Phoenix or Icarus?

How were the last days? Interesting, successful? In any case, there was positive tension in the Saab environment, finally again! The Stallbacka had a Chinese visit last Sunday. Chao Ma, the initiator behind Panda New Energy, was a guest at the factory. A personality with a remarkable background.

Trollhattan 100 years city law
Trollhattan 100 years city law

Chao Ma, the man who will buy 150.000 electric cars from NEVS through his leasing company, has collected an interesting portfolio of company investments. In addition to Hassun Asset, he is CEO of the listed China Innovative Finance Group based in Hong Kong. In the national film industry, Chao Ma is represented by H.Brothers and produces with Jackie Chan, among others. Ma is also building 20 new film palaces in China.

Scandinavian pearl in the portfolio of Chao Ma

A Scandinavian investment in which Chao Ma is involved has a big name: Bang & Olufsen. The Danes are a legend, they stand for great, Scandinavian design and high-quality listening pleasure. They have enchanted generations of audiophile customers, and B & O systems can also be found in higher-end vehicles. An interesting relationship that is solidified. Perhaps B&O will become an equipment option for new models from Trollhättan. Chao Ma, a big Scandinavian fan, as he says of himself, wants to work with NEVS in the long term. 150.000 vehicles are just the beginning. Critically asked: Reality?

Beo Vision Avant UHD 4K TV. Image: B&O
Beo Vision Avant UHD 4K TV. Image: B&O

Anyway, the answer to financing the billion dollar deal sounds so refreshingly easy that you might believe it. According to Chao Ma, Chinese (state) banks finance the leasing business at a very, very low interest rate. OK.

There are weeks when everything works. Bergman and Co. in Trollhättan will find out today when they leave the factory for the weekend. After Chao Ma's visit, there was a rain of money on the company's account. Shareholders Tianjin and SRIT transferred the final installment of $ 60 million. The shareholders have thus fulfilled their obligation, and with the advance payments from several projects, NEVS could pass as extremely liquid.

Is NEVS now Phoenix or Icarus? We can be kindly skeptical and wait and see what happens. The fact is that young, former Saab engineers are increasingly coming back to the Stallbacka. Good for Trollhättan, because the upswing is already visible here.

Trollhättan makes the Phoenix

The city was long written off, was considered a hopeless case. She suffered from the telltale of a dying automobile. Nobody would have wanted to bet on the future in recent years. Now Trollhättan makes the Phoenix. Just in time for the 100 year old city ​​anniversary Saab City has become the fastest growing city in Sweden. The construction activity is not to be overlooked, and with 400 new citizens every year, the population will soon exceed the number of 60.000 inhabitants.

The upswing has its roots in Saab. Actually. The Trollhättan Pact, with which the Swedish state GM wanted to keep in the country, unfolds effect. Although GM has not kept its promises, and the work is (still) orphaned. But the connection to the west coast is perfect, by train or car you are fast in Gothenburg. Trollhättan has become a preferred residential suburb of the second largest city in Sweden.

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  • I think the truth is somewhere in between. I am always amazed by the great success of the EVs in Norway. There it is politically supported as in China.
    In our lobby-driven policy (the voter may make a cross every four years, but has nothing to report), the priorities are of course different. For reassurance there are now and then an EV show car, but this is mostly unfamiliar and financially unattractive.

  • And that's where I think the NEVS error of thinking is about markets in Sweden and Europe. In China, those with the support of political will and now good relations with the political elite may well be on the right track if they just want to build pure EVs. But what does NEVS want to do in the vastness of the Swedish Pampa with a vehicle that achieves a range between 300 and 400 Km when used sparingly. I keep sticking to pure EV's is nonsense, at least as far as markets outside of China are concerned.

  • Even in the endless expanse of the Mecklenburg Pampas, 76km are nothing ... I drive 100km to work every day, one direction ... but in the Saab it doesn't really matter to me

  • As far as B&O is concerned, it should be noted that the quality cannot really keep up with the design. By the way, B & O's auto division is now part of the Harman Group. Harman / Kardon also says something to the Saab driver ...

  • I had already wondered on my last visit. Many construction cranes, while Trollitown was always described as dead. Good NEWS, and unbelievably still from NEVS, to the weekend.

  • If things are looking up in Troll-City with employment and residents, it is a good sign. GOOD for the region! When “the factory” starts up again, it will hopefully be even nicer and better ...

  • I'm just happy for what can happen with Trollhattan and surroundings. Another opportunity to give many people a job.
    But as long as the new Saab cars are not produced, I will continue to drive our Saabs for as long as possible.

  • How to see it. In Sweden, 76 kilometers are nothing, and one hour of driving does not really count. There are even commuter trains from THN to Hisingen, where the work of the other brand stands.

  • A few weeks ago, Panda New Energy was still listed as a fake on SU. What a disinformation

  • I am surprised that the city is just so “young”. And it's nice when there's an upturn in the city. Hopefully the city planners also understand something of their profession, not like some of them here in Germany.

    But Trollhattan is now really not a “residential suburb” of Gothenburg and you are quickly at 76km drive or approx. 1h travel time not even at work (the same as Nuremberg - Ingolstadt / Augsburg - Ingolstadt). 😉

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