Pilots wanted 2016

The beginning of a tradition? "Pilots wanted 2014" is now two years ago, the new edition will follow in 2016. Always alternating with the big Saab Festival in Trollhättan, which also takes place every two years. The Saab meeting for the last generation of great Saabs is a small, fine event that does not want to be in competition with the dates of the clubs.

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As already 2014, so will the upcoming event on 3. and 4. Jun 2016 are only available for a limited number of vehicles. Registration will start in January / February here on the blog when the program is finalized.

A change to the last event has already been decided today. The meeting starts on Friday with an optional evening event, which corresponds to the wishes of many participants who have to travel further. The main event takes place on Saturday. The Car dealership Lafrentz team is working flat out on the “Pilots wanted 2016” program.

The last big Saab is a vehicle for enthusiasts due to its exciting history and the short production time. More and more limousines are on the road with seasonal license plates; they are guarded like treasure. Of course, some of the extremely rare Saab 9-5 NG sports suits from the pre-series will also be there again for "Pilots wanted 2016".

Impressions of the meeting 2014 in Kiel can be found on Saabmidsommar.de. Just like two years ago, we expect an international event for 2016 and look forward to Saab friends from neighboring countries! Anticipation is the greatest joy! Interested parties can mark the first weekend of June in their scheduling. More details and registration will follow shortly.

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    This time I want to be there with my new 95er, well, it's just a long way to Kiel. Look, look. In any case, it is already noted in the calendar.

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    Another great idea from Garage Lafrentz. We are already recording this in our agenda.

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    On my birthday! Well, if that's not a sign, finally come from the sinking and finally face a few like-minded people in person.

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