New Year's Eve in Stockholm

A Sunday morning in November. I am having a good friend for breakfast in a neighboring espresso bar. Since we had a lot of business in the last few months, it was a blessing finally to talk about private things again. At some point the topic of vacation comes up and we realized that we were both pretty mature. For my part, I really had exactly 10 days a year and was able to dedicate myself to the topic of SAAB at the festival in Trollhättan during this time. But where there is light is always a shadow - of the ten days off, unfortunately, I was ill for five days.

Saab 9-5 NG, Schwedenkai Kiel.
Saab 9-5 NG, Schwedenkai Kiel.

We decided without further ado that we will do something together on New Year's Eve. Now there were several options for that. A mutual friend said if we would like to come to Palma de Mallorca and spend New Year's Eve with him. Now the question arose: New Year's Eve on the Spanish island? Mmmmh. Not really warm, not really cold. What are you doing there? Due to tourism, many things will be closed out of season. An option, but not really exciting. Option 2: To fly to where it is nice and warm. But for 5-6 days? Usually with time difference. That's not worth it. Option 3: Where it's cold. It quickly became clear: yes! Stockholm. I had never experienced Sweden in the winter. But since there are no direct flights from Stockholm to Stockholm and the journey by plane is not exactly a bargain, it quickly became clear that the journey was made with the 9-5. For me personally, the nicer, the much more sympathetic variant. Especially since I like to have the opportunity to bring something from my vacation without having to spend a fortune on the airport for additional luggage.

The ferry and hotel are then quickly booked and on December 27th at 5 a.m. it finally starts. Finally gone. As you would expect, the Autobahn is free - the 9-5 in its element. Blow 12 we are in Hamburg and we decide to drive into the city to eat something. After all, boarding in Kiel doesn't start until 17 p.m., so we still have some time.

At point 17 clock we turn then in Kiel on the terrain of the Stena Line. Perfect timing. It is always an impressive sight to see the ferry up close. A short talk on the parking deck in the belly of the ship with a likeable couple, who stand with their 9-3 convertible directly behind us makes me happy to Sweden. Of course, the first thing on deck is the obligatory Norrlands Guld beer with a view of Kiel ☺

The crossing to Gothenburg is very quiet and there are only relatively few passengers on board. Unusual, as in the summer months there is always a bustle on board.

At 11:30 the next morning we dock in Gothenburg. Unfortunately, because you normally arrive in Gothenburg at 9:00 am. The short detour to Trollhättan and the visit to the SAAB Museum must therefore be canceled. Then it finally starts. The E20 towards Stockholm - 470 kilometers are now ahead of us. Doesn't sound like a lot at first, but if you can drive a maximum of 120, that's pretty neat. The performance plus through bioethanol is therefore not really noticeable. No matter. We meet the couple in their 9-3 on the highway again. We drive for a long time in front of and behind each other. We overtake each other with a friendly wave and smile. And so we drive a fair bit together. We have already speculated whether you will meet again in Stockholm. But unfortunately at some point they turned. Where her journey went to, unfortunately I don't know. These are experiences that I certainly don't have with a VW Passat. Our journey now continues alone. For the first time I experience that it gets dark at 15 p.m. An unusual feeling. More on that later.

That a 9-5 is a very exclusive car, that is clear in Germany. But that's what it's like in Sweden, too, for the first time I'm really aware. On the route from Gothenburg to Stockholm, there is just a single person waiting for me. The car is so characteristic that it strikes me immediately. Even in the dark.

At 16: 30 we arrive at the hotel. Looking for the hotel and a suitable parking lot, I see the second 9-5. Right in front of the hotel. My first thought is: Here we are right. When unloading the luggage I meet the owner of the car. He reaches up, smiles and says, "Bra bil!" Which means "nice car". But that should be the only two 9-5 that I get to see.

After checking in, it goes to the city. There is not much going on and a walk to Gamla Stan, the old town, takes us to a nice restaurant where we spend the evening and make plans for the next few days. What should you see? What is worthwhile? Certainly in Stockholm you do other things in winter than in summer. So, during the daytime, the stroll through the city and in the evening, of course, museums on the slip. The current exhibition in "Moderna Museet"With installations by Olafur Eliasson was very impressive and is only recommended. Likewise the current exhibition of Guy Bourdin in "fotografiska".

