Saab Boston 1957

The picture quality is more than insufficient, there is no soundtrack. I mean a lot to the reader. But the almost 60 year old film is an important document in the history of Saab. He came through winding ways in the Saabblog film archive, the classification was difficult. Originally it was dated to the year 1950, which is incorrect. The recordings from the docks near Boston let us dive deep into the past.

Saab Sonnet 1957
Saab Sonnet 1957

Flashback: 1947 was finished the Ursaab, 1949 the Saab 92. 1955 came the 93, already two years later the 93B. Saab showed tremendous momentum for the time. Whether NEVS will start with the electric cars as well? We know more about 2016 and 2017!

Export was a very early topic in Trollhättan. Saab Motors Inc. was founded in New York for 1956, although the Swedes did not anticipate much opportunity in the US market. The first appearance during the car show in the New York Coliseum with two Saab 93 is said to have been disorganized and chaotic. But - the Americans discovered a heart for the small cars with the strange two-stroke sound. They were considered an (exotic) statement and a status symbol.

The success of Saab in the US took its course, the headquarters was moved to the port area of ​​Hingham, Massachusetts outside of Boston. There 1957 arrived the first major shipment of Saab 93B, and probably the film was shot in Hingham. The unloading of the cargo belongs in the chapter adventurous, the workers on the docks go sturdy to the point.

On board a sonnet with the Swedish registration "P14000". This sonnet, mostly performed by Erik Carlsson and Gunnar Ljungström, makes the time ranking easier. Only one vehicle, the "P14000", was shipped to North America in spring 1957 at the request of USA boss Ralph Millet. Previously, she was seen in Sweden at some events; she has been shown at several exhibitions in the USA.

The small two-stroke Saabs were popular in racing. On the Sebring airport course, the Great American Mountain Rally and numerous events in the country, Saab 93 and later Saab 96 were used. Which sporting event plays a role in the film, is not clear; Maybe a reader sees more than me and can deliver the resolution.

The cinematic document is unique. Despite modest quality, it delivers more than 20 minutes from the early days of Saab. I hope the readers enjoy it.

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  • 30. December 2015 at 9: 12 PM

    interesting insights - THANK YOU!
    Especially, I wonder why the sonnet 1 seems to be so heavy on deletion

  • 30. December 2015 at 11: 54 PM

    Robust unloading! But really! Which modern car would survive that, just before or behind the axle a cross-board and lift it!
    The recordings of the sonnet: When was switched to legal traffic in Sweden?

    The race: was that a comparison drive for import cars? I mean the other vehicles have both old Volvo and a beetle recognized. And that one time a Renault Dauphine?

    Greeting Christian

    • 31. December 2015 at 12: 47 PM

      The Swedes celebrate 50 years of legal traffic in two years. On the 3.9. 1967 was changed after a first attempt 1955 failed in a referendum.

  • 31. December 2015 at 1: 19 PM

    This film is a unique contemporary document, not just related to SAAB.
    I was allowed to learn on the last general cargo vessels before 35 years, before everything was changed to container - a great time! I still know such scenes. Especially the first one with the Netzbrook is to say the least risky and ends on the roof.

  • 31. December 2015 at 2: 34 PM

    The old Saabs were really sturdy. If you see the old films with Erik Carlson, then you realize that they could do a lot.

  • 2. January 2016 at 9: 40 AM

    Happy New Year, Tom! A great movie document, thank you very much.
    I think the racetrack is "Lime Rock Park" on the east coast opened April 1957. At the beginning of the 90iger I visited Saabfreunde in New York, they drove there always, there is a favorable racing series for private drivers from the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) who drove there always. From our point of view interesting, 1984 (?) Won a heavily tuned Sonnet 3 / Lawrence the SCCA title.

    • 2. January 2016 at 12: 37 PM

      You and all readers and fans also a great new year! Thanks for the information. Lime Rock Park may well fit in with history and geography. And good flight today with the TX

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