Actually not so wrong to come to Saab via Citroen, Lancia and Volvo!

In the 60iger years we drove in our family only Citroen, first 2CV, then Ami 6 and as "summit" beginning 70iger a GS. The trips in the Ami 6 to Italy and England are unforgotten! But Saab or Lancia were always an issue, the rally successes were also registered with us and the individuality of the Saabs inspired my father and me.

Saab home!
Saab home!

Alone, it remained with the enthusiasm, because such a Saab or even a Lancia Fulvia Berlina were just too expensive. (Later, much later, as a kind of legacy, I bought all the cars my dad would have liked).

I started 1970 at the beginning, well, with a Citroen 2CV. He carried me through the area for many years, to the North Cape and also to Portugal. He also saw many a girl come and go ... .. With one, the most beautiful of all, I drove to the end of 70iger to Hungary and Romania. That was still a real adventure! The Döschwo left, the girl stayed and later became my wife. A little later, I made the small luxury and bought one of the first Lancia Delta, an 1500er with 5 gearbox. He served us until our departure for the black continents and made a good figure.

We spent many years in Africa, Ghana and Kenya. There we drove, of course, an 504 from Peugeot and later also a Toyota Landcruiser, a HJ47 with the 4.0lt 6 cylinder diesel. An unbelievable vehicle, one actually thinks the thing is indestructible and can not imagine in such a situation, that such a cruiser does not take you any further! He took us to Lake Turkana, or even to Uganda and Tanzania, to the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. Great times! Driving around in the Serengeti with a Land Cruiser, folks, that's the great freedom!

Now everything is over and we have returned 1993 back to Switzerland. With our daughter born in Kenya. And of course there had to be a car with a lot of space. So I remembered Citroen or Saab. Citroen then had the XM on offer, which did not suit me and Saab? Saab and station wagon, oh, a story in itself. When exactly did the first modern time station wagon of Saab come? Exactly, a little too late, because I had already decided for a Volvo 945 and then also bought.

And weeks later, the 95er was announced as a station wagon ... .. We then built a house, a second daughter was born and so the Volvo remained our faithful companion, because the finances were simply not enough for a quick car change. And so Saab remained my not yet lived dream!

Well, well, Saab got stuck in my head and late, very late, the first Saab came to me. It was 2003 in the spring when I came to Monte Carlo yellow, as a consolation for the previous lousy private times, a 93 convertible, built in 6.1998, Monte Carlo. (The Volvo remained with my ex wife as a "divorce property" and did many years of good service there, and since she was a dear ex-wife, I was not financially so bad that I could not have bought this great Saab ).

With the yellow convertible 93er it went to new shores and some adventures. Soon, female beings became my companions again and one of them stayed with me (or maybe on the convertible?) And today is still my dear partner. And with this partner, very self-interested, unfortunately with the wrong, four-ring specification, began the rapid upswing with my fleet. She had something that absolutely needed to build a small car collection, namely space !!

It followed in this order and over about 10 years:

Volvo 122S, year of construction 1965 (the absolute dream of my father, unfortunately he could never realize that, but still experienced, how I got myself this oldie)

Saab 96 V4, built in 1975, such a Monte Winner just had to come here!

Saab 900 Turbo, Special Edition Commander, Year 1986. Is this known in Germany?

Lancia Fulvia Berlina built 1970, also a Monte Winner, albeit as a coupe.

Saab 93 Aero Coupe, built in 2000

Saab 93 Viggen, built in 2000, but the Aero Coupe had to give way

Then unfortunately a sin came, but one which can probably forgive, I exchanged the Viggen against a Maserati 222SR, thus a biturbo with the 2.8lt V6. A great, rare vehicle with little quirks. The biturbo was not unreliable, but there were always little things to do. The traveling but already made fun with this great tailored to two people and powerfully equipped Italians. The Viggen, however, I could not forget that until today! It was a mistake to give it away and today there are practically no more on the market.

But I just had to have such an 93 coupe again. From 2013 we were joined by a beautiful, dark blue Aero Coupe with Viggenbody. I will definitely not give it back now ... ..

Even before the Aero we were able to secure one of the last 95 NG. In February 2012 we bought at the Garage Buser in Augst, Kenner know what a committed Saab family is here, a new 95 TiD with automatic transmission. The new 95er, well, what can I say? A vehicle with an aura like no other on the road! Even today, almost 6 years after its release, this 95er is a car like another star. The only downer is the sheer size. I travel a lot on my own and I would not need such a big car! But it's the way it is and the 95 NG is an asset to a Saab fan

Do you still want to read further or is this boring?

With the convertible, we often traveled to Tuscany or even to Piedmont. I appreciate the cruising with this beautiful glider. With his 2.3i / 150 PS engine (a pretty slack genset) and automatic, he does not feel like driving fast, he just can not do that, but he slides smoothly, and he's wonderful! And something of reliable. He is now running in 13. Year with me, without the slightest disturbance!

With the 96er we were in 2006 at the Saab meeting in Sweden. Great days there, despite a light continuous rain. The highlight was getting to know Saab legend Erik Carlsson. It was wonderful to listen to him and when I got a signature on my Saab cap the joy was huge. (The cap is of course beautifully kept today and kept in honor)

In 2014 I was finally in Trolhättan with the 95 NG. Of course I toured all the places of worship and of course I was saddened to see the creeping disintegration of the Saab Empire with my own eyes. Incidentally, I realized that I had 1974 in Trollhättan before. The locks seemed so familiar to me ... .. I actually drove in 74 on the return trip from the North Cape by Trollhättan, not in a Saab at the time, but with my brave Citroen 2CV!

Today I am more excited than ever Saab. Have recently sold a Carrera 4S and bought one of the rare 93er SC XWD 2.0T with 240 PS. (The Porsche came into my fleet just for a counter-deal, but I never got really happy with the 4S and I was glad to sell it).

I think now my car collection is complete for the time being. We still have the Volvo 122S, as does the Fulvia Berlina. New since 2014 also a Lancia Delta HF, built 1984, with us. Also a very rare and special car, quasi the great grandfather of the Delta Integrale.

With Saab 96, Lancia Fulvia and Delta I own vehicles that together have won no less than 9 times the Rally Monte Carlo. Since every Audi friend blows with envy! However, unfortunately today, Audi is playing in the top league and Saab / Lancia does not exist anymore! Just a pity.

I think today I am in the good (and privileged) position to look into the Saab future. One of my Saab will probably endure for a long time. And that's good!

Always good drive and continue to enjoy the Saab.

Thanks to Hans for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab is part of the automotive life. Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

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    Thanks for the report and congratulations to the collection! There is really something for every occasion and every mood
    Best regards from ZH

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    Thanks Hans for the good story and many thanks to the fact that you have trigged yourself from the VIGGEN I do not regret that I was allowed to buy it
    Greetings Patrick

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      Hi Patrick, nice to hear that “my” Viggen is in good hands with you! Yes, I really regret that, I think no Saab goes off as spectacularly as a Viggen! Always have a good trip, lg Hans

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    What a great story and what a nice collection of Saabs.
    Keep this as long as possible because I heard this weekend that Saab AB will not pass the name Saab to NEVS.
    We have to show, Saabfahrer, that Saabs are still amweseind ​​and drive around.

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    Respect! I would also like the fleet, that's style, good taste, and dreams on 4 wheels!

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    Your story is just great! Wow. Good taste simple.

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    Thanks to Hans for the story, you are part of the Saab saga …… I also like your other cars.
    Furthermore, much driving pleasure from the Hamburg S-Bahn wishes Götz.

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