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Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson visited Trollhättan on Friday. She visited GKN and NEVS. GKN is the largest employer of the municipality, NEVS the number two. Both locations are closely linked to historic aircraft construction and industrial history.

Minister Anna Johansson at NEVS
Minister Anna Johansson at NEVS

GKN was once called Volvo Aero, before Volvo Flygmotor or Svenska Flygmotor AB. Where NEVS is today, planes and cars called SAAB were once built. GKN is still in the aviation business supplying engines to Gripen NG.

After visiting GKN, Anna Johannson was on the test track with the NEVS EV, inspecting the assembly for the next generation of electric motors. NEVS CEO Bergman explained the business plan and investments in the Chinese market.

Interesting, in our view, is the tour of the former Saab factory. I like the view in the halls; the local newspaper filmed the visit.

We see the NEVS EV in the China Trim, still without a brand logo. Probably not coincidentally we discover carefully covered prototypes. They seem to be coupes in short camera pans. What is hidden under the camouflage?

Foreign developments, commissioned work, prototypes of a new (Saab) generation? Good and exciting question. And today no answer, not even a clue. Only one thing is clear: things are moving.

Have fun with Trollhättan TV!

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  • Even though I'm the "spoilsport" now:
    In Dec.2013 there was already such a "press event" with political celebrities. Most blog readers also know what came after ...
    Factual: In Trollcity these days they met at NEVS for the press conference. OK then.
    What that means, I really do not know. A driving e-car was already 2013. Whether the bills are paid for the current activities, is not apparent from the press date. NEVS does not lure me with this info behind the stove ... There must be (!) More info! The heart warms up at the SAAB, NEVS ... ???

  • Is it positive that something is moving. That's where NEVS first and foremost has to put a product on the market. If that necessarily has to be in China, for my sake. The main thing is for us sometime vehicles from Troll Town!

  • Good idea!

    AERO sounds to me almost as much as SAAB as SAAB itself.
    Please name it AERO, if available and if SAAB is not.

  • Possibly ... I would prefer the name AERO which is shorter (four letters) and so has longer SAAB history? But I would rather like to see the SAAB logo on the bonnet. Do you have more background info?

  • If NEVS tries to leave the front like that, then it looks like SAAB, but it has more of DACIA with the half-round in the middle.
    Hope that there is a solution soon and the cars look like SAAB and are also labeled.

  • Too bad: / ... but understandable
    Where I'm already curious ... is this the 2014 planned facelift?

  • This is also possible. NEVS has a facelift for the 9-3, which was leaked very briefly on the Internet. The pictures were quickly removed, unfortunately we can not show it.

  • The camouflaged vehicles in the background look to me more like normal 9-3. The headlights also look like the current ones but it seems to be black painted A, B and C pillars ... vlt. is it a real facelift ....

  • Father SAAB AB kill little griffin kid, I'm sending this for reborn new Swedish brand Phoenix cars
    what's new logo but use DNA old good Saab

  • NEVS = they do what. Only it is sad to see the EV drive without SAAB lettering. Also, apart from a few vehicles in the background, nothing can be seen of SAAB. Is SAAB coming back? Is there a chance?

  • Very interesting! It is moving and that is the most important thing.
    Thanks for the information. You become curious when you see the pictures.

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