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Like in mine first story Mentioned on my Saab life, I have been keeping my eyes open for a younger 9³ SC for some time. But many dubious and also bad offers on the Internet brought me regularly away from the thoughts and I drove with great joy my 9³ SC Vector on.

Saab Aero in the spa
Saab Aero in the spa

Many shared hours and kilometers of joy we experienced. However, a "sudden" (and quickly disappearing) interest from a distant acquaintance to my Vector made me dare to try out how far you can go on Gerbauchtwagen platforms. Without knowing an at least equivalent replacement, I was very excited about it.

Thus, I came in Zugzwang and since the Internet still did not really keep me a suitable offer ready, I looked at Saabblog whose supporters. First of all, I asked for a 9³ SC Vetcor or Aero in Bamberg with Mr. Muckelbauer. The mail was almost just sent, so came the answer about a very good Aero with almost full equipment (sunroof and premium leather missing).

Now came the most difficult phase in my young Saab story. Should I really hand over my first and extremely fond and above all familiar Vector? Even after a very positive test drive on the Aero, I was not sure about 100%. Finally, the trip to the test drive to Bamberg and back (about 800 km!) Would be the last great common route. But also a more than dignified farewell tour and every time better, than just fix 2-3 rounds in the region turn, so you were together again.

A particularly "loyal" interested then encouraged me to actually take the step to Aero. There were many requests, but only this one gave me a really good feeling. What followed now, I probably would not have participated in any other brand. The triggering of the Aero at a German financial institution was very laborious for Mr. Muckelbauer and it went week by week. Fortunately, my Vector prospect had enough patience with me and this annoying circumstance.

More than 3 weeks had passed and still without a "new" dare, now changed my Vector already the owner. At this point I just have to thank for the patience (Saab-Unwort of the last years) and I wish and hope that the Vector is always enjoyable and reliable, or will be again (unfortunately, there were already first problems, what me very concerned).

Another week passed and "finally" came the long-awaited post from Bamberg with the vehicle documents. Now the anticipation grew day by day and I set out on an 6 hour train ride. With Mr. Muckelbauer I felt well and very well looked after, but finally I had not come to stay, but I wanted to bring the Saab into his new family. So license plates ran, clarify a few more details and then I was kindly adopted.

It was the first big ride with my (new) dream car, an 9³ Aero TTID. It is fabulous. Every single kilometer was a pleasure and even as I felt like several 100 km too early from the highway, I still had a big smile on my face.

Now a few days and even more miles later, I have to say, it was more than worth it. The car is just fun and I can continue to enjoy all Saab benefits, which I have already got used to so wonderfully. The Nightpanel, the hidden gas pressure dampers of the trunk lid, the super seats for long distances or the eyelets on the rails of the front seats, for attaching the child seat.

The only downer to the present state of knowledge, probably this will probably be my first and last aero of this kind, as these dreamlike vehicles are not known to be built. All the more I look forward to a hopefully just as nice and long time together, as with the Vector.

Sweden visit ...
Visit to Sweden…

Sweden Visit:

Just before selling the vector, my wife reported another blue 9³ SC in town. Hard to believe, but true. Immediately I went on the "search" to take a family photo ☺
The other day she told me again that she has seen a blue SC again, this time even with a local license plate. I'm glad.

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

Thanks to Marco for continuing his Saab passion! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

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    Nice that I am confirmed by this post.
    I also bought a Saab TTID Convertible Bj.2009 (60 000 km) in August
    and I am very satisfied so far.

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    Can only join the congratulations. 2014 bought a TTID Aero Convertible AT with 72 Tkm. In the meantime, I am almost 100Tkm and am looking forward to the many long-haul trips over the good seats, the passage, the very low consumption, etc. I plan many more years with the convertible and I wish you too.

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    Yes, good and dedicated dealers make the difference.

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    Congratulations on this shabby “cream cake”! 😉 The TTiD is really a success! Economical and yet “power without end”… 🙂 A SAAB that is at home on long journeys… The inner leather of my 9-3 is still in perfect order after 200.000 km! No cracks or similar optical defects! (However with good care of the seats ...) 😉 In contrast to a company from Northern Germany, the specified diesel consumption is also correct! 🙂 🙂
    Have fun with the AERO SAAB 9-3 !!!

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    The Aero interior with leather seats is really a feast for the eyes. Thanks for the report and for the photos of course!

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      Hello Martin,
      I initially had reservations because of the feared, overwhelming effect of the black interior with the completely black leather seats. My previous 9³ had light partial leather (Sandbeige), where also the lower part of the interior was light. But after only a few minutes / kilometers I've gotten used to it and I enjoy it every time I drive

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