15: 30 dark. So what? Since I was only in the summer months in Sweden so far, I took that a little bit lightly with the short days in winter. The felt evenings are much longer, you automatically go to bed earlier than usual. When you walk 22 clock through the city, you will almost only encounter taxis on the street. Only a few people are still on the road and one has the impression that the sidewalks will be folded up the next moment. And that in the capital of Sweden? The idea in New Year's Eve at Café OperaWe have quickly dismissed the current hottest club to go dancing. Opening hours of 22: 00 - 03: 00 clock. On New Year's Eve (!!!). I would not have expected that. I think I seldom slept so much in a holiday as in this one. Voluntary.

New Year's Eve - the old year is buried, a new one begins. That should be celebrated. We have decided to end the old year with culinary delights and reserve a table at “Le Rouge” in Gamla Stan. Certainly not to everyone's taste, but in our case it was the right decision. The food is excellent and the accompanying wines are suitable. The staff is very attentive and very friendly. Not made up, honestly. We leave the restaurant satisfied at 23:30 p.m. and head towards the city palace. From there you have a nice view in all directions. The first firecrackers and rockets are occasionally "already" detonated at 23:50. 0:00 a.m .: A super beautiful fireworks display over the island of Djurgarden. Definitely an official, professionally planned fireworks display. Beautiful.

0: 30 clock: All quiet. All people who have looked at the fireworks outside, now go in streams of their ways. Surely home, because dancing is not worthwhile anymore. The clubs already close at 03: 00 clock. That's it. Basically, we are very accommodating because we booked the ferry from Gothenburg to Kiel on New Year's Day. The price difference to the 2. January was a beating argument when booking.

The next morning after breakfast, we head back home. Goodbye Stockholm. Boarding in Gothenburg is 17: 00 clock, we start at 11: 00 clock. The trunk is packed with luggage and purchases. Nice if you have space and once again I am happy about a big car. Nothing that needs to be in the back seat because the trunk is too small. It is snowing, the highway is partly covered in snow and I am glad that we have installed an hour buffer. We also need this. Schlag 17: 00 clock we turn but then on the ferry area in Gothenburg to check in.

The next day takes us from Kiel back to Stuttgart. At home I look after unloading again satisfied and happy on my 9-5. Even dirty from 2700 driven kilometers, he stands proud and elegant in the parking lot next to any 08 / 15 cars. Certainly there is no less practical vehicle in the city. And yes, it is unreasonable: 5 meter long, 260 horse, 11 liter consumption. But it just makes you happy. And is not it the unreasonable things in life that are really fun? Nice that this car was built and I can call one of the few copies my own.

In the summer it will be back to Sweden for IntSAAB. But then with my old 99. I'm looking forward to it. Then the days are longer again.

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    A very nice report - thumbs up. We were in Sweden in the summer of 2007 with our SAAB 9.5 The people are actually very open and honest. One can highly recommend this country.

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    Nice report, thank you very much! Makes you want to do that, from Basel it would be a few km more ...
    When I was in Sweden with my 2014 NG in 95, I did the same thing, almost no new 95ers on the street or parking! That I'm an exot here in CH with my 95 NG, well, that's ok, but in Sweden?
    Where did all the 95 go?

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    Very interestingly written, great pictures, great car and the first one! Sweden vacation with me is getting closer! 🙂
    The only question left is what ... 9-3 Cabrio, 9K Aero or a motorcycle ... oh man ...

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    Nice report, very nice pictures !!!

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    THANK YOU for the wonderful report with the emotional impressions from the capital of Sweden! 🙂
    Fancy Stockholm in winter! Had thought, however, that it will be dark sooner !!!
    The statement: “I think I have seldom slept so much in one vacation as in this one. Voluntary." lets (finally ...) infer a relaxed and rejuvenating vacation 😉
    Good as well. A pleasing 2016!

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    Great pictures and great stories. Take me to Sweden and save today's start in the job ...

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    Very nice experiences and also great stories!

    The pleasant reluctance to ignite New Year's Eve blasts before midnight is unfortunately very rare in Germany - my wife and I also found this to be very pleasant a few years ago over New Year's Eve in Mora, Sweden, that hardly anything was going on there until the actual New Year was heard.

    By the way, the pictures for the text are very well done.

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    The 9-5 NG is really rare in Sweden too. I was in 2 weeks last summer in Sweden and about 2500 Km criss-cross there (unfortunately in the rental golf). In the whole time and on the whole way I met unfortunately only one 9-5NG.

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    Beautifully simple ...!

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