Saab 9000 Anna Project (Part 7) Billing.

In the meantime, Anna has mutated into a daily companion. The start was not easy, but we made friends. Old cars have character and idiosyncrasies. There are mysterious places that Anna does not like, which makes her unmistakable.

A look back: Anna project at Lafrentz in Kiel.
A look back: Anna project at Lafrentz in Kiel.

The exit of a very specific parking garage as an example. Red traffic light. Side window open, it starts to rain. The window lifter turns dead, window remains open. Traffic light green, Saab starts, with 100 meter distance, everything works quite innocently. And it will continue to do so. Until the Saab is one day again at this traffic light. This time it is the sunroof that is dead. And 100 meters further, of course ...

The enlightenment for the life of the 9000, a masterpiece of Swedish engineering from the 80er years: at this specific location there is a hotspot, a broadcasting point for radio service, several radio controlled Demand exits. 1980 a theme for Perry Rhodan novels. 35 years later fact. Electrosmog - the Saab can not stand that.

For Anna, the hour of truth comes on the blog today. Time for billing, as well as an opportunity to ask questions for the future.

What is a Saab 9000 worth?

To find out, we commissioned a Dekra expert. Anna was not quite finished at the time, but it was not about the last prize, the trend was important and the opportunity cheap. The condition was rated 2-3, the price was 8.000,00 €. Not included is the clear history, the interior was not perfect yet. Today Anna is complete, the Saab 9000 should be an 2. Worth a little more, but scarily little.

The trend of Saab 9000 prices is rising, but only because the market is almost empty. Restored or maintained 2er conditions do not take place in fact, a fate that shares the 9000 with other vehicles of the 80er and 90er years. The reality is frustrating, and very rarely comes a well-groomed 9000 pensioner hand on the market. Scrap and consumption vehicles dominate. Let's be honest - they are worth the renovation price structure no renovation. As always with vehicles of this price range you do not get back investments in material and work performance.

Where is the Saab 9000 future?

The blog mission 2015 was to write the 9000 out of the no-man's-land of forgetting. This has succeeded in parts, we were able to inspire some readers for the first, big Saab. Some fans have rediscovered the 9k for themselves and keep the hatchback Saab on the road with much love.

What's the future like? Enthusiasm for not quite young metal is not a question of age, it is a matter of desire for technology, style and driving culture. They appreciate the compact dimensions, the ease of use. Moving away from consumerism, you discover that you can spend your money on more fun things than on new cars.

BMW does it, Mercedes has been there for a long time, Porsche strengthens the activities on the classic and classic cars. The first Porsche center opens in Arnhem, Netherlands - only for classic cars. In the future, there are Swabian classics directly from the manufacturer, with leasing, financing and warranty as the new car. The way for those who want to drive and enjoy, but do not screw themselves or want to expose themselves to the Vabanquesspiel the car purchase on gravel roads.

Why not Saab, why not Orio AB? There was that Ida Project - the idea in Sweden to offer factory restorations in the future. Actually logical, if not mandatory. Orio has a unique selling proposition, the supply of original Saab parts. A restoration center for every major market, operated by Orio or in cooperation with a national partner. That would be more than a strengthening of one's own competence.

The business, beyond the mainstream brands, has already recognized our neighbors. The Dutch are doing it Saab Youngtimer Lease again before. The target group, self-employed, tradesmen, would be grateful for their individual, crazy interpretation of Swedish locomotion. Other brands have long since in everyday life. Citroen CX, a vehicle whose classic career I follow with much sympathy, there is as a leased object in the new car condition. The prices are around the 30.000 €, CX based in Karlsruhe has been successfully dedicated to the hydropneumatic theme for 40 years.

The more computers with animated and virtual cockpits roll on our streets, the more sought-after engineering becomes the 80er and 90er years. Survivors Saab 9000 will be included.

Part 7 was not the last part of the Saab 9000 Anna project. There is more. It is also clear that Anna will not stay forever. Eventually, with a heavy heart, she will have to make room for a new project vehicle. Since I think that Saabs should be moved and not be bored in halls, we will have to look for a new home.

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  • Wow, the CX. Great! Did not really know that there is something like that. Probably only in the Francophile border area.

    Would that work with Saab? I have the impression that the 900 drivers are a bit quirky and peculiar. They're more likely to do it yourself than to buy. And whether the 9000 has the status of Saab traditionalists as the 900, or the CX Citroen drivers? Not sure. Even though he is my favorite Saab and I was totally disappointed with the 9-5.

    Incidentally, by billing, I somehow understand something else. Issues should somehow pure, hehe ...

    • The CX is a car that hardcore fans did not want to miss for decades. The CX base has been committed to the great Citroen for ages and has been dedicated to creating its own market and keeping French cultural assets alive. No idea what the 9000 looks like in 10 or 20 years, but almost everything is possible.

  • How about a 9-5 OG Sportcombi the first face variant as a future project vehicle? After all, he was the direct successor and the first Combi of SAAB ...
    And it seems to me that the fan scene has not yet written the 9-5 OG on the slip ... it's too bad ...

