Blog donation: Did like 2015?

36 hours without Saab blog ... 1 1/2 days without Saab reading material. A test. No Saab blog, that means no automotive morning reading, no reading fun after work. Was it fair for us to take the blog offline? It was a signal. Time for a serious topic.

No more Saabblog?
No more Saabblog?

Writing an automotive blog is no difficult exercise - actually! Manufacturers provide material with press releases, and there is often financial support. The work is made easier by databases that provide image and film material for download. We don't have any of that for our project, 4 years after the death of Saab Automobile AB.

Subjects have to be found by themselves, countless hours are spent week by week researching and procuring material. It will be more demanding to write, year after year. In some of the posts that are read quickly, weeks of work are stuck.

As the challenge grows, for each article time has to be “borrowed” from family, friends or job, support for the blog has been declining for months. Doing more and more, falling donations, that's not a solid foundation. An important blog supporter, the Kunert family, said goodbye to the business this year. The gap that was left could not be closed. Many companies live from business around Saab, benefit from our work that keeps the cars in the present. However, only a few have courage and are willing to provide regular support.

In addition to financing servers, promotions, events, niceties such as Saab reader cups and other things, our charity project is close to our hearts. Resources that are not needed for maintaining the blog and for actions are invariably included in the projects we support.

The blog, Saab's daily news, is important if the brand is not to be forgotten. Mark and I want to continue blogging in 2016. Voluntarily, out of love for the brand and with a lot of passion, without any advantages for us. Are the readers on the blog ready to support the project?

In the Anglo-Saxon area it is the custom to support bloggers with donations. Saab Blogger veteran Swade, founder of Trollhattansaab and Saabsunited, called in twice a year. The donations of the readers were a confirmation of his project, a recognition of the work done. How does it look for our German-speaking Saabblog?

Did the readers like the 2015 blog? Did we deliver the required daily dose of Saab? What are 29 articles worth on average per month? To keep the blog online in 2016, we are relying on readers' donations. How about making a financial contribution to our work in 2016?

The readers can decide what the blog is worth, whether it stays online. As every year, our commitment to the supporters ends on December 31.12st. That gives us the freedom to decide whether we want to blog for another year.

Should the page remain blank in the future, like the last 36 hours? That would be sad ... We would be happy if the blog story continued in 2016 as well. Companies can provide active help by contributing as blog supporters for 2016. Readers can donate using the PayPal button in the sidebar or by bank transfer. We will send the data on request. Just send an email to:

Thank you!

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  • Unfortunately not, the project is not for the public benefit, no donation receipt. Can change at some point ...

  • Also my SAABClub contribution is now there
    Greetings from the SAAB friends Saxony.

  • @ Tom:

    Would a donation receipt possibly also possible?
    Donations can finally be deducted from the tax and then you can increase the donation accordingly

  • Please also donate data.
    An Austrian abonent.


  • Oh yes! A Saab 900 I turbo 16S Aero as a project car

  • If all subscribers gave something, it would be fantastic. That would have real potential. What do we need? The more the better. A medium 4-digit amount would, for example, bring a project car within reach. Something that we all, the brand, the charity project, would have something of in 2016. Let's see what's up. The start is good so far. Interim report comes tomorrow. Thanks for the donation Martin!

  • Hi Tom,
    I also like to use the data for the membership fee 😉

    It was already a bit of uncertainty with me, as after several attempts the Saabblog just did not work.
    Madness I find the connectedness, how much really spontaneously what to give. I am not aware of any other brand where you have heard something similar.

    Many greetings - Marco

  • just let something grow over via paypal ...

  • How much is roughly needed here per year? And switching to the number of members? The reactions are quite encouraging.

    Count me in. I think Saab is worth it. More 900 I article büddebüdde 🙂 The one a few weeks ago was great (“the most sinful red ...”)

  • Of course! Mark and I are happy about every subscription 😉 Data is on the way.

  • Hello Tom,

    I would also like to pay my “subscription fees”. Will I get the account details ???

  • Already had withdrawal symptoms! PayPal is really a fine and fast thing.
    Now I can only say ……. keep it up.
    All a nice holiday season and a happy new year.

  • Please the data to me!

  • Great idea! The blog has to live on. And the donation is a matter of honor. Thanks for the great work!
    Can you actually donate to NEVS? Maybe they can finally build a small series of SAAB Aero X through crowd funding. There is a market for that - for sure!

  • Just ordered account information. amount up to measure.

  • I'm shocked, we donate almost all according to our mood to different organizations.
    As a SAAB fan you should not donate, but the brand SAAB with a membership fee express his attachment. How many of us pay for golf, chess, football or any other club? I'm one of 789 subscribers and now pay my contribution to the informative SAABblog. Please do not throw in the towel!

  • Of course we are flexible. Logically, I write about the Rhein-Main-Saab-Club. If I get info in my mailbox very much.

