News from the Saab Service Club

What a week! Michèl, previously a member of the crew, will in future have his workplace in Saabvägen number 5. A mystical address - and it will accompany a future position. His employer has announced that he will be joining a manufacturer of New Energy vehicles, which will double production capacity in China.

Saab Thermo mug
Saab Thermo mug

Exciting events that have consequences. 2016 is an interesting year. The topic NEVS and New Long Ma will occupy us in the coming week, but on Monday project “Paul” will start on the blog first. We stay down to earth, orientate ourselves on what we have. Our Saab project car, made possible by donations from our readers, will nonetheless be an exciting story.

At the weekend, the reference to the current Saab Service Club promotion! Small gifts bring people together, especially when they are messy. The iconic Saab thermo mugs are available from participating Saab partners as a free bonus for counter sales or repair orders from € 100,00 (CHF 150,00 in Switzerland). An incentive to treat your Saab to something good, to visit the personable Saab partner.

The “Saab Original” thermo mugs are available while stocks last or the promotion is running. Saab drivers who are members of the Service Club can download their campaign voucher from the national pages for Germany, Austria or Switzerland. If you are not yet a member, you can register for free. The campaign runs until March 31.03.2016, XNUMX

3 thoughts on "News from the Saab Service Club"

  • It looks like NEVS is writing a new chapter in automotive history in Trollhättan. It's exciting that the blog and Michèl are very close. Troll Town has a future, and if 2018 is still SAAB on EVs, then things are close to perfection

  • Michèl stays friendly and we keep in touch. After all, the enthusiasm for Saab connects us

  • Exciting indeed. We're used to tension by now! May Michèl, if he may and can…, continue to provide us (or you Tom 😉) with (good) news. After these long years, Trollcity deserves the “shivering party” that things are looking up!
    As long as there are no new SAABs, I'll take care of mine. When it comes to NEVS, I'll wait and see ...

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