9000 CC door trim out - heaven in

Our 89 9000 CC continues to make progress. After the headliner and panels of the A and C pillars have been dismantled and brought to the saddler, the door panels are on. The substance gradually dissolves - a point that will sooner or later affect all 9000s. The bad news: The fabric insert cannot be removed without removing the door cardboard. But the work is not a problem even for inexperienced hands.

Headliner floats on straps
Headliner floats on straps

First, we pull on the driver's side of the mirror adjustment switch, undo the clips underneath and remove the plug and retaining screw. For the other doors, it is only the screw, after which you can remove the shell with the door handle. Under the door handle is another screw, as are the handles with two screws attached. The one removes, after one pulled out the two plastic covers.

Now the storage trays follow, which are held by two covered, clearly visible screws. Then remove the lighting, loosen a screw and carefully pull out the plastic lamp. Now loosen the connection for the bulb and finally remove the lamp. The screw behind it must also go, then pull the cardboard away from the door to loosen the lower fastenings. Now remove the door panel upwards - with a little feeling, and that was it. Easy? Easy!

A look at the bare metal. It looks like summer 89 in Trollhättan. No barking, no rust. Great, I like the old Saab more and more. And that's exactly how it should be.

The annoying part is separating the shell with the fabric liner from the door panels. Saab has worked with snap rings; the stuff is fucking stuck. Gross motorists with a willingness to use violence break off the fastenings during dismantling and then screw the shell into the cladding ... which is out of the question in terms of originality. Alternatively, you see yourself trying to destroy the snap rings and thus simplify your work. Orio has originals in stock, that's the good news. The price for the complete set is so impressive that you think you're in the Ferrari warehouse. So it doesn't work either.

The solution (Thanks to the Saab Zentrum Bamberg and Ralf Muckelbauer) is simple. With sliding spray and a lot of feeling the disassembly is problem-free. We destroy a single snap ring, and after the first door board comes routine and fast work.

The trays with the fabric inlays go to the saddler, where the headlining and C-pillars are ready to be picked up. However, we now have a problem. None of the possible fabric samples presented for the new cover corresponds to the sought-after Saab “Bokhararot”. Various manufacturers offer a new edition of original fabrics on the booming classic and youngtimer market, but not at Saab. So we go on the search, the result is open. Some readers have the same problem at the same time. Some “Bokhararote” CC go through the restoration as classics; they too are looking for a solution.

While the matter with the door panels is unclear, the headliner at the saddler's was covered with a fabric corresponding to the original. The result is perfect, the decision to hire a specialist was the right one. Now heaven has to go back to the Saab.

Rules for the installation of the sky

Before that happens, the cables on the roof are re-fixed with tape, so that my successor in 30 years will not find any nasty surprise. In addition, we take out the door seals, which makes the job easier. Then there are two rules that should be considered when installing the sky. Using clean cloth gloves and avoiding firm pressure directly on the sky. Gloves prevent unsightly soiling, working without pressure bumps in the sky that do not regress.

During installation, the use of straps (Thanks to Uli for this tip, which is worth gold as always). First, the sky is carefully threaded through the tailgate into the interior. If he comes to rest on the front and rear headrests, the straps are ready for use. The sky is suspended in the right position by means of a tension belt on the front and rear doors. The advantage: no one presses or pushes or has to hold the sky.

While our sky is floating in, make sure that it is threaded into the “rails” provided for the front interior lighting. If the position is correct (you should take your time), you have almost won. As a next step, the headliner must now be fitted to the B-pillars.

The disguise with the straps was not disassembled, a well-made sky also finds its place. With feeling, not with pressure, the headliner comes to the right position. The straps, which give us a good starting position for installation, help with this. Now check the position: are all cutouts in the right place? Perfect! Then the assembly can begin.

We worked our way from the front handles over the sun visor to the rear. In the rear compartment, the 9000 CC has a plastic rail at the end. It must be mounted exactly in the middle. If you do not work correctly, you will be punished with crackling noises while driving. Only after the plastic rail is the rear, central attachment, then the handles on the roof. Finally the middle light - the sky is ready!

The result is brilliant, the effort was worth it. The difficulty is minor, you should only take your time. Because precise work is important and rewarded with the result. With a really good friend, it took me 90 minutes - and it was fun. How screwing old Saabs brings a good mood and a desire for more.

OK. The door panels are next on the list. A “bokhararotes” problem. How do we solve this? Do we solve it at all? Sequel follows.

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    Do I spider, or did the door panel look great? And thank you for keeping the color. Just awesome!

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      The fabric had completely peeled off from the carrier, but was without tears. I had the naive hope of being able to save the material, but that turned out to be impossible. After almost 30 years it was over, but we have just found a new fabric that is very close to the original. Color test is coming soon on the blog, I just like the colors of the 80s ...

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    This hue comes very close to Bokhara. I made my doorpads so new.


    Incidentally, the snap rings are available on eBay for a few cents from the UK. 7 mm.

    Good luck, buddy.

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    synonymous have a 9000 CC u. the same problems. The following is added: when idling, the speed goes up to 1300 1500 U / mn. u. until he sometimes goes out completely. Would be nice for a tip because my Saab service partner does not find the error

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      Engine control unit, LMM, remote diagnostics extremely difficult. Ask Muckelbauer in Bamberg, who knows the old 9000 in and out.

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    When it comes to the 9000, I have a question: does someone know where the model name CD comes from? Did you just continue the nomenclature of the CC or was the name taken from the 900 CD (and if so, what does it stand for ... Corps diplomatique) ...? Or completely different?

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    Bokhara! Tom look at MB, so 124er time says my memory.
    Greetings Gotz

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    The sky has become really good, congratulations! This gives courage for my own CC project, looking forward to further updates!

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