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Christmas is the time of expectations, wishes and gifts. In the last few days, the readers have given Mark, me and themselves a big Christmas present in terms of Saab passion. The Blog fundraiser is a success, it far exceeds our expectations. And for the first time we will have 2016 a project car.

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The blog will be 5 years old in February. Years of building up in an ambitious environment that makes it difficult to write a good blog are behind us. It won't be easier in 2016 either, but obviously Mark and I did a lot of things right. The blog has become home to automotive dreams “Made by Trollhättan”. This basis was worth more than 200 readers a membership fee. The sum collected in the past weeks amounts to:

                                                            6.273,60 €.

That's great and incredible! We thank you!

The sums varied from € 5,00 to € 500,00, depending on financial possibilities. What we were able to experience with the membership fees was pure cordiality and commitment. Among the donors were not only Saab drivers, but also fans who once drove Saab and who are now on the road with a different brand in everyday life. You still have Saab in your heart!

One can draw conclusions from this. Saab lives, the brand is a constant matter of the heart for Saab drivers and former employees. For Mark and me, the donations represent an incentive and commitment. We will work hard to deliver Saab themes in 2016 and we will keep developing the blog. For the first time we will get a project car here that our readers made possible. It will be very exciting, I promise!

How the Saab passion continues ...

The idea of ​​a project car seems to have charm and has triggered a wave of helpfulness. Quite a few readers indicated readiness to provide further support if we were unable to collect the money to implement our ideas. Mails with sentences like “call if the necessary sum does not come together ..", Or"I agree to increase the amount ...”Came unexpectedly and are typical of the solidarity of the Saab drivers. But it's not just the Saab owners, the environment also seems to like our ideas. A Saab dealer offers us a vehicle as the basis for the upcoming adventure, a wholesaler wants to supply us with original Saab spare parts. All of these are fantastic developments that we would never have expected.

But ... one step at a time! First, let's go into the jungle of buying used cars. We are looking for an inexpensive object that we can make a beautiful Saab out of ... that we and the readers drive for a year and report about it online. And which is then to be auctioned or raffled for a charitable purpose. Our budget is limited, which is exactly what makes the story exciting. What will we experience, how far will we get?

The project car will celebrate its premiere on the blog in January or February, and by the time we get there, our ideas for the project will have concretized.

There's a reference to a blog event in the coming year online this evening. I take the opportunity now and say goodbye to the Saab fans on the Christmas holiday, which is urgently needed.

On the blog now readers have the floor, because there are still some wonderful Saab stories that have not yet been published. Reason enough, even during the quieter days again and again to look over here, to refuel Saabische reading material.

Allen Saab drivers, blog supporters and their families a happy and peaceful Christmas, thank you for the great support and active support! We'll read you again soon!

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  • Thanks to all who make this blog possible! I donated some fuel for the project car! Good time and good time, lg from the CH, Hans

  • I wish for an 99er TU EMS. And then be drawn to drive, or at least sit at the SAAB meeting ..
    Dreams do not stop.

    • Dreams are good ... I like the 99, but I think that would be well beyond our budget. It shouldn't be quite as demanding for the premiere. 😉

  • I'm looking forward to the action and that it will be an 9000


    • It definitely will not be 9000! The Anna project we had 2015 on the blog, so that would be a 9000 monoculture. We are currently checking what makes sense and what fits in our budget. In January comes more!

  • I'm really glad that your action has so much success. I am happy to be able to read this blog regularly in 2016 again.

  • A SAVE for all the SAABists and a Happy New Year 2016!

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • The action is amazing! A sign of how active and attractive SAAB is

    Tom & Mark & ​​Team thank you very much, and Merry Christmas to you and your families!

  • I also think the action is great and have just sent my donation. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2016. I look forward to everything that still comes here on positive news.

    • Thank you very much!

  • Also I wish the blog, the readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Great! I am looking forward to the SAAB project 2016 !!!
    I thank the bloggers and all "external writers" for their effort, time and commitment to the SAABBLOG. This has become a pleasant morning read in recent years. Many thanks. I've never read, heard or known so much about SAAB. The turbos are one thing, but the virus is also the blog. I look forward to new reports in the new year! 🙂 🙂
    Merry Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and sappy year for all blog readers and their families 2016!

  • Great action! I am also looking forward to many upcoming articles and wish the bloggers and their families a Merry Christmas!

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