Saab booth at the Essen Motorshow 2015 (impressions)

The first weekend of Food motor show lies behind us. On Sunday the booth of the 1st German Saab Club was well frequented, traditional "hood diving" was the order of the day. There were of course a lot of gasoline discussions about our brand, and old and younger sheet metal “Made by Trollhättan” was very popular.

Saab at the Essen Motorshow 2015
Saab at the Essen Motorshow 2015

This year 3 vehicles from Trollhättan are present at the Saab exhibition stand. The organizers of the 1st German Saab Club skilfully bridge the gap from the classic to the young Saab. You can see a Saab 99, a classic, but not original, but exciting Saab 900. The youngest car of the trio is a Saab 9-5 “chrome glasses” sports sedan from 2007. The 9-5 delivers a whopping 300 turbo horsepower via Hirsch tuning on the street ... a rare specimen.

There is something for every taste and they are all beautiful. The past weekend showed it very clearly: Saab is popular, interest continues. The classics and youngtimers have loyal - and often new friends too. In addition to brand discussions and Saab nostalgia, active help was not neglected. A Saab driver stranded in Cologne could be helped with a workshop recommendation.

After work, after a stormy and rainy Monday, a small dose of impressions from the Saab booth on the blog. The Essen Motor Show 2015 is still up to the 6. Open in December. The 1. German Saab Club keeps the flag up. He looks forward to many visitors in the coming days and next weekend!