    • Our thoughts go in that direction ... The 9-5 OG needs a bit more attention. Unfortunately, such projects can not be financed with pocket money, and getting support for projects becomes more difficult for the blog from year to year. We will see…

    • I drive a 9-5 station wagon since May 1999. I'm very excited about him, even if I've already put a lot of money in there. But with Ratzmann in the background, the car is not broken. One does not look at the 16 years. He also ran only 230000 km. On long distance he runs super comfortable. I love him

  • The question is, is there enough vehicles and willing to buy that can survive in the long run and money is earned !? The interiors (900II, 9-3I) could be raised with today's possibilities to a higher level, as far as the surfaces are concerned. The design is timelessly beautiful.

    • I can only reflect my observation that I make with some Saab partners. The yard is full of classics and youngtimers, from 99 to 900 and 9000 everything is there. And is always more. I think that's a good trend, but not more. What Orio / Saab will partner with is the other question. The potential is there for sure.

      • This looks like a plea for a new business model for SAAB bases. Sense could definitely do something like that.
        According to your calculation, a good 9000er would cost around the 10'000 Euro.
        Whether then the enthusiasm of the fans and Orio accompanied by the willingness to get involved, will show.

        • That's it. Maybe a medium-term perspective. Whether Orio will occupy this field is questionable, the current strategy in Nyköping goes in another direction. But if Orio does not, somebody else will.
          A restored 9000, from the specialist company, would have to cost from 15.000,00 to make sure the bill is correct. We do not have this situation yet, maybe in a few years. Restored 900 are currently traded between 20 - 30 k, convertibles also more expensive. Other countries show that a Saab may be expensive. There is pent-up demand in Germany.

          • 15'000 for a good 9000er? Why not, if the car is flawless and well repaired. If you read magazines from the old-timer or young-timer scene, there are still quite different amounts spent on vehicles that never go out on the street.

            I have just bought a new car as a business vehicle and calculate with about the same amount as a copyist in the first 1.5 years.

          • The price relativizes itself additionally, if one thinks over how much automobile Neuwagenlangeweile exists for 15.000 €.

            BTW: Do you stay with new cars of the Saab family?

          • A SAAB fan, I'm sure, as a driver, unfortunately, no. I drive the 9-5 Aero now, until the new car is there, then separate our ways (unfortunately) and the SAAB goes into the exchange. The delivery date is KW 53.

            I am not a collector and now need a new car on business.

          • Of course, it's always the question of how it fits in with life. Someone who professionally tears down 40-60.000Km / year is certainly better off with a leasing box. The business model of the CX basis with absolutely dream-ready dream cars is a really interesting alternative.
            2007 there was an article in the WORLD on the subject, which is becoming more current:

            To everyone a nice weekend!

  • Great idea to donate Saab Yougtimer lease.
    There will certainly be some interest before. Such a lease company could have some weird car brands on offer to make business sense.
    But Tom, never give your 9000 a lease but keep it yourself.

  • I have always been a fan of the CX. Against the stale junk of German origin this car was from another time. A study trip shortly before graduation to Paris was then for me, as today a trip to TH. You did not know where to look first ...
    Unfortunately, the CX lacks a crucial detail, without which I can live badly then and now - the large tailgate. Therefore it became the end of the 80er an 9000CC ... to today's CS / CSE.

  • The prices at the CX basis are also the end of the flagpole, which also applies to the spare parts prices there. Sure, completely rebuilt vehicle cost their money, however, newly built 901 CV are also offered in this price range, but do not reflect the price you have to pay for a reasonable and very good copy. These vehicles are more for people who buy such a car to put it in the collection and less to drive it. It could indeed accumulate depreciating kilometers on the clock ... If you really need an investment should buy art! Cars are there to drive. This American with his Volvo 1800ES (?) Has now covered 1,8 million miles is most likable to me. The car is not a ridden cart.

  • CX, beginning 80er I had one, a Pallas! Great car with quirks. Today I keep looking for the Cxs on Mobile, but I would rather put an 9000er in the stable. It would have to be an Aero and it would have to be red, so I could get weak! (My biggest problem, how do I just say it at home, that an 8 vehicle is coming ...)

  • A CX is a diva. Extremely beautiful - but can be very moody. The more important it is to have someone at hand who knows it. After a GSA Pallas in the family was super reliable, I had bought a used CX at the beginning of the 90er. Fantastically comfortable to drive, but the repairs came very expensive.
    I think the BX, XM and Xantia are also great cars that deserve more attention. I also drove XM and Xantia V6 myself. Repairs are very time consuming and expensive because everything is completely installed. Since the French could have looked in Trollhättan something. The drinking habits are also not of cardboard. But it always made fun on the highway TDIs to annoy with these missiles. They did not see it exactly like the Anna project did.
    The classic French share the fate of most 80 and 90er cars. Maybe it's a matter of time before natural selection decimates the number of vehicles until it becomes interesting for collectors.

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