Kisa Bilmuseum

Many readers are planning their annual holidays during these weeks, and not so rare is the destination Sweden. A travel tip is the Kisa Bilmuseum near Linköping. It's one of those small, charming museums, beyond the mainstream marketing of the manufacturers.

Kisa Bimuseum
Kisa Bimuseum

The history of the Kisa Bilmuseum began in the 60s. The owners with the Grahns Bilar AB working in the car business, gradually built up a collection. Anyone who suspects that the foundation of particularly well-kept trade-ins results, is probably correct.

The focus of the collection is on classic vehicles up to the Saab 9000. The exhibits are not perfect, but in good condition. In addition to many Saabs, classic Opel and Cadillac have also found a new home in the halls. Which can hardly be a coincidence, because Grahns Bilar is associated with these brands.

In the summer 2015 Volker from Hamburg with his fantastically beautiful 9000 CD was in Sweden on holiday and in the Kisa Bilmuseum to visit. It then came, as often happens in Sweden and what makes the special charm of this small museum: A Saab is spontaneously brought out of the collection, two-stroke sound fills the air.

The magical old days, when Trollhättan's small two-strokes on the rally slopes became feared by competitors, are suddenly back. If the two-stroke then pull away, leaves the typical scent and the famous sound carpet, then for the Saab heart, the world is fine and the journey was worthwhile.

Thank you Volker for the impressions! Who puts the Kisa Bilmuseum on his holiday route in the next Swedish summer, should then continue north.

The Flygvapenmuseum Linköping has a lot of exciting Saab history and is not far from Kisa.

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  • Since last Saturday our Sweden holidays are booked. Round trip through southern Sweden with the visit of the SAAB and VOLVO Museum and, if still still time is the Kisa Bilmusuem.
    Thanks for the tip.

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    I did not know yet. Saabige cultural heritage is always worth a visit!

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    A private Swedish treasure!
    THANK YOU for the great impressions! Gorgeous!

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    Here we go, the SAAB Int. is not far!

    • Is Claaa right, that's a very good idea; will include this in our planning.

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