SmartBeam Bi-Xenon for the 9-5 Linear

The 2011 9-5 has been with us for 2 years. A linear, originally traveling in Gothenburg, with unusually good equipment. The reason to "only" treat yourself to a linear and not a Vector or Aero was due to the desired details such as color, automatic, Harman Kardon. What was missing, HUD or reversing camera, has since been retrofitted with original parts from the Orio AB inventory.

Saab 9 5 NG 2011
Saab 9 5 NG 2011

The linear has extra charge xenon headlights that are pretty neat. But if you know the adaptive xenons of the Turbo X, then they are not really happy. No state in the long run! The last upgrade of the Saab 9-5 sedan was launched; she found a year ago Kiel instead of. The effort keeps within pleasing limits. Old headlights out, new SmartBeam Bi-Xenon spotlights in. This is followed by programming, which goes quickly online via the Orio Server in Trollhättan. Finished !

What does the upgrade bring - experience of the past 12 months

After a year of adaptive headlights, the resume is clearly positive. The various programs give a very good light in a variety of driving environments. You do not have to say much about the dynamic cornering light, it just works perfectly. Highlight number 1 is the city light. It illuminates the environment noticeably wider, the beam of light fans out further, captures the sidewalks. This actively brings safety to all road users.

Equally good is the motorway light. The advancement of lighting technology to 2008er 9-3 is enormous, the illumination for bi-xenon spotlights remarkable. In addition, there is another mode for highway and bad weather. Switching the software is true, if you pay attention. Saab has come up with a good solution with the Hella SmartBeam Bi-Xenon headlamps. It is at least equal to or better than the premium competitor of the 2010 years.

What is still missing from the Linear would be the high beam assistant. The software automatically decides whether to leave the high beam activated or to turn it back. Do you need that? In any case, retrofitting is possible.

Our Swedish linear is roughly in the same condition as I would have configured it - I could have ordered it in Trollhättan, which never happened. The 9-5, Saab's last large sedan for the time being, has proven to be a very pleasant, reliable touring car in the past two years. With quite a sporting potential that you would not necessarily suspect behind a 5 meter ship.

Would i buy again? The answer will be surprising. Because there is a clear no. But which has nothing to do with the Saab and its fascination. But with the fact that my driving profile has changed fundamentally in the last two years and that with my annual mini-mileage I would no longer need a large car.

Buy anyway? The 9-5 NG is still driving Saab fans. The market is tighter than ever, but the last Saab has its very special charm. 17 vehicles are for sale in Germany, including only 5 turbo petrol engines. This is almost nothing. Every purchase becomes more and more a compromise. I read it constantly in the emails that end up on the blog on the subject. Buy a compromise? You can if you like. Or you should. Because the selection will never be more extensive. Buy when the basic data are correct, when the heart desperately wants it, when Saab beats.

Much of the 9-5 can be retrofitted, the individualization is nothing in the way. Modern cars, also a learning process of the past 24 months, are amazingly modular. The situation in some parts is quite relaxed, and if Orio has a bottleneck, then found somewhere in Europe, a hall with the sought parts. You can live dreams, if you dare. In other words, life is too short not to drive a Saab.

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    Hello, greet you.
    I would like to buy a Saab 900 2.3i Convertible SE from 1996.
    Do you have any tips for me, which I have to pay attention to?
    For example, can I manually operate the roof if the electrical system breaks down?
    What is the tax and insurance?

    Thanks in advance for an answer.

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      Hood is operated by hydraulic. Should 100% work, do not clink during opening / closing. In case of defect, it can be closed by hand, but not open. Repairing the hydraulics can be quite expensive and we are talking about a 20 year old car. Best buy at Saab dealers with long experience, or look through before buying. Or someone with experience to buy.
      Otherwise, as with any classic cars: body and care condition should be the decisive factor, less the mileage. Good luck with the mission convertible purchase!

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      I would rather recommend the facelift, if it should not be a classic 900I CV or late 9-3II / III CV, so a 9-3 year 1998-2003.

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    Then comes a T6, Tom? Many alternatives you have then no longer, when Turbo X and 9 5 go on season

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      The answer is not easy. The T6 will not come because nobody really wants it. I remain loyal to 100% Saab, I have a whole hall full of vehicles from Trollhättan. Our family car, the 2011er 9-3 will leave. Comes a foreign make, which is small for the city.

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    Thanks for the “light test” on the 9-5 NG.
    But now the question arises for me whether I can retrofit my 9-3 Bj. 2008. The positive report shows a "need" ...

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      and the chrome goggles 9-5 I! A wide field for sales at Orio.

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      Converting to xenon is only possible in theory. We calculated it some time ago, it's too time-consuming. Switching to adaptive xenon, from normal xenon headlights, should be possible. Other headlights, other control unit. If there is really genuine curiosity, I will inform you more about the topic.

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        Don't all the 9-5 chrome glasses have xenon? In any case, mine has and on the right it flickers every now and then ...

        So yes, the curiosity is really serious.

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        Front right has just been replaced. As you know, the parts don't last “forever” ... But then the starting shot for better light would be possible!

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    The answer (no) is indeed surprising ...

    This and other Saabs have involuntarily become lover vehicles.
    On the combination of an Old- or Youngtimers or even a new one
    Rarity with an annual mini-mileage I can not do anything contradictory
    Find. That fits like a poke, right?

    I find the lighting topic exciting.

    I would like to read a broader, fundamental article on the subject.
    The industry and its designers drive in my opinion absurd flowers with the light.

    Asymmetrically switched fog lights look as if the other is broken and deceive on a special road turn before that does not take place. There is a risk of collision!
    Vehicles with two rear fog lights look like they're in the middle of the others, as if they were about to brake hard.

    And more and more (brighter) light is emitted over smaller and smaller areas. It should also understand the last dork still that the rear light units (fog, rear and brake lights and turn signals) of the German new car before him are based entirely on LED technology. That may be great, but not so please! More and more vehicles dazzle front and rear and show a confusing light behavior.

    Legislators should not only require a minimum amount of light, but also, conversely, limit the amount of light emitted per area. And why are there now “blinkers” (orange running light strips) that no longer blink?

    Is that just me, or are others annoyed by this sea of ​​flowers?

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      Well A part of (residual) reason lies dormant in me too. Hence a “no”. The other side: I wouldn't give up the 9-5, it's going to be on season in the future.
      The development of lighting technology is exciting, even the difference between 9-3 and 9-5 is bigger than you might think. Saab relied on quite large headlights, what the LED technology brings we will probably have to "experience" with a third-party make. Good approach - we're in!

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    “Life is too short not to drive a Saab” - I couldn't have put it more aptly!

    I drive a Peugeot or Mercedes every day on business - yes, certainly not that bad.
    But I'm always happy to switch to my 2009er 9-3!
    SAAB - I'm at home there!

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