Saab reader cups & Saab events

Everything comes to an end, and the stock of exclusive Saab reader cups is running out. Less than 10 cups are still available, because we will not commission a reproduction. This makes the reader cup 2015 with the Ursaab a clear collector's item. But don't worry, the Saab passion never ends, we are already planning for 2016. Saab events and new promotions are on the list ...

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

Saab reader cups 2015 - last chance!

There is still the possibility to get one of our cups. Free, sponsored by our blog supporters! How it goes? Tell us your Saab story! What did you experience with the iconic brand from Trollhättan, what was your holiday in Sweden and what fascinated you about the exceptional vehicles from Trollhättan?

Mark and I are looking forward to saabigen reading material, please with pictures, and written with a lot of Saab heart blood. We have the conditions for participation here deposited.

Saab Events & Promotions 2016

And what will happen if the Saab reader cups are out of stock? We are working on a continuation of the campaign, now under a different guise. The coming year will have a very special, sabot motto. 2015 was dominated by the Saab 9000, next year we will… psssst… that will not be revealed yet! One thing is certain, there will also be infectious ideas around Saab in 2016! Events are being planned, we will (probably) be able to come up with two pretty crazy dates.

First details will be published in December, registration for our first event will be released in January. As always, we work with limited numbers of participants, a regular look at the blog can not be wrong.

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    Good to read that my favorite reading will be 2016 online. The SAAB madness

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