Saab diary 2016

Our Saab diary will experience a change in the coming year. So far, it was, somewhat confusing and rather inconspicuous, hidden at the top right under "Appointments". Not exactly the best prerequisites for Saab scheduling, which is becoming increasingly important for the Saab community.

Saab Festival Pre-Tour Kiel Trollhattan 2015
Saab Festival Pre-Tour Kiel Trollhattan 2015

The old Saab diary will soon be history. He moves, from January 2016 he will be found on the home page under the heading “Saab Dates”. At first glance, the date selection of the next 3 months can be discovered. All known dates, Saab round tables, meetings, events in Germany and other European countries can be found there.

Since Saab is a very lively brand, the number of meetings & trips, clubs and regulars' tables is still growing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep track.

We are happy to assist Saab fans and clubs planning an event by posting here on the blog. For the first time, they can send us pictures that we like to include in the Saab diary.

So that the Saab fans are well informed even 2016, the Saab fever continues to rampant, we ask for notification of scheduling by mail to:

                                appointment (sa)

As always, we publish without guarantee, scheduling is the responsibility of the organizers. Our Saab diary 2016, with the months January, February and March, goes online at the turn of the year.

4 thoughts on "Saab diary 2016"

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    AMS quotes this blog: CHAPEAU !!!
    "Hobby work" 😉 is ennobled! This honor clearly goes to the BLOG TEAM!
    Congratulations, great! Your respectability is recognized and (known) read a lot. And you get the 800 Leseabo's too! 🙂
    SAAB is on the ground ... the blog is growing. May 2016 come!

  • blank

    Would be positive if NEVS would get on its feet, maybe SAAB will come back ??

    The idea to integrate the appointment better, I think great!

  • Hello dear blog team,
    As I've seen, the Saab blog is cited on the page of Auto Motor and Sport and referred to as a source of information. I think that you can take as praise or at AMS, there are finally people who rely on reputable sources. However, they still make the old mistake: In this article they are still writing Saab when NEVS should actually be there

    • Yes, AMS asked us what we liked. Above all, the special merit of Michèl, who has invested a lot of time and fine work in this article!

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