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NEVS is unusually active ... the start of a success story? It may be premature to form an opinion. The situation is clearer with ours Fundraiser, It's about funding the blog work next year, and there's the option of a Saab project car in the room. On Monday comes the current donation status. One thing I can already reveal: The call is already a success story! And other donations are very welcome. More success stories from the Saab environment in a quick overview.

Saab 9x Concept. View into the Saab Design Workshop
Saab 9x Concept. View into the Saab Design Workshop

Success story: Ex-Saab designer before career jump.

Michael Maurer has been Executive Director Design at Saab for 2000 since year 4. The Saab 9x study comes from his pen, the 9-3 II series and especially the Saab 9-3 sportswear was designed by Maurer. Working with Anthony Lo, he influenced Saab Design far beyond his time in Trollhättan.

The continuous LED light strip at the rear - it was first shown on the 9x, later on the Aero X. Just like the design of an aircraft cockpit, seen for the first time in the 9x Concept, the ideas for the Saab 9-5 NG were realized in series. Michael Maurer does not seem to have been really happy in Trollhättan. After his farewell, he made it clear in interviews that Saab had not taken the topic of design and its significance for the future of the brand seriously enough.

Schwaben came to Sweden, the Porsche Panamera was Michael Mauer's first work for the famous sports car brand. Now he is facing a big career jump. In future Maurer will be responsible for the design of the Volkswagen Group. He is following in big footsteps. Its predecessor, Walter de Silva, once designed the Alfa 156. He is still an icon today, at the time considered the most beautiful temptation from Italy.

Success message: The readers cups are gone!

Much more trivial than the success of a former Saab designer is the story of our Saab readers cups. When a large box of very special, very acidic cups stood on my desk in the summer, I was in doubt. Can we find enough Saab fans to share their story with us for one of our exclusive cups?

Saab reader cup 2015. And she is gone ...
Saab reader cup 2015. And it's gone ...

We found them, the cups are all gone. Excellent! Since there are special, limited collector's items, there is no new edition. No reason to sadness! Our honorary designer is working on new ideas that I am already looking forward to (iI hope he reads with me).

Next year we have two special Saab themes. There will also be a limited collector's story, which you can bring home with a good Saab story.

Success message: Positive press

What was just unbelievable this week is the Saab press. We had this week, and for the first time since we write the blog, I think only positive press! The development in Trollhättan goes around the world, and it is seen as pleasing.

I was especially happy about that Auto-Motor-Sport, where you have a link to the "colleagues from". Thanks for that, it saves my day!

What's next? I have no tendency. But it could be positive. And I could get used to it!

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    What about the detailed business plan of NEVS? Did not they want to present them tomorrow?

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      There was a little insight in Stockholm, we reported about it. I suppose that was it for 2015.

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    On the 9-3 Sport-Combi, Michael Mauer was only able to carry out reworking on an existing design. That was sorely needed! Without spoiler lacked any dynamics. He has made the car an eye-catcher. The vehicles in the car-clinics did not have the decisive features at the rear. They were a disappointment.

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    From Walter de Silva comes also the Audi A5 and several Seats. To be precise, I liked the cars first, and then I learned that they all came from the same person. That's crazy!

    Mauer's designs at Saab did not suit me so well. The rear end of the 9-3 estate car is misshapen by the spoiler, and the other prototypes are too sober for me.

    But maybe that was because of Saab, because he did a lot at Porsche, especially the current 911 is very fancy.

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      But: Since de Silva was in the position with Volkswagen, he probably has not drawn himself, and I felt that as a waste. The only improvement in his aegis was the beetle for my liking. Let's hope that Maurer does not strike in the administrative reality.

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    For the people in Trollhättan, it would be nice if NEVS finally got in the way. But after all that has happened I do not trust them. Besides, they have not taken care of the old Saab trailers so far and will not continue to do so with their China and EV focus. NEVS is a new company that has nothing to do with Saab except the premises. Please love Saab AB, please do not give these people the damaged name any more the chance to use the name Saab. As I said, NEVS is a new, different company, why should they use an old name with a tradition that has nothing to do with it and apparently does not want to have anything to do with it, except for advertising effectiveness. See Borgward, a good name does not make a good product for a long time.

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    I would also buy a well-made electric car from Trollhättan if the word SAAB could not be found on the vehicle.

    The release of the naming rights to NEVS would of course ensure faster growth and thus a better situation in and around Trollhättan. Let's see how things develop - not least for SAAB AB, well-made vehicles under the aegis of NEVS would be a huge image gain if they also had the appropriate emblem. Maybe you see it similarly with the SAAB AB now.

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    Tom is not the press spokesman for NEVS.

    Let's wait, it sounds very good.

    But this time the commitments have to be respected.

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      Thanks, there is nothing to add. I could hardly have put it in a nutshell.

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    I would like to know how reel the great NEVS announcements really are. 150.000 cars, it could not have been smaller. Another straw fire, and why does not Tom write about it?

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    Maurer's 9-3 is still a perfect design today! The design is 13 years old, but looks fresh as the first day. Just beautiful

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