of the hall. Where was the last time you saw this? The turbo has an interior in the most sinful red ever. Slanted or to fall in love? Definitely the only year of construction with a red dashboard. A Saab classic Coupé of the most beautiful variety in a funky color combination. Exactly my thing, because I have a weakness for the colors of the 80er and the early 90er. Can Blogger pass by? No, I have to take a look inside.

The interior smells of leather, the analogue instruments are old Saab style. The 84er 900 Turbo is a dream from Sweden. Opposite is parking an 900i Cabriolet, an 99 Turbo, an 900i sedan wheelchair user. Saab classics meeting at Muckelbauer. A journey through time and pure Saab feeling. More impressions from Bamberg are in our Facebook group.

While I'm indulging in Saab nostalgia, our 9-3 is getting its inspection. The Saab store in Bamberg is a mix of service for everyday vehicles and the restoration and preservation of classic substance. Saab drivers like to invest in rolling cultural assets, and not just in classics. The demand for accessories is also great for the last generation of vehicles. Hirsch exhaust systems for the 9-5 NG have been reissued, the Saab Center Bamberg has ordered quite a few.

Beyond Saab Feeling and Hobby, our 9-3 is an everyday car. It should, if considered sober, be reliable. The maintenance costs must be right. Is a Saab 9-3 expensive to maintain?

There are seasonal offers of Orio Germany, and there is a special loyalty offer for the Bamberg Saab customers. Muckelbauers Loyalty offer, an autumn service with oil and oil filter change, includes all the points our Saab needs. The fixed price of 149,00 € is particularly fair, there is also another Saab stamp in the service booklet. And a conscientious check of our car, which is found by the critical views of Ralf Muckelbauer as good and flawless.

Does someone drive them into a free workshop at these prices? There is no reason for it. The prices are correct, Saab competence is included. And the Saab feeling as well.

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    Our first 9000 Jg. 86 had the same color of equipment. Very consistent and one of the reasons for buying.

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    Colorado is the official Saab designation, that's correct.
    Oxblood colloquially call my friends from the Swedish Saabclub this color. I love this hue, it goes well with the green slices of older 900. Own a white 88 convertible with just this red inside. Wish you a lot of fun with your silver 900!

    • Thank you 🙂 I would have to see what tint at my the discs have. I have the impression that they are tinted bronze. The windows of the 9er and 2er Volvo are greenish tinted, also those of the Audi 100 type 43. The Benz has very clear discs. This is sometimes a hindrance in the summer, but I just want to keep it as authentic as possible.

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        Bronze-tinted glazing was introduced on the 900 in model year 1983. Before this was tinted green, the convertible was only available with green glazing. I still have a Volvo 240 from the last year of manufacture M 93, dark red metallic, black leather and green windows. Also an attractive combination. The US versions of the 96 and 99 always had green glass in the 70s. So your '84 has bronze-tinted glass. Also great are your red A-pillars and the red mats. Coherent personal identification ... perfect.
        Unfortunately, your year of construction still has simple brake discs, the internally ventilated ones were only introduced in model year 85. It's sensible to drive on the autobahn, but you will definitely do that with this piece of jewelry anyway.
        Have a good trip with all your treasures!

        • Hello Götz, yes, I am careful with my piece of jewelry. The more I find out about it, the more I know how unique the 900 turbo is and what a bargain I got (not in terms of price, but simply “mentally”). As already warned by the presiding judge, the 900er is moved very lentemently until the green marking of the temperature is reached. Only then do you think about the turbo ... and from 3000 rpm ... * leckslcheck *. I'm already researching the corresponding rare parts. I already share my apartment with the parts of my sweetheart ... currently 1/3 to 2/3 ... still ;-). Benz parts, audit parts, Volvo parts and Saab parts ... Un the hall in the country is already filling up ...

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    And then the dashboard top in red! In the meantime, the combination is rare. Oxblood, the Swedes say oxblood to that shade that fits.

    • Hmm, Ralf Muckelbauer said that the color of the leather interior would be called colorado red ...

  • Then I would rather have a Saab 96 customer service vehicle. I do not give my 900 Turbo but * cough *

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    An 9-5 as a replacement car in use. Always sprinkle salt in the wound.

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      Do not cry Heiko, you'll get it!

  • Yeah, good that my 900er is so beautifully staged 🙂

    Greetings to the Saab bloggers, Martin Rudolph, Bamberg

    PS: the Saab is not yet on my side, the weather has not been good enough ...

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      It's also a beautiful Saab, I could not resist it

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    Typical Muckelbauer, Saab pure. Highly recommended, the longest journey is worthwhile!

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