"Ur-EV-SAAB" to return to Trollhättan, new visual identity coming

On the same day NEVS launches a new landing page on their website www.saabcars.comSAAB EV, developed in 1974. The car was recently shown to the public in an opening ceremony at company SaabPartners in The Netherlands, where it was handed over to a NEVS delegation. On Monday this "ur-EV-SAAB" will return to its roots to join its most recent siblings. Will this also be the day where more details about these latest EV developments and the “Shaping a more sustainable future of mobility"Wants to be revealed? We'll know on Monday ...


Translation of the original Swedish language press release:

25 January of the first EV developed at Trollhättan during the 1970's.

Vehicle development with a focus on innovation, safety and the environment has a history of many years in Trollhattan. Already at the start of the 1970's, an electric vehicle was developed by then SAAB-Scania.

NEVS has now had the opportunity to obtain one of these very first EVs. The production year is 1974 and the car has been served as a test car and has been on display at a car museum in The Netherlands.

Journalists are welcome to join the handover of this EV to NEVS. President Mattias Bergman and Stig Nodin, Head of Technical Development.

Time: Monday 25 January, 13: 30 CET

Venue: NEVS Technical Development Center, Flygfältsvägen 7, Trollhättan

Warm welcome!

5 thoughts on ""Ur-EV-SAAB" to return to Trollhättan, new visual identity coming"

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    Hi Michèl, i assume... no breaking news on "saab" brand whatsoever?
    Or any news ...?

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    That would indeed be a nice surprise. Hope they have invited staff from Saab AB :)

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    This would be a good opportunity to announce that all future EV's leaving the production line in Trollhättan can use the SAAB logo again. Whatever news NEVS wants to give us Monday will be interesting.

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