Firmware Update E800 Saab 9-5 NG

The helpdesk of Orio AB in Trollhättan still looks after our vehicles. Even 5 years after the end of production there are updates. For the Saab 2010-9 NG built from 5, a firmware update is available whose immediate installation is recommended to all owners.

E800 firmware Saab 9-5 NG
E800 firmware Saab 9-5 NG

The E800 version replaces the previous E40D variant. With E800 all problems of the multimedia and navigation unit should be eliminated. Navigation problems, the "Belgium Syndrome", the loss of memory or a welcome home screen; the known bugs are eliminated. In the past there were software problems, especially with older versions, but also with E40D, which in the worst case could lead to total failure of the system. Expensive repairs were the result.

The E800 firmware has been tested in Germany in recent weeks and found to be good; we advise the readers to urgent update.

How complicated is an update?

Deployment of the new firmware requires, depending on software version and vehicle, between 30 and 90 minutes.

Where can I get the update?

The E800 software is only available from the Saab Partner. We recommend the service bases in Stuttgart-Leinfelden, Bad Tolz, Emmerich on the Rhine, Bamberg, Keel, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Hamburg and Goslar Vienenburg, These workshops are informed about the campaign, can provide competent information and keep the necessary software ready for the update.

For readers in Austria, Switzerland or other countries we recommend contacting the local Saab representatives or the national Orio office.

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  • 12. January 2016 at 10: 02 AM

    Hope Orio AB informs al your local representatives because so far we have not seen or heard anything from Orio in Belgium. As a Saab driver we do not know who is the representative of our country since Behermann has stopped playing this role.

    • 12. January 2016 at 10: 30 AM

      I had an inquiry on this topic, which not only employs you, put to Orio but unfortunately did not get an opinion.

  • 12. January 2016 at 10: 38 AM

    Already 5 years ago ... how time flies

  • 12. January 2016 at 12: 07 PM

    Hi Tom,
    the best New Year greetings later. What possibilities do you have for new map software for the small navis? There are still DVD's for that. My 9,3 is from 2005 and as far as I know, navtec does not do anything anymore

    • 12. January 2016 at 1: 10 PM

      The problem is clear. There are offers, not from Navteq, in the usual portals. We will do a test of the software in March / April.
      PS Also you a Saabigen start in 2016!

  • 12. January 2016 at 12: 15 PM

    Upps, yes, already 5years. For the autumn 2016 Opel has announced the new Insignia. That would have been the 9-5 NGII probably also in the pipeline. What would he have looked like?

    • 12. January 2016 at 1: 08 PM

      Saab would have 2016 the successor shown, the license to build the 9-5 NG would have expired. Same with the 9-4x, for which there would have been a successor ...

      • 12. January 2016 at 2: 08 PM

        Tom, maybe the next meal, if a chance presented, ask again. It would be very interesting to all of us.

        • 12. January 2016 at 4: 09 PM

          I stay tuned. Promised!

  • 12. January 2016 at 1: 00 PM

    Great that Orio confesses color! Caring for the small numbers of facelifts is great!

  • 13. January 2016 at 11: 29 AM

    Wow, that's not what comes to my car. Errors in the app are corrupted faster and if nothing else works, I change the app provider. Too bad that CarPlay flops.

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