  • It must go on anyway, where else does Saab still live?
    I'm definitely with a support here.
    All Saab friends a nice holiday season, happy holiday and all the best for 2016.
    We look forward to the next common exits and continue interesting information in the blog.

  • Sorry, but I did not mean Rhein-Main-Saab Club blog. Since German is not my first mother tongue, that can happen. We are flexible, or?


    In addition, I only find him in this article or I am looking for donation. I think he belongs to the start and every subpage. In the menu bar, perhaps before contact, one could then explain the donation call again, for what the money is needed etc ..

    @ Tom, please send me the bank details?

  • The blog is indispensable. Of course I am here!

  • Was already really scared and thought that we only have to make further contact via Facebook.
    I have not had Facebook for years.
    I will make a donation so that this almost daily information about our Saab community will be available for everyone via this unique blog.

  • My donation is coming - of course!

    But for me it is completely incomprehensible that NEVS sees no reason to be generous here. They should actually have the greatest interest in ensuring that the name SAAB remains fairly stable and will not be forgotten - after all, there is a good reason (see also NEVS website) that you want to continue to use the name SAAB for yourself.

    The support of the blog is no guarantee for NEVS to be able to use the name again in the future - the continuous SAAB presentation in the blog would, in my opinion, also be beneficial for Jiang & Co.!

  • Rhein-Main-Saab blog? Has something gone past me? We look forward to your donation, do you need a bank account?

  • I'm done! Thank you for your work.
    Please remind me again next year.

  • If you take off the SAAB glasses, you can see how reality is. For example: Sweadology, Swade's blog - gone. Trollhattansaab - gone. SU just before the funeral. Saabplanet writes daily, but without any claim. Saabtala - mayfly and so on. In short, nobody except Mark and Tom and their team work with SAAB.

    It's probably something of an unpaid second job I do not want to do. If the bloggers conclude, SAAB is mousetot, and that's what. Can not understand that only 9 (!!!) dealers support the blog. For me, the blog is worth a green bill a year, if many (hej people, we are many !!) Join the worked with the projectcar. I think it's cool!

  • Please continue
    Best regards from Berlin

  • Hi Tom,
    I would miss something without Saabblog, although you write very little about the Rhein-Main-Saabblog, unfortunately. Whatever the reason might be.
    Also I would like to deduct an Obulus for the daily, weekly or similar. Reports to keep our enthusiasm for the SAAB brand

  • Is done, I look forward to the next article

  • A good monthly costs at least 5 €, so a reasonable amount to support the blog, I would be happy willing to make this. Please send me the appropriate connections.

  • Very good idea, 5 € per month or 60 € annual fee should be in it for most of us.
    Especially attractive I think the idea with the annual project car and the auction analog or similar Lebenshilfe casting. That would be it, would certainly bring a lot and take in the entire Saab scene (even outside the blog).
    In this sense: please keep it up !!!

  • Publicly calling numbers is tricky. Only so much: Our goal and motivation was to be able to donate a decent 4-digit amount per year. In the past, that was not possible at the moment. That's frustrating. What the blog really costs depends on what we make of it. We can minimize the effort, which suffers the diversity of the article and the quality. It was my wish / dream to restore a project car every year. We could keep Saab 901 / Saab 9-5 1 etc. alive and arouse much interest. Financed by blog revenues, and sold / auctioned at the end of the year, much as the cancer aid in Giessen does. We are a long way from that.

    What would help? Of course we recalculated. The ideal would be if as many readers as possible would make a contribution, say 5 € per month / 60 € annual fee. That's less than 20 cents per item, and would make us actionable in the long term. Possibly, depending on the readiness, projects like a blog car would be possible.

  • About PayPal a fine thing and done quickly. Did not take 2 min. Everybody has left a few euros. But you also get back lots of Saabspirit.

  • Hi Tom,

    I'm honest, I did not notice it soo, but that may be because I currently have a little bit around the ears. A donation is worth the blog in any case, maybe as much as the money for a car newspaper a week? If I now so hochrechne on the month and year, I am amazed what is likely to loll together, with the disadvantage that I have to search for SAAB messages. May be a green glow if I have the current color right in my head

    What do you think, are you ready to call numbers, what the blog costs so much a year, so what you need at least to plan?

    VG Cetak

  • I finede the blog ingeniously and always read it, for years! Of course, I would also be ready for a donation. could that be put into shape? eg donation possibilities with fixed amounts?

  • The impact was sitting!
    36 hours without SAAB - what felt like an eternity ...
    On Fac…. I would not have followed.
    The blog is worth something to me. However how much € ???
    CONCRETE! ??
    I'm going inside myself. I have to move the thought in my head. A decision of head AND belly!
    SAAB remains a "challenge" ... 😉

  • Panic! I thought the blog was closed! I hope and wish that it goes on year after year ..

    Donations are a good thing and I'm there.

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