Blog donation. Is the project car coming?

Exciting ! Enthusiastic! When calling for blog support we agreed to receive some recognition for our work. The idea of ​​a project car was in the background, but seriously we had not considered it. Too high the hurdle, the idea once failed. Is it within reach now?

blog donation

The donation level on the blog exceeds all expectations! Support comes from Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain. Mark and I are thrilled, proud and very touched for so much support. The interim report reports:

                                                 4.037,50 €

Unbelievable, is not it? We have come a lot closer to the project car. So that we are solidly financed, it should be at least € 5.000,00. Only € 962,50 are missing…

Okay, I think we have a chance to clear this hurdle too. There could still be potential that is idle. The number of donors is in the low 3-digit range. With so many daily readers there could still be some fans who have an annual fee of € 60 - or any other amount - left over for our work and future ideas.

Thoughts about the project car.

We are thinking about a Saab in good condition, which we will buy in January or February for the blog. We repair with original Saab spare parts and make a technically flawless, attractive, visually striking car out of it.

Starting in spring, the project car would accompany us all for about 12 months. Dangers from bloggers and readers too. An online Saab test drive diary on the blog would accompany the project in the media. Experiences and impressions with our vehicle could be read first hand - with everything that goes with it. What could be improved in a vehicle that is no longer very young, what are its strengths and weaknesses, what about spare parts, consumption and maintenance. I am also sure that we would think of a lot of irrationality about the project 😉

After a year we would sell / auction / give away the Saab. We are not quite clear yet, the decision-making process is ongoing. The proceeds from the sale will definitely go to the Med5 of the University Clinic Erlangen, and some readers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are happy about a new Saab ...

Why we do that.

The motivation is easy to explain. We put a specific Saab model at the center of our work for 12 months. The online test diary on the blog attracts attention. Visitors also use the blog as a guide for buying a car. The readers are getting even closer to the blog and can contribute their opinions unfiltered…. and have fun like bloggers.

We hold the Saab flag in the wind, make a contribution to a good cause.

Sounds good and exciting?

Is theory. We still need at least 962,50 € in the cash register. We can do it?

9 thoughts on "Blog donation. Is the project car coming?"

  • Money is on the way dear Tom.

    I wish the blog never stops.

    With the money you have got you can see how well you are doing your job, even if there are people who see it differently.

    You are doing great! Please continue

    Sincere greetings

    • blank

      We make every effort 😉 Thank you, it looks pretty good at the moment. More about the weekend!

  • blank

    I have maxed out my bank transfer limit for online banking today (9-3 Aero BJ2000) + 120 € tomorrow. I already have bank data.
    Great that everyone here is so involved, do not believe that the commitment to other brands goes so far.

    • blank

      Great, that sounds great! Thanks a lot for this!

  • Hello blog team

    Please send me the account details.

    • blank

      We are on the way. Thank you very much!

  • blank

    I'm sure the sum will come together! We SAAB fans are unique, we make that possible!

  • blank

    my 60 euros are going in today

    • blank

      Thank you very much, we have a very good tendency to reach the goal

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