Saab 9-3 ambient lighting

That fits perfectly into the cloudy season! The original retrofit kit for a Saab 9-3 ambient lighting has been available for a few days ... we tested it immediately. Because so far the 9-3 has been a partly dark cave in the dark, which is not up to date.

Saab 9-3 ambient light. Original Saab Kit.
Saab 9-3 ambient light. Original Saab Kit.

Ambient lighting in car interiors is a trend, the 9-5 NG and the 9-4x were the last new releases in the Saab world. Anyone traveling in these vehicles will love this feature. It's nice to have softly lit door handles and footwells. The newly released original retrofit kit from Orio AB enables illuminated footwells at the front. A Turbo X was available to us as a test car, and the Saab Center in Kiel carried out the necessary work.

We like the result. The Saab 9-3 Ambient Lighting immerses the footwell in a pleasant, green light. This corresponds exactly to the style of the 9-3 and the lighting of the faucets, everything seems to be from one piece. The drive in the dark is pleasant, the ambient light does not bother, is perceived by the eyes as a gentle backlight. At the same time, the LEDs provide the desired additional brightness in the vehicle.

What does the retrofit cost?

From Orio comes an original retrofit kit with test mark, especially for the 9-3, no crafting solution. This has its price, but it is appropriate. The kit for the Saab 9-3 ambient lighting costs under 100,00 €, the installation is estimated with 1.5 hours. The kit is available from blog supporters and authorized Saab partners.

The opinion of the blog?

Frankly, I'm a fan of ambient lighting. I can't stand dark car caves in winter time. The retrofit kit makes the Saab 9-3 more homely, more modern. This makes it even more pleasant to drive a vehicle from Trollhättan. And to put it bluntly, the Saab 9-3 deserves Orio AB's attention because it is a great, modern car with a lot of potential and style.

Of course you do not need the retrofit kit necessarily, but upgraded makes the daily use of the Saab 9-3 even more joy. Maybe it's the prelude to more accessories from Sweden for our Saabs. We would be grateful for that.

Therefore, clear recommendation: the Christmas gift for Saab 9-3 and passengers. Drive to the Saab partner. To buy. Have fun.

Of course, the original retrofit kit is available from dedicated blog supporters in Frankfurt, Bamberg, Kiel, Emmerich on the Rhine, Bad Tölz, Leinfelden near Stuttgart, Goslar / Vienenburg, Hamburg and Dortmund.

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  • I am thrilled ... I had the ambient lighting installed right away. As always, my saab dealer here in the south didn't know anything about it and had to ask first. but now it looks great and enhances my 93II convertible from 2008 again. before that there was already the Griffin “facelift” and the complete hirsch nappa leather interior. my Carl Gustav is getting more and more beautiful!

  • No, it's just the footwell lit up. The whole thing is dimmable and is additionally reduced with the Nigtpanel. It can not be turned off completely, but it's definitely not annoying.

    The Turbo X is a limited special version of the 9-3 II, the kit is designed by the Orio specifically for this series.

    PS: Thanks for the donation!

  • Looks cool, are door handles, rear seats, headlining and gear shift gate also exposed? Is it also possible to switch it off completely? The blog says in TurboX, in the comment from Dec. 2nd it says was specially designed for the 9-3 II ……?

  • So is installed, was built by Saab Stephan in Vienburg. Corresponding photos are posted there. Looks super noble and my wife is happy. Finally she looks at her shoes and when she drops something in the footwell she sees it. Thanks to Mr. Valentin for the great installation, was the right Nicholas for my wife. Lg Matthias

  • Thats fine, but the ugly blue navi screen is still destroying the night feel of the 9-3. I'm tempted to change it to basic black-tie radio, which is much more nicer in the night.

  • Super good, I can somehow order the set online with installation instructions. I'm in Abu Dhabi and have a workshop on hand for my 9-3 convertible.
    Have not found anything appropriate and do not want to apply extra dealer status

  • The kit is specially designed for the 9-3 II, with appropriate light color and beam angle. Of course you can also upgrade a classic or youngtimer.

  • What about 90/99/900? Or is the kit only available for “new cars”?

  • Is the brightness to be controlled via the instrument lighting?

  • Yes, there are also in Switzerland. Orio Switzerland AG. 044 214 69 10.

  • There are additional LEDs that are activated with the ignition. The normal lighting remains fully functional in its function.

  • Clearly green. Everything else would be wrong in the 9-3. If everything else glows in green, there can be nothing else. Well, I like it, but as everyone knows, it's a matter of taste and anyone can never be happy with it anyway

  • Does the lighting switch on when the doors are opened or only when the ignition is started?
    If so, the normlae Fußbraumbeleuchtung when opening the doors still well preserved or?

  • Sure, already with the 9-5 I.

    Still, so flat…. well, whoever likes it should stop there.

  • Green is mandatory for the 9-3 II, everything else would not fit. In addition, traditionally the Saab cockpit color

  • Wow, actually a new release! Exactly the direction I have been proposing for Orio for years. Would I install smoothly for principled reasons. but have no 9-3

  • Looks very chic !!!!
    And also nice that Saab stays with “green” and does not organize a “modern” light show in red, blue, yellow or whatever! 😉

    In my current 2011 series, I think that's very nice (also on moldings and door handles). 🙂

    What I liked better about my old Saab (9-5 SC from 2002) was the Saab Night Panel.
    There were the switches in the center console as well as hidden (or completely?), The lighting of the speedometer in two parts (only at high speed, the numbers faded up to the max-speed) and otherwise almost nothing more lit.

    In the 2011'er unfortunately the whole speedometer display is always very brightly illuminated, automatic information / gears and other things are also illuminated and the center console (or all switches / buttons) are not faded out (or as good as), but almost exclusively Max. dimmed as weakly as it can be controlled similarly in other cars using the “cog”.

    But well ... that's moaning on a high level ... I like to drive it at night too, of course! 😉

  • Well, I also think that ambient lighting is basically good, but in green ... is probably a matter of taste.

    Can I also short-circuit the door switch and change the footwell lighting to continuous operation?

  • If you want to screw, drill and solder, then yes. Otherwise, a visit to the next Saab workshop with nice Saab Talk by the way is recommended

  • There are dedicated Saab partners and those who are less. For this reason, we refer to the committed blog supporters who are informed about our action and competent help.

  • This would be the first time that my friend would be informed

  • Is self-installation easily possible?

  • I would say you can and I would prefer the kit to any crafting solution. We have installed our own solution for the ANNA project, at that time the kit was not available yet. The part number knows your Frankfurt Saab partner.

  • hi Guys,
    Can I also use the ambient lighting for my 1996 Youngtimer? from the color that would also fit well. Willow Green metallic, please pass the item number. Thank you

  • In Austria there is unfortunately no longer any well-trained sales staff, so the item number would be very helpful.

  • A big compliment to Eschborn for the successful action! That's exactly what I've hoped for a long time from Orio! Cool idea, I'm curious what's coming !!

  • Yes, it dips by 50% when the panel is activated. Question 2: Please ask Orio Switzerland!

  • The solution is made smart: activating the Nightpanel dimming the ambient lighting. Feels like 50%, very pleasant.

  • Looks strong! Thanks for the contribution!
    Question 1: Does the activation of the Night Panel affect the ambient lighting?
    Question 2: Do you get the part in Switzerland?

  • Looks really appealing, good action!

    @ Herbert H: The article number has the friendly

  • Great. Fits really great, no craft booth look.
    All that remains is the question of whether everything is switched off with the Nightpanel. Is that known to the bloggers?

  • Looks really good, is missing only the article number?

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