Pilots wanted 2016 - fully booked

After just 24 hours, more than half of all starting places were taken ... a short time later the contingent was completely exhausted. Sensational! In 2014 we still needed around 7 days to allocate all starting places.

Pilots wanted 2016_4

Pilots wanted 2016 will be a very international event. The participants come from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Great Britain.

Saab enthusiasm is international, the love for the brand and the vehicles does not stop at national or even language barriers. All the more beautiful that we in Kiel can host a large community.

What are the next steps?

Unfortunately we will not be able to consider all registrations; some registrations will end up on the waiting list. We will send confirmations for participation in the Saab event in Kiel from Tuesday, we also ask you to complete incomplete registrations. All participants will receive a message by this Friday.

Since we are overbooked, we decided to open a waiting list. Anyone who missed the booking can still apply register, The experience of Pilots wanted 2014 show that in the weeks leading up to the event there are always cancellations, so it is possible to move up and other interested parties are welcome.

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    Excellent! Fully booked after such a short time. Congratulations!
    It shows how alive and loyal the fan base is. SAAB is and remains a jewel!

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