Farewell - Saab 9-3 1.8t sports suit (2011)

It was the summer of 2011. A hot day, the air conditioning in the ICE only brought little cooling. On the way to Hamburg; on the way to our Saab 9-3 sports suit (2011). Lensch & Bleck to pick it up, I had slight doubts. In the back of my mind was the Rover debacle and the immediate impact it would have on customers.

The pretty frustrated workers at the factory Longbridge used to “forget” their lunchtime sandwich in a hard-to-reach place in the car on vehicles destined for Germany. Or leave slogans with political content. Or worse. What would I expect from the 9-3, the new car from a brand that was clearly in a slant?

Saab 9-3 sports suit on 18 "turbines
Saab 9-3 sports combination on 18 ″ turbines

Saab 9-3 1.8t Sports Suit

The purchase of the Saab station wagon was competently arranged in advance via the Internet and telephone. The handing over was fast, friendly, experienced. Not rude in any way, but looking back critically, it's how you deal with a customer whose brand is on the way to the siding.

The fuel in the tank was enough to the next petrol pump. 500 meters more would have gotten me into trouble.

The Saab 534-9 sports suit used the journey south, 3 kilometers, to build lasting trust. He drives as expected, everything is positive. Yes, and there is no moldy Swedish sandwich in the car, at Saab they have made good products on the assembly line even in the relegation battle. An impression that will stay the same from kilometer 1 to kilometer 85.000.

What follows is quickly told. No dramas, but almost 5 years of satisfaction. A Rostvorsorge, in order Saab center Bamberg in order, keeps the sheet healthy. The rear discs are subtly tinted with foil, there is the Hirsch Performance Performance cure on 195 PS.

The interior is refined with a Hirsch dashboard in carbon leather finish, the door handles are also covered in leather. These parts are also a piece of tragic Saab history. They come from the Saab Automobile AB warehouse and were originally intended for the construction of the Independence Cabriolet.

The Saab is always being improved

The following summer, the 9-3 sports car rolls on Independence rims, then the Saab changes to the turbines. Both original Saab rims are no longer new to get, after production is unthinkable. This is followed by a sports steering wheel from the Turbo X, with the Grille of the 9-3 Griffin there is a small facelift. For the cold days, another engine heater from the Saab accessories. Perfect! The 9-3 sports suit, which (of course) bears the name Saabine, has become a really classy and individual vehicle over the years.

Saabine is always inconspicuous. A comfortable touring car. Fast, reliable, a true Saab. She only sees workshops for inspection, which is always carried out by the Saab partner. A defective chain tensioner in autumn 2015 is the only one unplanned pit stop and it will stay that way.

Because our ways have separated, Saabine is for sale.

Life changes, vehicles have to fit into life. More and more often in recent months, the desire for a small city car loud, actually, the 9-3 sports car for our current performance is one size too big. And 5 years are a long time. Normally, if cars had been built in Sweden, a successor would have rolled onto the farm about two years ago.

The Saab has always been good - always reliable

What remains? After 5 years Saab 9-3 sportswear has a clear opinion. On the cars it did not matter that the Saab Automobile AB does not exist anymore. The 9-3 is extremely reliable and as versatile as a multitool. It was not the dealers either. Wherever we drove up with Saabine, we were treated well and competently. There were never bottlenecks with spare parts, all wearing parts came from the Orio AB and were in terms of quality and price in order.

The 9-3 is a clear understated car. More being than appearance, and perhaps something out of time. Maybe that's just what we liked about him. The 9-3 is timeless. The design does not age, the interior is, except for minimal traces of use, still close to the new car. The leather smells wonderfully of Saab, the paint glitters in the sun, he drives as in the hot summer 2011.

5 years are over, we never regretted the purchase. The successor, a practical compact car, will be the fitting, rolling shopping bag for the city. No Saab, but at least a turbo. But just a car.

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  • Great car! You will miss Saabine;) ...

  • blank

    Very nice car! Compliment! I would like that!
    Unfortunately, I get back one of these emotion-free company car from the VW shelf.

  • blank

    completely different question:
    What is one for a successor? City car with turbo?
    Need a 9-1!
    Catastrophic that Saab never wanted to build one. That would have brought a lot, after all, BMW's cashcow is the MINI!

    • blank

      An 9-1 is the dream we dream. We are wintering for the coming years with a foreign brand whose manufacturer we do not necessarily want to promote on the blog.

  • blank

    I bought a good 9/3 station wagon a year ago with 140.000 km and I'm happy with it. Before that I had a 9/5 station wagon which unfortunately "died" at the age of 15 and 300 km.
    I still have a good workshop with Timmler in Neumünster
    Greetings Helga

  • blank

    The photos show it: the SAAB is like NEW !!!
    Congratulations on your good care over this time! It's a shame that the SAAB has to give way ... May the SAAB find a new "good home" ...
    SAAB 9-3 timelessly beautiful - for eternity!

  • blank

    Has the car no Nav / Bluetooth or why the armada of brackets on windscreen and interior?

    • blank

      hmmm..ob today the sack of rice in China falls over or tomorrow?

  • blank

    Saab turbine rims are available at RBM in France for 415 € / each, should be available within the next 10 days, according to the supplier.

  • blank

    Really a nice car. I could swap my Saab 9-3SC for that. If only it weren't for the “copayment”.

    Greetings from Oldenburg André

  • blank

    The turbines are the finest rims for modern SAABs. I search and search, without success. Does anyone have a hint?

  • blank

    Nice car, without question. Now a “small city car” is supposed to be produced. So a Saab 600. Will be very difficult to find ...

    • blank

      I have one, not a Saab 600, but a Lancia Delta, but it's already 32 years old…., still runs properly, with seasonal registration, it's not a winter car!

    • blank

      I just went the other way, got myself a 5 93 SC XWD. With only 50000km on the clock was the virtually new. And that it is an 240 PS HP, yes, that's certainly not wrong! Drive it now for three months and I am completely thrilled!

  • blank

    Dream car. I do not say more

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