30 years. My way to Saab.

My first contact to a SAAB was to my moped and moped rock era, so 1981. Opposite he stood in the yard, a SAAB 99 Turbo, the turbo I "learned" but only months later. He belonged to Fred, a sergeant of the US Army, who was restoring grubby MB SL in his garage for shipment to the United States.

Saab 9-3 I Convertible
Saab 9-3 I Convertible

We got along well and always had a few encouraging words for the other's craft, after all, each moped was first disassembled and usually put together again fit for driving. And Fred had the most complete set of tools I've ever seen in private hands, and I'm always happy to help out.

I ignored the SAAB. My former teacher drove such a mouse-gray 96 ...

When once again the moped did not go as desired and I stood with thumbs up on the edge of the village, he came over, the Fred, and forked me open. As he was in a hurry he stepped on the gas and grinned wide when my mouth was open while he accelerated up the mountain. That went off like on the 500er Honda of an older buddy or the famous Schmitts cat. As I suddenly had eyes for SAAB, a brand that I knew only through the bowl of my teacher and stood at a 16 year more for philistine enjoyment than driving fun.

In the course of my automobile years, however, the "citizens' cages" were chosen more from a practical or price point of view. Because for fun, I had my motorcycles.

Spring 2013 then came to me a good friend of mine, he has a 900 II convertible, switch with 185PS, for sale. He's been driving SAAB for years, and always has more than two or three in the hall, but I've never been particularly interested. My answer was a classic moped driver saying: "When I fall off the moped, so with 70, I think about a convertible".

But then I had made the bill without my then 15-year-old daughter, and then the same me crippled. Now my friend did not want to sell anymore (which I did not think was bad), but offered to let me move the convertible through the summer. Said and done.

And now he had me, the SAAB virus. An ingenious cockpit, which did not solve any puzzles and an engine that pushed forward like rubber band!

Saab 9-3 SC, logically with deer!
Saab 9-3 SC, logically with deer!

I had fun in a car almost like a motorcycle. What did I do jokes with the Saabine? Fuel consumption? I'm worschd, as the Franke says!

But now had her own turbocharged ago, s.besten an automaton! After a long search and a lot of scrap iron considerations, I found mine, a 931 LPT in SE equipment, of course, a lot of money flowed in (shock absorber, LMM, KWS, drive shaft, Maptun and a turbo) but the almost 180Tkm you can tell him on the free web not and baffled so many youngster in his new car Ingolstadt :-).

So now the convertible is not so lonely, it has now since last week company.
Of course, a SAAB, an 9-3 Sportcombi 1,8T.

Oh yes, even with the SC, I have almost as much fun as on a motorcycle, because since yesterday deceived.

PS: My daughter is currently in the driving license. It's clear what she wants to drive

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

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  • Thanks for the wonderful SAAB story! And somehow I can not shake off the following observation: Again and again the turbos, who have implanted the virus !!!
    PS: on which SAAB wheels rolls the shown convertible ???

    • These are not SAAB rims, the original 16 "were pretty much done. There was nothing cheap to get on the fast track. My SAAB Spezi is a tire dealer and I was looking for it and found it at Diewe Trina Bronze. Saab hubcaps were a matter of honor. I think the color and shape harmonize very well with the body.

      • DAAANKE for the info!
        I will go to the search. My W rims are unsightly ...
        Relaxing Advent season ...

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