Saab in a double

Well, how do I get to tell my Saab story? Me, a person who has never cared much about cars? During the student time I drove every 2 years X-any vehicle (Renault R4, Talbot, Opel Kadett, VW - Derby, Citroën DS, VW - Santana, VW - Passat). Then with the rising earnings I afforded the luxury of a leasing vehicle. I write because I believe that the stories about Saab are a bit oblique and Saab - Typically irrational and oblique. At the end of the story, probably no one believes that the brand has not been built since 5 years ago.

Saab 1.9 TID "pepper green"
Saab 1.9 TID “Pepper Green”

Everything started before 9 years, when we, in search of a second car agreed on a convertible. After much back and forth (it had to be an 4-Seater), we came rather by accident on a 5 year old Saab Convertible SE with 2l turbo engine, built 02, 50 000km and 150PS, which stood for a reasonable price at a dealer , The simple style quickly conquered my wife's heart and so the vehicle changed hands. In addition to beautiful exits, the car mastered the daily routine in a sovereign and reliable manner. Except for a new turbocharger and the air conditioning compressor, there was, thanks to caring care with my Saab dealer Lobmüller in place, no significant repairs on now driven 185 000 km. I think until then the story is not particularly remarkable, except that the vehicle has completely convinced me in its entirety.

Let's jump into the present. Like every 3 years, the current leasing contract for my 5-series station wagon with a Bavarian company was coming to an end. The best vehicle I have ever driven to date should be replaced by a new one. Before it came to that, I took out my slide rule and made a cost-benefit calculation. While I considered the consumption values ​​to be acceptable (average 6,6 l / manufacturer's information 4,5 l -> see current average consumption Q7 etron, but I don't want to go into that in more detail), I was bothered by the extremely high workshop costs, tire wear, etc.

Nevertheless, I repeatedly asked the dealer, but there was no acceptable offer for me as a longtime customer. So I started exploring the market early on. In addition to the usual brands (Volvo, BMW, Audi), I always had Saab models under my Suchfavoriten. After a few requests that did not particularly convince me, I came across a Saab 9-5 station wagon with 1.9 TDI engine and Hirsch Tuning from 2009 in Nuremberg with complete equipment including leather seats, seat ventilation, trailer hitch, bi-xenon, memory adjustment Sitting, luggage net, etc. Curiously, I pushed the company Opel Scharf in Nuremberg, which sold the vehicle. It developed immediately a very pleasant contact, so I drove there for a test drive.

How to compare in 5 2012 BMW 9 with a Saab 5-2008 6? The chassis and the performance characteristics of the engine, as well as the consumption are not so far away from the current market. What's missing, but that's also in every test, this is an XNUMX gearbox that lowers the noise level on the highway, and a generally better engine insulation. Nevertheless, a still nice to drive station wagon with plenty of space.

Long story short, after another winter tires and new brakes that did not convince me on the test drive came to it, and the dealership was very concerned about me, bought the car

Now I drive, contrary to all trends no four-wheel drive SUV, but Saab 9-5 station wagon.
Simultaneously with the purchase of the station wagon, the idea evolved to eventually replace the old convertible. As already mentioned, the second car has to start its daily service and the possibilities of exchanging a convertible will not improve over the years. So I sold my old vehicle to my Saab - Workshop Lobmüller.

Here, too, I entered the Internet with corresponding search jobs. Since the number of convertibles under 100 000km manageable, it came quite quickly to some requests from my side. All were answered very friendly and swift, but I could not really decide. So it happened that I extended my search to the private sector. I found what I was looking for in Minden, where a black convertible with cornering lights, a built-in trailer hitch, a wind deflector and a two-tone leather interior was for sale.

Now it was really "Saabig". Despite the lack of test drive or sightseeing opportunity developed a super nice contact an absolute Saab fan. What followed, there are probably only with Saab supporters. I sent the seller a part of the sum and this in turn sent me the vehicle registration. Both ran without collateral, simply based on trust. Unfortunately, the letter did not arrive on the required date. So I drove with red license plates in my luggage to Minden. It was agreed that the hitherto unknown salesman would pick me up from the station with a black Saab. An 9 5 2005 with 300PS came rolled up. This was followed by 2 hours of talking about Saab, 2 cups of coffee and a short test drive before heading home.

What followed was pure enthusiasm. The 1.9ttid engine is a true splendor, quiet and powerful. The suspension in comparison to my old 9-3 he very sporty and the consumption absolutely acceptable. The design sporty and timeless, so that even on the street it is addressed.
Just a great vehicle, which I hope will last a long time.

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

Thanks to Martin for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

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    I saw 9-5 chrome glasses Limo in this green yesterday in Berlin - great color! This makes the SAAB even more noticeable in the daily monotony.

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    There was already a green on the 9-5 1, but a bit darker. I had one like this. To be seen in the SAAB long-term report. (Magnifying glass top right)

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    Then, without knowing it, I bought almost a unique piece.

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    Nice story, really SAAB. What I like almost better is the color on your 95 station wagon! I've already asked, why is there almost no green color left in the cars? This rich dark green in metallic, where is it? Good time!

    • Graphite Green? Great color, almost like Brewster green. Unfortunately it was only for a short time, and I only met one (in the UK).

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    A nice story and I can also only agree with the splendor of the 1.9 TTID. It has a huge fun factor (but then it is no longer quite as economical) and if you drive sensibly, the consumption is perfectly fine (approx. Motorway: 50%, country road: 10% and city: 30% -> approx 7,5 to 8 liters). Have fun with the two beautiful cars.

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    Quote: The 1.9ttid engine is a true splendor, quiet and powerful.
    I can confirm
    Continue to enjoy the sarcophagi!

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      Thank you

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    Well, who drives a SAAB once, stays true to the brand! I now have the third 9K. Nearly 25 years ago, I drove an 9000 CD for almost eight years until the transmission and the TUV brought us apart. Then I bought my Aero in Jan 2000. Seen-love-buy! Le Mans blue with sand-beige pilot's chairs made of 1. Hand and known previous owner. Complete history from the sale !!! Due to the restoration phase, my Aero is now in winter quarters and right now I'm moving an 9000 2.0 deer, which inspires me completely. Of course, when the Aero is finished, pictures of my sweetheart appear here. Greetings from Bayreuth Jojo

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      Nice comment, thanks.

  • Thanks for the nice story! What is the Saab consuming with you? I have the same configuration and need about 7.5 liter, so one more than you have specified for the BMW. And already had a broken intake manifold at 180000 and a broken turbo at 215000.

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        Ride hardly in the city but mostly mid-distance at an adjusted pace (~ 130), so I'm currently at 6,5 liter. I can not say that much about wear and tear, as the car has only been driving since 4000 km. Total power is currently 112 000 km.

        • Thank you! So then quite comparable to the BMW. I also drive most of the routes out of town with customized 200 ;-).

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    Convincing plea SAAB to drive! Thanks for that!

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