Blog donation: Did like 2015?

36 hours without Saab blog ... 1 1/2 days without Saab reading material. A test. No Saab blog, that means no automotive morning reading, no reading fun after work. Was it fair for us to take the blog offline? It was a signal. Time for a serious topic.

No more Saabblog?
No more Saabblog?

Writing an automotive blog is no difficult exercise - actually! Manufacturers provide material with press releases, and there is often financial support. The work is made easier by databases that provide image and film material for download. We don't have any of that for our project, 4 years after the death of Saab Automobile AB.

Subjects have to be found by themselves, countless hours are spent week by week researching and procuring material. It will be more demanding to write, year after year. In some of the posts that are read quickly, weeks of work are stuck.

As the challenge grows, for each article time has to be “borrowed” from family, friends or job, support for the blog has been declining for months. Doing more and more, falling donations, that's not a solid foundation. An important blog supporter, the Kunert family, said goodbye to the business this year. The gap that was left could not be closed. Many companies live from business around Saab, benefit from our work that keeps the cars in the present. However, only a few have courage and are willing to provide regular support.

In addition to financing servers, promotions, events, niceties such as Saab reader cups and other things, our charity project is close to our hearts. Resources that are not needed for maintaining the blog and for actions are invariably included in the projects we support.

The blog, Saab's daily news, is important if the brand is not to be forgotten. Mark and I want to continue blogging in 2016. Voluntarily, out of love for the brand and with a lot of passion, without any advantages for us. Are the readers on the blog ready to support the project?

In the Anglo-Saxon area it is the custom to support bloggers with donations. Saab Blogger veteran Swade, founder of Trollhattansaab and Saabsunited, called in twice a year. The donations of the readers were a confirmation of his project, a recognition of the work done. How does it look for our German-speaking Saabblog?

Did the readers like the 2015 blog? Did we deliver the required daily dose of Saab? What are 29 articles worth on average per month? To keep the blog online in 2016, we are relying on readers' donations. How about making a financial contribution to our work in 2016?

The readers can decide what the blog is worth, whether it stays online. As every year, our commitment to the supporters ends on December 31.12st. That gives us the freedom to decide whether we want to blog for another year.

Should the page remain blank in the future, like the last 36 hours? That would be sad ... We would be happy if the blog story continued in 2016 as well. Companies can provide active help by contributing as blog supporters for 2016. Readers can donate using the PayPal button in the sidebar or by bank transfer. We will send the data on request. Just send an email to:

Thank you!

83 thoughts on "Blog donation: Did like 2015?"

  • Hi Tom,
    I'm not very familiar with the German language, but still read the blog news with great interest (sometimes with some help). I would also miss it, if the well-founded and up-to-the-minute information about Saab cars and community would not come via your channel in the remote western Switzerland. That's why my financial support. Please, send me your bank details, as I have no Paypal account!
    Best regards from the Neuchâtel Jura

  • Hello Tom, hello Marc, I've just returned from vacation and donate quarterly. The first payment is out. Keep up the good work and keep our Saab community together. You are the basis of Saab life. That's how I feel that way ...... ..

    Greetings from Saxony

  • I would also like the bank data, since no Paypal user.

  • Hello Tom, please give me the account details.
    But come until next week, lying flat with a cold.

  • Mail is on the way, thank you!

    I'll take your email address from the comment before someone messes with it

  • I would like to make a small (subscription) contribution. The way through PayPal is unusual for me and accordingly complicated. I am happy to respond to the announcement of a (bank) account for international transfer from Switzerland.

    SAAB Combi 93 II 2.0T Automat, 03 2006, 145 tkm

  • Hallo,
    the money is more than worth it!
    One time bank details please.
    Thank you.

  • Hey Tom, man ... that's a great thing! As soon as I'm home I'll donate! It doesn't work without Saabblog. It's good that I am stressed out during the week and “almost” didn't notice anything!
    LG from Berlin / Sofia

  • Yes, the SAAB blog has to be for all SAAB lovers! I ask for the bank details to be sent.

  • Saabblog yes, donation yes! Clearly. Have just done my duty through paypal!

    Greetings from Switzerland, Hans

  • We appreciate every engagement, no question. Every sum is welcome and we thank you for that!

  • Reluctantly. Account data in the net, publicly accessible, invite to mischief.

  • Hello Tom with team,
    Just over PP my Saab-Miterhaltungs auxiliary contribution contribution handed over.
    That together we can get what we can.
    Saabige greetings from Salzburg

  • Dear Bloggers,

    My donation to you for the great commitment in 2015 is on the way. I hope that 2016 continues with the blog and will of course be back with a donation! To make this quasi volunteer task with this quality is from my point of view a regular donation worth !!!
    I hope that it will work for me with a participation in an event in 2016 and we can get to know each other personally.
    I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas!

    Greetings from Celle!

  • Tom, Moin Mark!
    I don't like to imagine the future days ... without SAAB info.
    Therefore, I have come to the decision to make my contribution.
    Your contribution to the SAAB life is already more than impressive !!!
    Please send me the account details.

  • Have paid my subscription, for me a matter of course!
    Great work must also be appreciated !!!!
    Thank you for your amazing commitment, happy holidays and, above all, have fun with your SAABs!

  • Moin Tom,

    can not you place the donation account data under Contacts, then they are available to all?

    Greeting Gerd

  • Hello Tom and Mark, please continue. My donation is also safe! I am still on vacation, so it will be done next week. Please send me the bank details. Best regards from Saxony

  • Moin Tom,

    as a daily reader of the blog, it is worth me to participate in the preservation. Please send the data,

    Thanks and keep it up!

    Greetings from the Erik900

  • Clearly the blog needs to be supported. But honestly. Just before Christmas everyone comes and wants something, and for his loved ones you want to have something left over. Since I assume that the donation button now remains permanently on the page, I have now sent a smaller donation. I promise, however, that more donations will be distributed by me throughout the year. Let me just say I pay my membership fee every quarter. Is that OK ?

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