NEVS sells 150,000 9-3 EV's and services

Last week NEVS shared key elements of their new business plan. A new line-up of five EV's, with the first SAAB 9-3 based EV hitting the Chinese and Swedish markets in 2017, to be followed by the international launch of four Phoenix platform-based completely new models in 2018. Today they are announcing that the first very significant batch of 9-3EV's is already sold to Chinese New Energy company: 150,000 cars until the year 2020, services and another 100,000 other EV's. Total contract value to be around SEK 100B (approximately € 10B).

NEVS President Mattias-Bergman-owner-Kai-Johan-Jiang

Original Press Release text below:

Nevs signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Panda New Energy Ltd, about 150,000 9-3 Sedan EV

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs) and the Chinese company Panda New Energy Co., Ltd. have signed a strategic collaboration agreement. According to the agreement, Nevs will provide Panda with 150,000 9-3 sedan electric vehicles until the end of 2020. In addition, the agreement also includes 100 other EV products and services from companies associated with Nevs and its owners. The total value of the agreement is 000 billion RMB.

Panda New Energy is a new energy vehicle leasing company focused on low emission mobility solutions. Cooperating with many chauffeured car service platforms in China, Panda aims to become one of the biggest EV leasing companies in the world.

"This is a strategic collaboration for news not only in terms of the numbers of vehicles, but it is also important to implement our vision and new business plan. In the long term, we want to provide our customers with both sustainable products and mobility services, "said Stefan Tilk, Vice Chairman Nevs.

"We are very pleased to cooperate with Nevs, a company with a rich innovation heritage and the right ability to fulfill our demands. Ma Chao, Chairman Panda New Energy, said: "Being in an emerging market for new energy vehicles, we are happy to find a partner who shares our commitment to the environment."

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB's (Nevs) vision is to shape mobility for a more sustainable future, and on the development of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility services. Nevs acquired the main assets of the former Saab Automobile in 2012. Nevs is co-owned by National Modern Energy Holdings, Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area (THT), and the Beijing State Research Information Technology Co., Ltd. (SRIT).

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  • No comment and let's look what happens from 2017 - 2020.

  • It sounds good, but i just want it after a first car loaded with China, it sa long time
    up to 2017 ………………

  • Very good news. For the workers, then! Go on!

  • Great news Michél, watch out Tesla here we come… .. 😉

    • You can say that again, Edwin! One of the largest deals in the automotive industry and a massive boost for the EV market.

  • I missed that bit of information in the press release so my bad. If they plan on leasing 30K cars a year, I assume they must be a pretty big company offering other EVs as well. Still haven't been able to find any more info about this company and for how long they have been in business. As an insider, do you have more info?

    • I only have very limited info about Panda New Energy Ltd at this point.

      • Have to agree with Frank, this is a bit suspicious. "Panda" is such a generic name, there might be dozens of companies. Ordering 150000 cars however means that they are a big company, and should show up easily by a Google research. However, they don't. When I google the name, all links I get are just citing the press release. My conclusion would be that either the company name has been cited faulty in NEVS's press release (which in itself would be amazing) or that something is utterly wrong.

        • I think you'll agree with me that the simple fact that a name sounds generic can hardly be the basis for a transaction to be "suspicious". Even the point that Panda New Energy Ltd currently doesn't seem to have an internet presence (that can be found through search engines that are common outside of China) doesn't have to necessarily ring alarm bells either.
          I would agree with you more details about the company would be welcome. Until these arrive, I would encourage and stop speculating.

  • Your article thread says NEVS sold 150K vehicles to Panda. Their press release says 'strategic collaboration agreement'. I haven't seen the agreement but doesn't look like it is a sales contract or firm order.

    Panda New Energy Co., Ltd is unknown to China experts, according to the Swedish press. A web search shows there is a manufacturing company called I-Panda New Energy Technology & Science Co., Ltd but it is not clear these are the same. Are they? If not, what kind of company is Panda New Energy Co., Ltd?

    But more importantly, what are they going to do with 150K vehicles? Sell ​​them to consumers?

    As with these kind of Chinese 'agreements', let's wait and see ...

    • NEVS confirmed in several interviews in Swedish media today that Panda has placed firm orders for 150K SAAB 9-3 EV's plus another 100K EV's and services. To your question on what they will be doing with the cars: this is actually in the press release. Panda intends to lease the cars out.

    • It appears Panda is owned by the owner of NEVS, so in-house order it seems ... ..

      • I'm sure you are referring to a post on one of the other community sites. It's interesting that this conclusion is being drawn by them while none of the Swedish radio or TV sites nor any of the other serious media are reporting this alleged "fact". Interestingly, early today the Swedish minister of economic affairs, the Swedish-Chinese Trade Council and a member of the board of directors went on record stating that they had faith in the company and the deal.

        • And just to add: NEVS Communications and Public Affairs director Mikael Östlund just confirmed to me that the above referenced comment on SU holds no merit whatsoever (ie is untrue). I'm sure that more details about Panda New Energy Company Ltd and its owners and founders will be shared in due course, but until then I suggest we stick to facts rather than speculations.

  • What is an "EV product and service"?

    • Good question. This hasn't been specified specifically in either the press release or the subsequent coverage in the Swedish press so far. With regards to the services though, this seems to point to the "sustainable mobility services" NEVS announced last week ( As to "EV products": this could refer to the entirely new EV car models, but it could also be other products (I am now purely speculating, but things like batteries, charging stations, etc).

  • Yeee ... heeesessss!

  • Mhhhh hopefully this will not be a second met @ box.

  • 150.000 individual CUSTOMER decisions would be better than 1 decision from the boardroom!
    We all suspect how these decisions can be made in the Eastern world.
    I take note of the message. Wait. Joy looks different.
    Sixt, Hertz, Enterprise and Co. might also be interested ...

    • I agree that it would have been great if indeed thousands of end-consumers would have been buying the new EV already. We all know that this isn't the case (yet) but this is a contract that from my perspective is both very important and quite impressive. Very important as it secures the basis for pretty much everything (R&D, production, staff, etc and not just for this first EV based on the SAAB 9-3, but also for the other four entirely new models that were announced last week). Impressive as it pertains 150,000 9-3EVs and another 100,000 "other EV products" worth around EUR 10 Billion (!) - by comparison, Tesla has produced just over 50,000 cars to date.
      There are always negative sides to be found with any announcement, but my sense is that today's announcement is massively positive.

  • oookay, that time na announcement! I'm curious if and what they will deliver.

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