How I came to Saab ...

There was a time when there was only room in my garage for Alfa's. Nice but diva-like. Every time I put my ignition key in the lock on the left, I had to say a little prayer. Most of the time he started, but not always ... Italian electrics.

Saab 9-3 II Convertible
Saab 9-3 II Convertible

Anyone who has ever seen the public power supply installed in Italy will not be surprised anymore. At least the ignition lock is on the left; only Porsche and Alfa's have this on the spot! My choice of car has always been individualistic.

Then came the autumn of 2012. I wanted to spare my Spider Cabrio and my age-old motor insurance was about to “run out”. What could be closer than a winter car, I thought! Since I always spent the summer vacation in Denmark with my parents in my youth, I remembered the cool, then old cars that defied the salt air, a gigantic trunk and, if I remember correctly, had the ignition lock in the middle. Which brand was the same again? Right, Saab! The same manufacturer that built combat aircraft that practiced low-flying over the North Sea at the time and had two small triangular wings at the front, Saab 37 Viggen….

I searched the internet and found a cheap Saab 900 II built in 1994 near me. I drove there, did a test drive and was addicted to the “Saab disease” right from the start ... So I drove a Saab 900 II for the first winter. The feeling of driving through the snow in a Saab was indescribable. When my wife's Seat Ibiza didn't start at -21 ° in the morning because the Spanish battery was obviously not built for a Central European winter and I got into my 1994 Saab, put the key in the central ignition lock, the typical Saab DingDong sounded and it sounded Engine started without hesitation, so my wife was amazed too.

Saab 9-3, series 1
Saab 9-3, series 1

Saab, born from Jets, I said quietly to myself .. I read a lot about Saab and realized very quickly that my Alfa love disappeared more and more. The Spider was sold, even if I did not get the money, which I imagined. A new convertible had to come! Manufacturer: Saab! That's how the search started! And then, coincidence was in the game, in my hometown in Forchheim, Obfr., A black Saab 93 AERO convertible was sold. Year of construction 2006, 140.000 km. Price was acceptable, especially checkbook maintained at Saab Kellermann in Erlangen! Class Saabschrauberstätte!

The rest is quickly told! Short test drive, bought! Since then our Saabrio has accompanied us in everyday life, but also on wonderful holiday trips. According to the moth, Saab - at home on long journeys. So we drove openly on Corsica's passes and dreamlike sandy bays, or cruised the coast road on the Codte d'Azur like Grace Kelly and Gary Cooper ... Also the largest roundabout in the world, the Place de la Concorde in Paris, in the Saab 93 AERO, a relaxed treat!

But since you don't move the 93 AERO through salt and snow, I no longer give this dream of a car and I still lacked the classic Saab feeling, I bought another 2014 I SE year of manufacture 93 in autumn 2000, with light leather interior and like my Saabrio , also in black! I love getting into my Saab's, starting the engine with the ignition key in the middle, cruising decelerated and turning on my night panel at night ...

One thing is clear, it was not my last Saab….

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

Thanks to Christian for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab is part of the automotive life. Whatever it is, write us. We reward every publication on the blog with an exclusive one Saab reader cup!

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  • .... run, not buy.
    The answer to 900-II continues to interest me.

  • At some point in the process of purchasing the item, the 900-II disappeared - what happened to it?

  • Thankfully the blog is back. As a convinced Facebookverweigerer I could not figure out what was going on. That was really cold withdrawal. Please do not do that with me anymore (and certainly many other readers as well)

  • falkatrin,
    After your comment, I also dare.
    I only have a SAAB 9-5 station wagon built in June 2006 diesel. Let's see ... maybe I'll write my SAAB story with SAAB 96 Bj 1960 over SAAB 99 Ems until today.
    Greetings from the capital

  • And another brand with ignition on the left: Lada! At least in the middle of the 90er years to civil service times, when I was allowed to drive out with a Lada station wagon on wheels

  • Nice story! Greetings from middlfrangn to Forchheim!

  • Wartburg has the ignition on the left, but unfortunately there is no longer the brand, the reasons can be argued.
    The cars were not divaish but practical. Everything you need to get from A to B.

  • Italians build fantastically beautiful cars, which unfortunately are not always exemplary of reliability.

    Japanese build (s) reliable cars, which unfortunately are not always an oyster of beauty.

    From the logical connection of both then came Alfa Romeo Arna

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