Troll Rally 2016

It is already the 39. Troll Rally, which the Saab Friends Erftkreis on 28. and 29. May host 2016. A grown Saab tradition that always takes place in changing places. This year, the trolls drive through the Thuringian Forest and the Rhön.

Troll Rally 2014
Troll Rally 2014

Meeting point and starting point of the exit is 2016 Castle Geisa in Thuringia. The events of Saab Friends Erftkreis are always well organized, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Anyone who drives a Saab and has some love of the brand in their blood is welcome. The membership of the Saab friends is not a condition; it is only the brand that connects.

Many Saab fans are now planning their holidays and attending events; The Troll Rally is worth more than just a recommendation. As usual, a tradition here too, the event will be organized by Ralf Muckelbauer and the Saab center Bamberg supported. Registrations for the approximately 150 kilometers long exit are up to the 15. February possible, a form is available Download available on the side of the club.

Two years ago, I was a guest at 37. Troll rally, which was traveling in Saxony at the time. Impressions are on the To find a blog. The tour was well planned, and although my 9-5 NG was not the optimal car for the ride because of its size, I had a lot of fun doing it. The new edition of the Troll Rally is one of the many recommended dates for 2016!

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  • The troll tours are always well done, I can fully confirm!

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