Fancy Saab? Sure, of course!

How do you start a new year on the blog? The first article ... there is always something magical about it, with an expectation that you have of yourself. Which may be shared by readers in the hope that the Christmas break will end. One could start with heavy fare. With Beijing, for example, where a friend is watching the weight shift from Sweden to China.

Saab 9-3 deer convertible from Ivo. Cool Saab Start 2016.
Saab 9-3 deer convertible from Ivo. Cool Saab Start 2016.

Business columnists would be delighted, but the topic is simply too dry for me for the first blog week in 2016. Better to talk about Saab, about the blog, about what we experienced during the holidays. That is more fun !

The Saab 9000 CC project

The 89er 9000 CC should actually have been our project car 2015. He did not do it for many reasons, and now he has become part of the Saab 9000 family in the hangar. 2014 as Bought adventure, new to Life awakened, and as a lot sympathetic, the long-term goal is H-license plate 2019. Until then, a lot of water will still flow down the Göta Älv towards Gothenburg. We use the time to improve the CC.

Saab 9000 CC disassembled headliner
Saab 9000 CC disassembled headliner

Employment in December 2015 was the dismantling of the headliner, the door panels and the A to C columns. The theme is not uninteresting, because many old Saab drive with stapled, needle-stuck or hanging headliners through the area. Hey guys, why are you doing this? Fixing the problem is neither expensive nor difficult! More in the near future more on the blog.

Saab project car 2016

It's coming, that's clear. Many donations and membership fees have secured the blog for the current year and made a budget for a blog car possible for the first time. That is fantastically crazy, and also in the last days membership fees arrived. I'll say thank you again for that!

If we want a living blog that not only reports about cars in theory, but also lives them, then “paid” content is the future. Cars cost money, there is no manufacturer in the background who could be interested in the blog. So we “make” our brand ourselves, and we're on our way together, keeping the flag taut in the wind. The next few weeks will be pretty interesting!

What is rolling towards us? The project car is exciting new territory for us, we have options. From the classic to the current Saab. The 9000 series is no longer available, it was our topic in 2015. And since we want to brutally expose ourselves to the shallows of the gravel places and flag traders, it won't be a classic. But a Saab that will be younger than the 9000 family. We really want to see the project and several vehicles on the screen. In the near future we will concretise our project & participation Saab.

Keep Saabs up to date

Yes, yes, the clock is running. Relentless. But how was that? Saabs do not age, they become more interesting and better. This year, the youngest Saabs will be already 5 years old. At some point in the distant future, we will become a classic, classic, and cult blog, unless the brand is born again. Until that happens, we will not lose sight of the young generation of vehicles.

Even though less has been written about her in the last few weeks. The 9-5 NG is still a dreambag and the target of many readers. Not everyone dares to approach the topic, also because vehicles in the desired equipment are hard to find. The last big Saab is a grateful object for customization, so do not worry! Our 9-5 NG has undergone another sensible upgrade, as well as improvements for 9-5 drivers via Orio. Details following.

The Turbo X, which was very quiet last year, will also be upgraded in the spring. Saab themes that keep the brand alive are guaranteed for 2016. We are also looking forward to feedback from the community.

Saab stories from readers have been in my mailbox over the past few days. They will be published, even if we currently have some kind of backlog. Please be patient, the blog is currently “driving” with half the force. And one more request: don't forget pictures too! There are always posts without pictures, but we only publish posts with corresponding photos! Because we also want to see what is written about.

And perfectly fitting, during my work on this article, pictures come from the Saab Fortress Switzerland as a New Year's greeting. They come from Ivo, who has an impressive Turbo X collection - and who is addicted to the Saab virus.

At the turn of the year, he has gained new automobiles. No, no TX, but a great cabriolet, which fits very well with the TX pack. A Saab 9-3 Hirsch Cabriolet, a real Drömbil from Trollhättan. Is it better to start the new year?

3 thoughts on "Fancy Saab? Sure, of course!"

  • Great convertible from Ivo but I am also very happy with the news that Orio has new stuff for the 9-5 NG in mind.
    I'm curious.

  • blank

    Saab I drive since 2008. I borrowed 9 from my 3-2011 SC lease to bridge the waiting period. Naive, sure. 2015 bought another 2001 Aero convertible because a Saab is not a Saab. A better fleet does not work.

    Fancy Saab? Absolutely, because everything else is just cars!

  • blank

    Ah, that's cool. Expect the project car with excitement! Saab is alive and 2016 is going to be an exciting year!

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