A NEVS EV in Beijing

In the last few days, pictures from different countries have been found in my Saab mailbox ... from where our readers go on vacation. From snow and ice, from Asia. They will appear on the blog soon. Reuters also provides images today. From Beijing. From the new NEVS headquarters and from the NEVS EV.

NEVS EV in Beijing. Photo Credit: Reuters
NEVS EV in Beijing. Photo Credit: Reuters

In the days before the turn of the year, press day was at NEVS. Not in Trollhättan, but in China. KJJ displayed its new Scandinavian-style headquarters. And the NEVS EV for China, which is based on the 9-3 and 2017 should be on the market.

The Reuters article is also worth reading for those not interested in EV. It gives an idea of ​​the dynamics with which the EV market in China is developing, and also the rapid development with which the Chinese part of NEVS wants to participate in sales. The limousine for China is not the only option, an electric minibus and an MPV should roll out of the new NEVS plant in Tianjin in 2016. Surprise…

The work itself should already be 50% completed; in China, some things are happening at a breathtaking pace. NEVS meets an emerging market at the right time. My opinion on this, in detail and from a Saab blogger point of view, will follow after the weekend.

And Trollhattan? The development is less spectacular, at least to the outside. NEVS continues to recruit staff, and the pre-series for the NEVS EV is working at full speed. 19 vehicles were completed by the end of the year and are required for licensing and testing in the China market.

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  • We have to accept SAAB say NO to Nevs using the name again ... ..

    Shame they (NEVs) still steal the SAAB car design, typically Chinese …… They juist take SAAB sweden designs to China !!

  • Without the Saab logo - and only owed to the fact that vehicles roll out of the then former Saab factory - the story would no longer be interesting for me and also no topic for the blog. As I said, you should approach the topic calmly, at SU you just rewrite old stories.

  • um Hi SeSi. "Schnurzpiepe" is not it. And about the last two sentences, you don't even have to mention that. 🙂
    To answer if I think it's good or bad, I would have to see the cars coming 2017 / 18. After that, we know whether it was a pity or just good if the cars were chinaab oää. mean.

  • It's schnurzpiepe, which label sticks to the front.
    Can one also design oneself?
    But what's more important is what's on board.
    Don't want to drive a Saab just because it says “Saab”, but because the technology and safety are right. form follows function!

  • SU refers to the interview with KJJ. His message is that NEVS will introduce a new brand for China. No news, known for a long time. The rumors that NEVS had to dismantle the Saab logo at the factory existed before the 2015 festival, nothing happened. Now the subject comes back to the table. We shall see whether it has substance or not. I am very relaxed there. Saab is what is on the doorstep ...

  • Hi Tom,

    hm ... if you look at su on the page, the topic is through. I hope you are right.

  • Kai shows his new office and kisses his car - a photo love story ...

  • I would file the question of trademark rights in the “Under negotiation” folder. The final word has not yet been spoken, a lot is possible.

  • a yes ... “Saab must not be called the cars; the arms company Saab has the trademark rights. "
    Do you know something we do not know?
    Where .. at the EV it is obvious that wherever Saab was now nothing is ...

  • Wait and see ...
    I prefer thoughts of a Scandinavian vacation… 😉

  • Ugly, ugly. Nevs has nothing to do with saab anymore

  • Good to see that there is something really moving.

  • The design is due to the local taste, the EV is a product only for China. 2018 will make it more exciting.

  • NEVS doesn't seem to have recruited designers yet….
    But wait and see what comes in 2018 ...

  • makes me completely finished now…. The NEVS headquarters looks to be tasted, really good. Help, what's going on?

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