Turbo X, rims, Saab fleece hat

Things in Trollhättan seem to be exciting. That could be the future. Let's talk about the present. Our Fundraiser running, contributions are regularly added to the account. We will check on Sunday whether we are moving in the direction of the project car or whether the goal is set too high. Then there is an intermediate status. Previously Saab Talk on Saturday ...

Many black Saabs. Lots of Turbo X
Many black Saabs. Lots of Turbo X

Turbo X fever in Switzerland!

The article picture comes from Ivo. It is extraordinary. What we see are tons of black cars. At first glance…

My question: How many Turbo X are shown? N / A? It is sensational to see so many Saabs from a limited series outside of Sweden gathered in one place. The TX was the first series Saab with all-wheel drive and the first vehicle with Haldex 4 worldwide. Some vehicles belong to Ivo, others to a friend. And because you can never have enough Turbo X, further growth is firmly planned.

How the Saab fever started at Ivo, the start was not easy, he tells us on the blog the next week. The pictures speak a clear language and are a little teaser…

And yes, the resolution: 5 Turbo X can be seen in the pictures.

Saab rims

Hirsch rims - new edition
Hirsch rims - new edition

The next spring is pretty sure, then it's time for beautiful summer rims. The selection of original Saab rims is limited at the moment, which I think is a pity. Saab always stood for very good design, the rims were no exception.

Rims from the aftermarket are not really an option, but you might like them here. The 19 ″ Hirsch Performance 3-Spoke rims will be reissued - if the right number of pre-orders is available. There must be at least 50 sentences, the initiator of the campaign is Till von Cardyourcar. Currently, and also due to strong international demand, production seems to be within reach.

Interested parties can make a note; If there is a new production, a binding order with a deposit is required.

Saab fleece hat

We have the right clothing for the cold season. Our fleece hats are now available in the fanshop. Available with either embroidered Saabblog.net or Saab lettering. The hats are fluffy and warm, and anyone who orders in the fan shop for more than € 50,00 will get a free “Saabblog.net” headwear as a bonus for Christmas.

A nice little Saab Christmas surprise, for the true fan!

4 thoughts on "Turbo X, rims, Saab fleece hat"

  • Hoi Hans.
    Thanks for the information. The Kasper is not a TX. Also not soooo ne top equipment. But it is beautiful. Limo is not for me. The one TX with 112000 km is def. Nothing. I know the history. But many thanks and a good weekend I wish you from Appenzellerland.
    Greetings Ivo

  • Hello Ivo, there is one at Kasper's in Bronschhofen, but I don't know if it's an original TX. On autoscout24.ch there is another Limo with 80000km and then the two you mentioned. Yes, there are quite a few ... Greetings from Basel

  • Hello Hans.
    Where? At the moment, only two TX are known to me in the official Mart.
    One with about 135000 km and one with 112000 km. Both combi and automat. I'm looking for a combination and manual gearbox ... Or do you have a tip?
    Greetings Ivo

  • At the moment there are some TX in the CH market, partly with under 100000km. Mostly with automatic and very good equipment.

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