Saab model cars - and a gift from the blog!

It is not easy for us! Finding good ideas and gifts… it gets more complicated every year. The Trollhättan brand is an insider tip - a very lively one, but also an exclusive one. We make the search easier and have filled our fan shop with saabige articles. Fleecemuetze. Fleecemuetze.

How about Saab model cars from PremiumX, high-quality and detailed? Could that be a gift idea? Maybe a rare Saab Lancia 600, a Saab 92B or a Saab 99 Turbo Coupe? Norev has just added the Saab 900 Turbo 16S to the program. From the long-sold out Saab 900 Cabriolet of the same manufacturer, there are still a few pieces in stock.


In addition to the Saab model cars, there are many little things to discover ... books, jackets, mugs, lanyards and Swedish gifts. And we have also thought and give our readers something. Something saab, of course, that doesn't exist anywhere else.

Orders with a goods value of € 50,00 or more will be placed in the package with a fleece hat with an embroidered “” logo. The fleece hat keeps you warm in the coldest of temperatures and shows which brand we like and which automotive reading material we prefer.

Originally intended exclusively for the blogger crew, we've commissioned a bit more hats and give them away to Saab fans who shop in our shop. Only while stocks last, and only up to 24.12.2015!

3 thoughts on "Saab model cars - and a gift from the blog!"

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    Great ideas! I own both a Saab 600 as a model like a Lancia Delta HF in real! (Such a Delta HF with year 1984 is rarer than any integral!)
    And yes, I would buy a cap like that.

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    Would I like to buy one or more caps as well?

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      We will be putting the hats in the shop in the next few days, including for sale. There is more winter, saabish ...

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